Chiron – Scout/Oriental Planet

I was following up a link to information on Chiron aspects and came across this quote. Since Chiron is my Scout Planet it was a “ah ha” moment! It’s always wonderful to find one more piece to the puzzle that is astrological interpretation. I fall into the group of astrologers who find Chiron plays a much bigger role than was previously thought. Lynn Hayes,, is another who has contributed to the Chiron knowledge base.

“As I see it, with Chiron as the Scout planet, a person is drawn to the untrod path, led by the urge to find passageways, doorways, bridges. There is an acute awareness of the woundedness around them, which leads to the urge to heal, or teach, or guide, or lead the way towards self-sufficiency. There is a maverick quality to the way the person handles day to day efforts. Not rebellious…that’s Uranian. Rather, a person goes his own way, at his own speed, never concerned that others may be moving faster or slower, or going in a different direction. To quote Thoreau, “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.”

Here is the link to a site pretty much devoted to Chiron:

3 responses to “Chiron – Scout/Oriental Planet

  1. Hej Neith,i had nver before heard of scout planet…oriental planet ja, but i like the imagery of the scout leading the way crossing bridges. My scout is mercury retro in my 10th, it just got a few lessons from pluto about crossing bridges! i can see your art background in this place you have made…may it grow like your garden

  2. Hey Tseka! I thought Scout Planet was a much better term too. All I know is w/Chiron there it seemed like I spent a whole lot of time trudging along doggedly about 90 degrees to those around me! That is why the long view is the best one, right?! :-)I was hoping to get some more old photos scanned in but no joy . . . this Mercury retro has interfering w/my old printer/scanner. It was free so what can I say . . . . Take care and stay low to avoid the smoke . . . blessings to you!

  3. That’s an interesting thought! Chiron seems siginificant in my chart, all alone in the 6th house. I’ll bookmark that link, so thanks! :o)

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