A Potpourri of Musings . . . .

After celebrating the moon in Cancer by spending most of the morning in the kitchen, working and thinking, a number of thoughts percolated to the surface. One had to do with the idea that when we’re doing simple repetitive tasks with our hands, it often slows down the fore mind and allows for a more meditative state where what’s been brewing underneath can float up. Spinning is ideal for this but running cooked roma tomatoes through a press is too, as is washing dishes . . . Cancer Moon thought: I use whole spices as much as possible since they hold their flavor much better than pre-ground ones do. Fresh grated nutmeg is one of life’s little pleasures.

My friend that we did one of our amazing group analyses for has not written back. She may have called but I have chosen not to take calls from people who won’t leave messages (we don’t have caller id, so in order to find out who called, I use “star” 69). I spend so much time at work on the darn phone that the last thing I want to do when I’m home, is talk on the phone!! Besides, a phone conversation leaves no traces – when we write as we must for posting comments & emails, we leave a record that can be referred back to. This makes for clarity of intent since one can go back & say this is EXACTLY what you said . . . . My Pisces/Gemini boss prefers to use the phone – and I prefer to use emails or fax to transact business. It may be the combination of Mercury in Scorp on the ASC & the Virgo MC that insist on clarity in communications but I do insist! As to my friend, I really want her to sit down & write out her thoughts in an email. From first hand experience, I’ve found this to be very helpful in figuring out what’s going on in my head & heart. BTW, jm said something to the effect of not wanting to post negative stuff (she said it much better than that. . .) and after I started writing a “grumble” post, got part way through and realized that was all I needed to do – just write it down -that’s why keeping journals has always been recommended as part of self-discovery/therapy.

Another thought that comes to me over & over, is what an amazing resource the Internet is for the finding and sharing of information. Our little community has added connections to so many other wonderful sites, such as Lynn Hayes’s Astrodynamics. I really recommend stopping over to read her blog regularly as she posts prolifically and on many different subjects plus her list of links to really fun to follow up on!! Jm & I are both there along with Pat’s Pisces Chronicles . . . . ‘cheeky grin’!!! I followed another link to a very new blog that has some possibilities too. It’s called karmicknowledge.com and she reads palms too. She made a comment that caught my attention; she said she started blogging to stop the chattering in her brain! I wonder if she had NN in Gemini . . . she did say she has genius lines on her pinky fingers which I do too, heh heh.

There is lots more out there to explore, and I hope to continue following up interesting leads and hopefully find some tidbit to share!

the photo is courtesy of a Taurus friend who lives on South Puget Sound . . .

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  1. I want that backyard!The husband is a communication freak as well, yep, must be that scorp asc (tho his MC is in Leo, all the better to act with I suppose…Genius lines on the pinky!! Gives new meaning to that “I’ve got more brains in my little finger than you do in your whole body” kinda thing :)…(inspects her pinkies wistfully)

  2. not wanting to post negative stuffI don’t mind negs. Just the hate kind of gets to me. Blame. The negative is part of the whole. I say a lot of negative things but it probably goes unnoticed because of the humor. It depends for me whether or not it’s self indulgent or interesting stuff, pointed, true, etc. It’s a great art to be negative and interesting. And to blend personal angst with the group in a way that works well. I do think you’re right, though, neith. Sometimes just writing down is enough.

  3. Hey Juno!! I’d take that one too . . . betcha the property taxes are through the roof!! When i have a moment I’ll take a look at the “jello’s” chart (we really need something better to call him . . . crab?!)It’s a great art to be negative and interesting. And to blend personal angst with the group in a way that works well. No Kidding . . . what an idea!!Here’s a little something from Steve Judd’s site that’s amusing: 14 SeptemberThe elements of astrology (fire, earth, air and water) were on the agenda during a student session I taught recently, and the combination of these elements that are found in people. Individuals aren’t just one element. A combination of fire and air gives a full on, dynamic person. Fire and water is someone who ‘gushes’, fire and earth represents lava – unstoppable but slow. Air and water is the person who’s like a fine mist, drizzling everywhere, whilst air and earth people are abrasive like a sandstorm. Earth and water is mud. We are all different combinations of elements, but there are signatures related to the above. Which element do you represent?

