Good Morning Picture

It just occurred to me why this blogging is so much fun . . . you are indeed the master/mistress of your domain! And you get to say whatever it is you want to… 🙂

First, I would I like to that everyone over on Pat P’s blog for their very kind comments about my photos. My vanity is alive & well & eating it up!

There are a number of different astrological asides that I will be addressing. Most of these fall under the category of “Just for the Fun of It”. I hope those of you who wander in & comment also have fun & perhaps we’ll add to our collective knowledge base at the same time.

The photo is one sent to me called ” good morning”. It’s on the water & beautiful, what more needs saying . . . .

One response to “Good Morning Picture

  1. Neith darling – Philomena here!What an absolutely fabulous blog you created. I can’t wait to join it to the future blog I have in mind. Good World Alamanack. Your knitting is to die for. I can’t wait to get one of the sweaters for next winter. Also, on my forthcoming blog — I plan to set up an old fashion trading post. I think your talent will be sought after.I am having a wonderful birthday — bittersweet as it is — humanity is at stake — and my only care is that we who have the power from our great mother — will be in the position to heal the best we know how.My mother called me today — and that was the most perfect birthday I could have ever wished and hoped for.Love, PhilomenaI do believe from the bottom of my heart that we have a future. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT SO FAR — SEEING YOUR CREATIVITY IN ACTION.

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