2nd Saturn Return

Speaking of “ah ha” moments, I’m beginning to get a feel for the results of having gone through my 2nd Saturn Return. Natally, Saturn is conjunct Pluto in my 9th house in Leo. As a grammar school student, we had the requisite school plays that everyone had to take part in. As long as I was in the “Chorus”, so to speak, I did just fine. But if the director decided I was to be given a speaking part of any length, it was bad . . . I managed to develop a sore throat complete w/fever just before the final performance more than once. In high school, I took flute lessons from the our band leader. He arranged for my friend who played clarinet & I to play a duet at a music contest (can’t remember the term now…). We were awarded a first. My senior year, he decided it was time for me to do a solo performance . . . it did not happen . . . sore throat. And unless someone challenged me for my position in the flute section, I avoided performing alone at all costs. This is not uncommon behavior for those with Saturn in Leo . . . there are other ways of course. Over the years, I’ve found if I am speaking on a topic I’m knowledgeable about & enjoy, I do just fine.

The newest phase of this learning is finding out I actually really enjoy sharing my hard won knowledge (Saturn in the 9th or in Sagittarius has to figure spiritual “stuff” out for themselves . . . take someone else’s word for it, no sirree bob!!) I met this totally delightful person over on Pat P’s blog who calls herself “Juno Jones”. She has a Leo ASC & Sagittarius Sun/Moon. In other words, just by being herself, she embodies the most positive qualities of Saturn in Leo in the 9th house. Another example in a series of synchronicity!! The fearlessness & fierce joi de vive combined with this quirky sense of fun are an inspiration! Thanks, Juno! I’m just glad to find those qualities are starting to blossom from within me. When Saturn gives you rewards for undertaking his lessons diligently, they are the best & longest lasting.

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  1. NEITH!! Congratulations on starting your own blog!Actually, I want to comment on Ray Merriman, but you’re posting way more often than I am these days, and it’s always best to post on the current thread.Anyway, I really do like Ray Merriman, he is top-notch. The only thing I might add to his otherwise enlightening article is that Mars is a factor in this Saturn-Neptune opposition, since there was a Mars-Saturn opposition and Mars-Neptune opposition before the Saturn-Nep event. I believe this is why events triggered early.It’s so hard figuring out cause and effect when the transits are this incestuous.Anyway, glad you’ve survived your second Saturn return! We knew you would.:-)

  2. OOPS, didn’t mean for my photo to appear there! I’m not that narcissistic (those are tulips in the background!). I figured out how to get rid of it when I post on my own blog, will have to figure out how to delete it here.

  3. Why thanks, Neith (blush)…I bookmarked your blog, but haven’t checked back in a day or two, then ya go postin’ something like this! 🙂 It’s really not me that is responsible for what I say on Pat’s blog, it is all of you who encourage me and laugh and stop for a second to analyse my attempts to contribute to the conversation. I post occasionally on a couple of other sites but neither they nor I are nearly as interesting….Thank you for letting me bloom, I love my conversations with you guys, may I take this chance to send out gratitude, hope and smoochies! Take care, Juno

  4. Thank you, thank you! As you may have noticed (providing you came back again . . .) I changed the setting to remove the images. Still in the fine tuning stage here!Pat – what I have in mind to do here, among other things, is to post material that complements what you post or simply takes up too much space on your comment section. Let me know what you think about this . . . . :-)Juno – you & Tseka just come across as rock solid Sagittarians with that deep sense of integrity that represents to me one of the best qualities of the sign. Please, please keep allowing your sense of play to come & visit!! Laughter is so healing!!smoochies . . . giggle . . . 🙂

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