  4. I’m fire and air, of course.Hot air!The best book on this is by Zipporah Dobyns. Astro patterns. I’ll try to find the title. very good book.

  5. Yeah, negative comments are a lot like violence in a movie…fine if you’re trying to say something and move the plot along, but wallowing in negativity for the sake of the negative can get a bit gratuitous. This is not to imply that anything you would say to be gratuitous, Neith, but there are people who seem to be unable to look at things any other way…The glass is not only half-empty but it’s broken, the liquid has gone everywhere and I blame the president, etc. Either way, whatever you wish to share, we would love to ‘hear’BTW… as I was typing this our new neighbor in the building just dropped by…they are opening up a soap and lotion shop next door… turns out she’s also looking for a smaller unit here to set up her spinning and weaving stuff:)…

  6. “crab” is good…considering it’s a shakeperean name (OK, this guy’s dog in ‘two gentlemen’, but willie s. nonetheless) it’s fitting…If he knew about the jello joke he’d be giving me evil scorpio looks for days, certainly trying to sting me with his barbed tongue.. LOL…

  7. OMGoodness, chortle, cuff, choke, giggle, you guys…ahhhh.Man i want to live there too Neith. Taurus can be very pleasant, maybe you could suggest a trip up to La Conner for your friend.Well i figure that most of the genius was in my right hand pinkie and i lost most of the tip when i was 3 so that explains it….always wondered. Thanks.

  8. Boy does that ever make me homesick for Vashon. (Yes, JM, sometimes I want to go home, and my last home was Vashon, but I know it’s over).OK, for the elements. . . If you count Chiron and the NN, I’ve got exactly 3 earth, 3 air, 3 fire, and 3 water. Without Chiron and the NN, it’s 3 earth, 2 air, 3 fire, and 2 water. So I don’t know, is that lava that runs a little thinner and faster and is stoppable (or runs itself out)?Neith, I can’t imagine that ANYTHING you posted would fit my definition of “negative.”

  9. If he knew about the jello joke he’d be giving me evil scorpio looks for days, certainly trying to sting me with his barbed tongue.. LOL…Juno you are so bad!!! LOL! BTW, I took a quick look at his chart – talk about watery! Nice little grand trine in Water though but it makes me wonder how the two of you manage to connect, ms fire lady?! I’ll look at it again in the morning ’cause at first glance two things jumped out – his Leo Venus/Uranus trine your sun/moon in Sagittarius, and his Saturn very close to your 7th house cusp. With that Venus/Uranus conjunct in Leo, the man is drawn to proud, independent fire women . . . which seems to fit you . . . 🙂

  10. Pat, what keeps coming to mind when i think of your chart are all those points in different signs that allow you to connect with a wide variety of people – a real plus in your line of work. Well balanced energies, at least in theory . . . living with all those can be an entirely different matter . . . :-)From the looks of it we have some powerful new & full moons coming up in October & November!! And both the ones in October really connect with my chart – and with Joe’s Libra grouping, tseka’s, Casey’s more so in November. I really don’t much like to “predict” what’s coming up for people, prefer to simply note that it’s time to start REALLY paying attention to everything that going on around them & within. For myself, it just has this feel of the time to make some significant changes. And with Uranus involved, it’s always preferable to be proactive if at all possible . . . Thanks for dropping by, Pat . . . it’s just fun for all of us to have you popping in to say “hi”!

  11. . . . living with all those can be an entirely different matter . . . . You’re not kidding, Neith! What’s difficult isn’t so much the splatter, but the four very pronounced fixed planets and points. And with the fixed grand cross last fall and the remaining T-square after Mars left Taurus in February, I’ve been feeling it very strongly. Something really important has manifested, as you know. But as you also know, it’s been an incredible struggle to go with it — and it’s not over yet.But I do believe that the shifts coming this fall will lighten everyone’s load, if only because the tension lessens. It’s funny you should mention it, because it’s what I’d planned on writing this weekend. So stay tuned. . . Meanwhile, thanks for hosting this great place to pop in and be among friends. I just loved the whole discussion of trees, thought about it all the way to work yesterday. . .

