Pluto & Cancer – the “dis-ease”

I just found out my cousin, who is 9 years younger than I, is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. She had surgery last Tuesday and is waiting to hear what the doctors are going to order in the way of chemotherapy. It was shocking news to me as she is a very physically active & apparently healthy individual! Her birth data is: 21 May 1954, Ellensburg, WA . . . I don’t have an exact birth time but suspect it was evening as I DO remember doing her chart circa 1978 and both her sun/moon were in Gemini. Hey, all you other astrologers out there, don’t tell me you don’t remember astrological data for people even when you can’t remember their name . . . This is a woman who has worked for the Forest Service as a geologist since the middle seventies, never married, no children except a Siamese cat named Maggie, owns her own home, loves to travel & visit with family, friends, etc. She has been able to afford the whole standard health care package – gov’t worker you know. I also found out she was taking PremPro for menopausal symptoms. Personally, I didn’t touch any HRT for that and probably only took birth control pills for about 3 or 4 years in my early twenties. All the hormones the medical doctors were pushing on us from around 1960 on just set my Scorpio instincts on red alert – and I’ve pretty much avoided the Western medical program most of my adult life. With the exception of dentists who really do good things!

Where Pluto comes in, is by transit, when it entered Sagittarius it opposed my cousin’s sun/moon & possibly ASC. We are actually related through both our parents – our mothers are sisters, and our dads are second cousins & life long friends – so we share a gene pool. She certainly didn’t live as wild & crazy a life as I did! There were men, sequentially, coming & going out of my life from the time I started college. I know I partied more and smoked cigarettes on & off for 30 some years (I quit smoking 1/02 & will miss that vice until they throw my ashes into the wind . . .) Any thoughts on contributing factors?! Shoot, I haven’t even had a cold more than once or twice in about 10 -15 yrs! Of course, with a snake medicine totem and mars conjunct ASC in Scorpio, most dis-ease doesn’t even stand a chance . . . . powerful personal healing energies.

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  1. Wow, that is too bad about your cousin, I hope things work out for her. The eagerness of western medicine to push hormones on us, especially as we age and become a little less predictible in our cycles is bound to come back and bite sooner or later. I have found that “Lady’s Mantle” herb works wonders (it’s used in europe a lot, where the hysterectomy rate is something like a third of ours here in the US) and I also take (when I remember to:)…) a chinese woman’s tonic that is mostly dong quai and astragalus.Curious, what method did you use to give up smoking? My husband has a cig habit of long-standing and hasn’t had a lot of luck in quitting over the years… Take care, Juno

  2. Neith, I feel the same way about whatever pills they’re pushing– at any age or century. The pills at the top of my personal hit list? Statins, a dangerous drug designed to fight an imaginary disease: hypercholesterolemia (excess cholesterol in the blood). It’s plenty lucrative, but it’s based on flawed science and not much else. I could rage for days, as it triggers my antipathy to mis-used power. If you’re on statins, get off them, or if you know someone who is, tell them the same. You can find ammo at the following (from the Weston A. Price Foundation)*deep breath* And I’m sorry to hear about your cousin.

  3. Thanks both of you!! We are really on the same page here. I will pass your suggestion on to my cousin, Juno. What method did I use?! How about generations of Scots/German frugality . . . that was when the state seriously raised the cigarette tax. Plus I used a nicotine patch for a couple of days, and was so distracted by the OD effect of too much nicotine that I made it through the first critical phase… I had completely quit coughing within a couple of days after I quit smoking. It’s not to say I don’t have days when I would kill for a smoke but I also realize that it’s not something I can play around with. Like any addiction, there is no middle ground.Joe, I will pass the info on Statins to anyone who will hear me. Since I haven’t been inside a doctor’s office in about 12 yrs and don’t take any prescription meds, it’s not a problem. The pressure to go in for all the tests – mammograms, colonoscopy, ultrasound this & that – is tremendous. We are hit by constant advertisements telling us it’s the smart thing to do for our health! I had a great grandma (the lady reading to me as a child) who lived to be 95 & my dad’s mom, who was 96 when she passed rarely went to doctors in their entire lives. I wish I felt otherwise, but it’s almost as if my cousin, who could afford to go & get all the tests, meds, whatever from the docs in the Western medical system got screwed!!! Horrible thought . . . a tragedy precipitated by the drug companies who profit from all of it. Well! It would appear we have found another of my trigger points!Thanks again, you two… much love . . . neith

