More Thoughts on Sun conjunct Chiron

Since discovering just how many people I know in one context or another have their Sun’s conjunct Chiron, I decided to do more research in this area. A number of astrologers I respect have found Chiron of great importance in their lives and the lives of their clients. I will place links to various sites at the end of this article for those who are interested in more reading.

From personal experience, Chiron in Libra has been responsible for me learning in depth about relationships . . . painfully and slowly over a number of years. When checking some Uranus transits to my chart, I realized Uranus conjuncted my Libra Sun/Chiron when I was finishing my college degree at 27 yrs. And of course, Pluto came along to make sure Uranus hadn’t forgotten anything. Around the time of my first Saturn Return, the phrase “co-dependence” became a part of my vocabulary. My Libra mother is a very co-dependent person and happily passed that on to her daughters. To undo those behaviors takes lots of time and many reminders to be scrupulously honest with one’s self. In my opinion, before we can have any kind of decent relationships with others, we must develop a solid, healthy relationship with ourselves.

Interestingly enough, the theme of relationships is carried further in my chart through the Moon’s Nodes as they fall in the 1st/7th house axis – and the North Node is in the 7th. From various charts I looked at with Sun conjunct Chiron, sometimes the Nodes followed Chiron’s focus, sometimes not. I do know if someone comes to me asking to look at their chart & another’s to see if this person is the “one”, I’d take note of where Chiron is . . .

It does seem that a particular emphasis on Chiron in a chart as shown by a close aspect to the Sun or Moon, has me considering what that person’s long term destiny involves. Could it be playing a more active role in their particular collective? I’m now past 60 yrs and my Second Saturn Return and feel like there may be the beginnings of wisdom starting to come . . . maybe and on a good day!

Here is a chart that Liz Greene put together on Chiron (pronounced kai-ron):

Individual destiny

Sense of meaning
Hope for the future
Individual identity apart from family and collective
The power to create
The ability to play
The divine child

Collective failings and flaws
Failed ideals
Inescapable wounding
Bitterness and cynicism
Physical and psychological damage
Acceptance of mortal limits
Quest for understanding Compassion

The Sun working against Chiron
Loss of confidence
Sense of permanent damage
Expectation of failure
Sense of victimisation or scapegoating
Desire to victimise or scapegoat others
Projection of inferiority on others
Loss of the will to live

The Sun working with Chiron
Patience in the face of that which cannot be changed
Toughness and grit
Understanding of deeper patterns
Melancholy which leads to depth of thought and feeling
Determination to make a contribution to the welfare of others
Feelings of specialness tempered by an acceptance of human limits
Activation of the will to live

Wounding and the Will to Live

Chiron and Friends

Healing Lives

Lynn Hayes on Chiron

Chiron through the Signs

This is a photo of some of the first blue sky we’ve seen in awhile . . . and of the snow departing! Yay!


5 responses to “More Thoughts on Sun conjunct Chiron

  1. Interesting as always. I think I am understanding my astrodienst to indicate my Sun is biquintile Chiron. Looks like a bQ symbol, anyway.

  2. As a general rule of thumb, the closer the aspect to exact, the more influence it will have. I haven’t done much with the “minor” aspects but know enough to not discount them. One way of checking is to do some research into when/if transiting Uranus hit an aspect in your natal chart . . . if there was a significant event within that time period, that’s a pretty good indicator it’s a “hot” aspect in your natal chart! 🙂

  3. Great one NeithThanks for all your research.Chiron is close enough to my sun to be of interest.Blogger didn’t let me post this morning so i’m trying again. (peculiar is blogger at times eh?)I have not had opportunity to look at all the links.I found the “Chiron and Friends” especially interesting. The author makes a good case for Chiron’s home at the GC. I like it. Fits the Nordic myths of Ullr very well. It certainly makes me take a second look at Pluto on the GC – the need for wounding to transform on a soul level.

  4. It certainly makes me take a second look at Pluto on the GC – the need for wounding to transform on a soul level.Now that does resonate. In no culture that I’ve read about, do the transition ceremonies not involve pain at some level. And the closer one gets to Elder status, the more difficult & painful the trials. Those transformations are what allow humans to gain the perspective they need to truly be of service in the best possible sense.This was a tad more scholarly than I usually do but felt the subject matter asked for it . . . 🙂

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