  12. Hi Pat! So glad you enjoyed the post on trees . . . it’s surprising how many of us respond so deeply to them. And there is lots more info out there on trees & their historic/mythic significance.I’ve noted a pattern upcoming for myself. The lunation in Virgo on 9/22 directly opposes my boss’s sun & is tightly semi-sextile my Sun. The next three lunations ALL have a major impact on my chart! One of those great learning opportunities for an astrologer . . . we do make the best guinea pigs!! 🙂

  13. Hi Pat! Loved your lava comments! That reminds me that there are many different kinds of lava…it’s said the Hawaiians have as many words for lava as inuit have for snow…:)The crab had better like firey independant women, his mother and both sisters are Leos…:)

  14. Just wanted to place a few words of appreciation here for you, your site and those who come and make it so enjoyable.thanks.And thanks for the cool winds you sent my way i had to snuggle under a comforter last night. I’ll soon be heading north to fill up the eyes and the soul with the beauty of the fall trees and sunlight on water (hoping for that) Nothing like the Northwest in an Indian summer…

  15. Nothing like the Northwest in an Indian summer…No, there isn’t. It’s been very cool here the last few days . . . the mountains are enjoying a new frosting of snow! And the breeze feels like too. You can bring sweaters to wear over on the West Side . . coming the high desert which is so very dry, that cool damp air will feel very cool indeed! Let us know when you plan to set out & we’ll send lots of good driving energy your way.

  16. we do make the best guinea pigs!!Ain’t it the truth! I’ve also been looking at my boss’s chart, our synastry, and our composite chart, and boy, does it totally describe what’s happening “on the ground.” The Lunar Eclipse on Sept. 7 triggered our Moon-Moon opposition (his at 17′ Virgo, mine at 12 Pisces). That was when I burst into tears at work. I can’t wait to see what the solar eclipse will bring.Neith, I think it’s going to be very good for you, despite the 12th house stuff. And then we’ll have Mars, Venus, and the Sun conjoined in Scorpio in late October. You will have to keep us posted.

  17. Moon op Moon is often workable particularly if different genders. Shoot, my Aries & I have the classic opposition of both lights, plus the mars ruled balancing the Venus ruled. It’s when there are lots of squares happening it’s hard to find a way to relate to one another.I’m going to be paying close attention to the upcoming lunations. They actually affect several of our group here. Joe, tseka, Casey & I will be noting the Aries Full moon in particular.

  18. They’re starting to turn here too, Juno!!! We’re entering the brilliance of Autumn – and the official equinox is coming next Friday, 9/22. Enjoy it while we can ’cause once we hit November the change is big . . . grey, grey, grey until the snow comes.

  19. Yeah, actually noted the change about 4 or five days ago. The air felt different, then yesterday as I came out of the store, I noticed that spicy smell that only autumn has. I will enjoy all of it, even the grey…I love this season!

  20. Our leaves usually turn between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Then they bloom the next month and spring is over by April.Y’all are making me all jealous.

  21. Neith said: One had to do with the idea that when we’re doing simple repetitive tasks with our hands, it often slows down the fore mind and allows for a more meditative state where what’s been brewing underneath can float up. Spinning is ideal for this but running cooked roma tomatoes through a press is too, as is washing dishes . . . One of the main goals of my life is attempting to bring the right brain and left brain together. Years ago, woman did chores together and while they shelled peas, they sang. A joy of returning to this house is the wide window that looks out over a large garden, and doing the dishes in the sink.And I know this, but I don’t practice it anymore, which is sad and so I’m going to start again, how silly to know something that works and then not do it!!!! anyway, drawing, even scribbling, opens the brain to wholeness and charges writing. Quiet now. @;-)

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