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  5. neith, I’m going to look at the chart and see. It’s always written in some natal pattern. My cousin is now going through her 2nd bout. I have a million things to say on alternative healing and the dangers of drugs, one of my major concerns.The thing to realize is that the cancer is the person’s own entity no matter what outside force triggered it. They manifest in this way for sound reason, and I find the best way to deal with it is to try and understand the pattern behind it. If the person owns the situation, takes the power, then the healing is more likely.I think we should do a thread on alternative healing. I’ll tell you how I healed my periodontal disease without surgery.It comes back to fear, and the thing that enrages me is how the medical profession is so quick to strip power from the patient. It only reflects their own deficit. Fear is the first thing that dominates when faced with illness and it should be the first thing to be grasped and overcome. Our bodies are both our allies and our betrayers and this is the most intimate and important relationship of our lives. I am entirely reluctant to let a doctor or any stranger have power over mine. But others have dilemmas to work out powerwise and that’s part of the reason they get caught in the system and in relationships with physicians, who often lust for power, often over death.Many doctors, now, though, are learning about the mind/body connection. I think integrative medicine is just about to pop big time. Ultimately the decision about life, death, and health are entirely our own. From the outside, we have to honor their decisions, and allow them their illnesses.It all goes back to immediate gratification, the quick fix, the grabbing for the pharmaceutical. Cancer teaches us that the fix isn’t so easy, but this provides the opportunity for self investigation. That’s where metaphysicians can really help. I saw my cousin’s problem innediately in the chart.And she is also seeing an alternative healer for the first time in her life, along with the allopaths.

  6. neith, she has a Saturn in Scorpio…very deep reproductive, female biological role, power issues. Many I know have endless gynecological problems and a block with childbearing. No children, difficult births, etc. Also letting go. The ovaries are a source of creativity and the primordial life force. This is dense and difficult. Saturn blocks this energy and the backed up power is now finding release. Jupiter has just been there causing growth. Cancer cells destroy with excessive growth and they are also immortal, more Scorpio issues. Saturn has just squared. At the same time, Pluto is opposing her Venus, more female issues. Pluto sometimes brings surgery. A rooting out.There’s a lot of Capricorn so achievement and success issues are big. The Cap ruler Saturn is in Scorpio. So it all seems to be connected with her worldly goals. It could be that she resents her femaleness in terms of her ambition, or that she has not done what she’s wanted creatively because of pursuing success to please authority figures. Maybe her female power is asking to be unleashed to add to the overall reaching of her goals. And there is also the possibility that removing the ovaries will once and for all transform the energy into accomplishment without regrets about the female role sacrifice. Could be a final letting go of the traditional role. With Saturn in Scorpio there is some deep pain round the sexual issue. It’s worth studying. It’s a Saturn/Pluto dilemma all the way around, and the depth and force of desire has to be achknowledged. The unconscious motivations. The untapped potential. Maybe this is resonating particulatly strong with you now, with your transit. Your other post certainly indicates this.

  7. Also, her South Node in Cancer says her family is her ball and chain. Always being dragged into the undertow of the past and family problems. Letting emotional trauma stop her progress. She wants success on her own terms. An unencumbered professional.

  8. jm – I just want to say that is a brilliant analysis of my cousin’s situation. I will go into it more later when I have time but for now, let’s just her mom, my aunt is waaaaay down low on my list of favorite persons . . . later, promise!!! thank you so much!!! 🙂

  9. Neith deerheart, warm thoughts flow outward to you and your cousin.Before i became a homeopath, i worked at Aradia, a free women’s health clinic, in Seattle. i could go on for pages about what i find troubling in women’s health. And btw, concur with Joe on Statins ~ a supected link to Alzheimers and dementia as well. For your cousin:My two cents,1. Your cousin has a good chance to recover it’s important to keep this firmly in mind. Ovarian cancer is usually found quite late so can be a tough battle. My aunt was daignosed at 78 and lived a quality 8 years with the disease. She nearly lived on taxol. She died young at 86 as our family is like yours, passing over as centarians many of them…i know other women who are in complete remission our age and younger, some older. 2. Get clear and ask.A few years ago, i faced, in my own life, a deep invasive pelvic cancer with a prognosis of 2 years- this is what i did, it worked for me. i opened myself to the sky and asked “what do you wish me to know?” the answer came back strong and clear, “i give to everyone, but who gives to me?” i saw a clear picture of myself flowing away, dwindling from all who took on a daily basis yet offered nothing in return. i immediately set about reordering my life. Ending toxic relationships (of course i hadn’t recognized them as such). My good news is that 12 biopsies later i was found to be completely free of cancer. Caught in time and the lesson came in the nick of time on many levels. i have noted that among women, who have cancers of reproductive organs there has been (as well as what JM notes – excellent) a group of women who are caregivers to their self detriment. They are a very responsible type who took on being second Mom to siblings or were the rock that everyone depended on but there was no one giving back….in some sense it is learning the lesson of receiving, which at least in my case was very difficult and is an on-going lesson. Every path is differentNot everyone’s answer is even remotely similar to mine. i have been asked “do you trust?” pretty much my whole life. Not everyone’s path is recovery of the physical, it may be only a lesson of the soul, death comes for each of us and sometimes not gently.i often hear people held responsible for their illnesses -they brought it on themselves, maybe, but i always say we are the last moment in a long line of ancestors and what we are working out extends far beyond us.i hold you and your cousin in whole-being heart love.

