I decided to take this photo off my profile . . . it keeps popping up when that’s not what I had in mind. Picky, picky . . . . . 🙂

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  1. I’m in! This is great neith. I love your nature talk and photos.In keeping with the synchronicity, I had an amazing episode with my Saturn in Leo return last night which is so much like your experience. I’ll post it later on the Saturn thread.

  2. jm!!!! I knew you could figure it out!! Welcome dear one! Say whatever you want to say here, I’m still in the developmental stages of where I want this blog to go.I did do a little research & if you would like to post photos of your costumes here, we could make this a Team Blog. However, first you would have to start enough of a blog of your own to have an identity. That’s where I was before I started creating posts. Those folks whose names show in blue letters have blogs. Just go to the blog help section & read up on Team Blogs! I still think you are a natural for a blog of your own . . . 🙂

  3. Oh neith, what a joy! I can actually speak my mind!I am so inspired by your blog that I know I must start one of my own, and the idea of Team Blog is fantastic. I know my propensity toward taking off and running ahead of the pack so I do have my doubts as to a full maintenance plan for my own blog. But one never knows. I COULD change! In the meantime, partnership is right up my street.Give me a second to get my bearings. I’m really really excited about all of this. I have a Mars Neptune in Libra and I love people but still believe in the ideal. That they will possess the grace and beauty of spirit I so desire. I will never give up. When I love, I’m like you with your Nep….devotional.Can you tell me something about being a Chinese dog?And regarding our Saturns, this was in my paper today…from Mae West:I don’t like myself, I’m crazy about myself.

  4. I just love Mae West! She was an original if there ever was one, wasn’t she!Let’s see – a person born in the year of the dog is loyal, faithful & devoted to friends & family. And since I am a fire dog, I am more flamboyant & outgoing than the typical dog. Plus a fire dog’s bite is worse than it’s bark . . . I find Chinese astrology fun but not very accurate. If I’m understanding the concept of a team blog, most of the maintenance would fall to me as the administrator . . . works for me!

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