Berry Picking

Berry picking is one of the more meditative activities we do, at least when the weather is halfway pleasant. It seems like I picked just about every type of berry, both domestic & wild, that grows around here since I was very small. Us kids got hauled off up into the hills in August to pick wild huckleberries. There were times it was so cold & foggy, I was picking by sight rather than feel. We always had a good time though, and I always ate just about as many as went into the bucket . . . The blue mouth was the give-away!

So many times it comes into my head that humans have a deep need to reconnect to the natural world. We have lost our sense of seasonal rhythm. We have forgotten the cycles of life & death . . . And when Pluto transits come along, we are so totally caught off guard. When my great-gramma was a young woman, she saw a completely different world than the one we live in. She buried two husbands, raised four sons and educated countless young people . . . And, as you can see, at 89 she was giving one more child the gift of joy in the written word.