  10. One more thought about cancer….we use the potentized sarcode in homeopathy and it gives a very interesting proving…dreams, old wounds, that a person thought had been resolved often come up and are released. Sometimes we think we’ve worked through something but the residue remains in the body. Carcinosinum is an amazing remedy. i’ve witnessed stunning results.I think of cancer as undifferentiated cells, cells who have lost their memory/identity of self, generic, they live in everyone, and suddenly they are replicating and replacing YOU faster than your cells. A lot of imagery i suggest for a person working to heal from cancer is a simple visualization of a radiant joyful self. A clear image of I AM!!!

  11. First I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for all your good wishes, excellent feedback and for sharing of some of your own pain . . . thank you, dear ones, thank you. I feel so blessed in your kindness & friendship. To respond to all this input may take a couple of installments – probably more, since we tend to build & expand on the information presented. Let’s see . . . the familial aspect for the women in my family has more often been as Tseka’s – self sacrificing to the point of extinction. And often underlying that nasty “approved” form of behavior is the bitterness & resentment that gets buried because we often absorb the lesson from our mothers as small children that it’s correct & proper for girl children to be the care givers. With my cousin being the eldest of five, and my aunt being basically a self-absorbed, insecure person, my cousin was the caretaker for the others all the while she was growing up. While I love her & enjoy her company, I’ve noticed a whole lot of denial going on behind the cheerful, outgoing gemini front. You all have to know how deeply painful it can be to watch someone you love engage in self-destructive behaviors – and know there is not one damn thing you can say or do that will change the outcome. I am hopeful about her survival because so far the news has been pretty good. The cancer was only in the ovaries, at least that’s what’s been reported so far. Of course, she had a complete hysterectomy. Time will tell.Tseka, dear one, what you said about asking the Mother what you needed to know resonates in my heart. I had pretty much run myself into the ground by my early forties . . . and have to say the reason I’m still here has more to do with the Mother making sure it was going to be. We have much to share, exchanges between equals is bottom line to continued survival.Now back to the prosaic & invaluable day to day “stuff”….. I need to make my S/O’s lunch for tomorrow. The little things that for me make up my whole existence . . . and I value them accordingly. love & blessing to you all…. more later…. Neith

  12. I agree with the simple asking method that you mentioned, Tseka. I’ve done it many times. I’m always sent what I need, or sent where I need to go for my own growth, or where I am needed to help another. The ability to receive is as important as anything else but we’re taught to be conscious of others’ needs or wants rather than our own, and that’s as unhealthy as being completely self-absorbed or hedonistic. Balance is all.Tseka, another piece about the statins: they’re forcing Zocor and Lipitor on kids now, did you know? Babies and children need cholesterol and the right saturated fats for brain development, otherwise they are stunted.

  13. Tseka, your second comment came up just after I finished posting mine. A lot of imagery i suggest for a person working to heal from cancer is a simple visualization of a radiant joyful self. A clear image of I AM!!!That’s it!!! That’s the key to why some folk can heal themselves of almost anything . . . when we at our very core KNOW joy & serenity, then that moves outward correcting all misalignments of the physical. The Navaho’s have a profound belief in the power of balance & beauty to heal. Many years ago, an astrologer named David Pond, did my chart & told me because of the prominence of Pluto in my chart that I had the ability to “re-wire” people to heal them. I’m still not totally sure I understand what he was getting at but it does seem like I have a pretty powerful energy field. When I was young I sure could put a damper on a party by walking in the door all pissed off . . . 🙂 Perhaps those days when life is sweet & the sheer beauty of the natural world fills my heart to overflowing, I spread it around. Nice thought anyway . . . 🙂

  14. Joe, you said this so well:The ability to receive is as important as anything else but we’re taught to be conscious of others’ needs or wants rather than our own, and that’s as unhealthy as being completely self-absorbed or hedonistic. Balance is all.We don’t have a lot of really viable examples of how that works. We see far more of one extreme or the other in our daily lives. Here we can remind ourselves that it’s not OK but actually essential to health & well-being to move from activities that nourish our inner selves to one’s where others are the focus.

  15. Neith, “Perhaps those days when life is sweet & the sheer beauty of the natural world fills my heart to overflowing, I spread it around. Nice thought anyway . . INDEED you do Neith.i call that radiance, passion, art.~~~~~~~~Joe, sigh, yep -food $and$ drug$ -they sell us poison as food, make us fat and ill, then force more drugs on us to counter the effects. my son calls it a conspiracy against living. Of course he was raised a vegetarian and thought rice cakes were cookies (until some kid turned him on to the real deal at pre-school) He is 6’7” and 160lbs of yoga-doing steel…. on simple real food. i don’t know where we got off the track…i look in people’s grocery carts and wonder, does anyone cook from scratch anymore…you do, i know and those around you are lucky for it!

  16. HaHa, OK you astro mavens!! i bow to you (jm and neith). i just walked across the yard, lovely Jupiter overhead, a cresent moon of unusual brightness on the western horizon, AND a soft wind that had a whisper of the coast….that prediction: cooling when Mars goes into Virgo seems to finally be panning out. (we can overlook the thousand acres that burned above me on the weekend- me and Zamma had a vacation that was unexpected but we enjoyed it.) BTW i am still curious about any thoughts as to the current being the square of 11 August 1999 eclipse. As mentioned in earlier post the fire folded back on itself into a burned area of 1999, and i find many repeating and culminating patterns from that time- have others??

  17. Joe & Neith We are healers. That gift allows us to merge with others and feel within them, honoring this gift and using it well has for most of us been without guides. Receiving, is a lesson that comes for many with this gift. Intuitively we know the danger. When we have the ability to merge with another there has to be complete trust. A misstep is dangerous.i believe that some who have healing gift, use it to mirror, build trust, but then only take for themselves this is of course narcissism and the target never saw it coming. Wounding of huge proportion.A question that was offered from a guide for me to ponder….do you know the difference between passion and seduction…..A second from this same man….not all places are equally aware, just as people, they are in the process of becoming alert.

  18. hah! I knew I’d seen a reference to 1999 somewhere else! This was on Steve Judd’s website. Apparently there is a seven year cycle winding up that started in 1999 but exactly which one, I don’t know . . .27 July Two days until the end of the Mercury retrograde, and how is it affecting us? Many people seem to me to be temporarily fractured, as if time has collapsed in on them, leaving them in a strange place where nervous energy is running at an uncomfortably high frequency. There seems to be an accompanying sense of both anticipation and trepidation for the coming month, as though it’s 1999 all over again. Guess what? It nearly is, in that by the end of September a large number of people will be able to finally put 1999 and the subsequent years to sleep, safe and sound, without it coming back. A seven year cycle is coming to an end, but the coming eight weeks are going to be mad…. It’s silly season.I believe Juno is a serious cook from scratch too. But it’s amazing how many people don’t have a clue! My step-daugher’s super smart boyfriend, total city boy, didn’t know blueberries are green before they ripen . . . .

  19. Yes – a beautiful delicate crescent of new moon….and it’s no little breeze here. It’s a Wind bringing in the cooler air . . .Yay!! Tseka – what amazes me is that after everything, we still want to trust others. After getting this far in life, I still believe in the ability to discern genuineness in others. My Aries is constantly getting burnt because he throws out his expectations of his own high standards – and, of course, humans being humans, those expectations are seldom met.

  20. All part of it Neith, When the universe asks “do you trust?” there are only two answers…yes or no. Yes crosses the river and there is no going back. No still waits on the shore. courage or fear what do you choose?pretty clear.we create the world we want to live in.

  21. Tseka & jm – betcha it never even occurred to either of you to say “no” . . . I am so honored that you are my friends.We all still have some serious art to do yet too!!!! There is nothing like that upwelling of pure joy & contentment that comes from being actively involved in the creative process . . . :-)now it’s cooled off & I’m going to do my tai chi & go to bed . . .

  22. Hey Tseka, I was perusing astroworld (which is happening less & less) and came across this comment by Sally answering a question about Steve Judd’s comment on 1999:The “7 year cycle” is part of the Saturn cycle, it conjuncts, squares, opposes in seven year increments. Saturn is always thought of as having made adjustments and changes, every seven years when it comes back around to aspect itself you get to see if those adjustments are of value. This month, Saturn will be squaring its 1999 position which was 16 Taurus.It’s a rather dramatic way to introduce a very complicated astrological pattern, without any explanation as to the actual pattern. It is simply one of the myriad of “astro patterns” that astrologers read or look at in delineating a chart or period of time. There are so many patterns within patterns within patterns in astrology and this is just one of them.Again let me say, astrology is a study of energy and, even a little breeze stirs up much but it won’t bring down a tree. Astrologers are only able to turn a spotlight on one small area and the Saturn square the July 1999 Saturn is one of them, wait until Saturn makes it’s first square to the 2000 grand conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn. Back to the green bean picking. . .

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