Saturn/Neptune and the Artist . . . from Neith’s Perspective

This opposition is moving to exact this week to form a T-square with my Mars in Scorpio, and it’s inspired me to take a whole new look at how I perceive myself as an artistic, creative person. Bottom line . . . I am an artist, this is the core of my identity. Ever since my fingers could hold something to work with, I’ve been expressing that identity. Though my parents weren’t too thrilled with drawings of warriors on horseback on the bedroom closet walls . . .

We have been accepting the version of starving artists put forth by the current society too long. There is no reason why we can’t be nice, comfortable middle income artists, is there?! I know I’m far from alone in being frustrated with wanting to devote time to creative pursuits but having to make a living instead. It seems to me we may need to look at this issue from a different perspective. The Arts are essential to a healthy, happy society – this has been demonstrated time and again.

This is the time for all people with Saturn in Leo to stand up & say “We’re worth it!” There is no need to accept crumbs thrown our way or sell our work at below cost, or even give our work away because we’ve been made to feel it’s more blessed to give than receive. However, unless we truly believe in ourselves and that what we do to has immense intrinsic value, no one else will. Just another example of what we express is what we get back.

Another idea that I’ve been considering for the past six months is how to determine what to ask for my work. What I’ve realized is that approaching this from a decent living wage point of view is the way to go for me. Figure out a monthly budget that covers basic living costs plus materials & supplies, throw in some extra for fun and use that figure to determine what to charge. This says my health & well-being is important & a comfortable living environment is too. As artists it seems like we are constantly asked to sell ourselves short . . . that’s nuts! What we give back to the societies we live in is incalculable.

What I’m attempting to get at is instead of putting a value on a finished work of Art, put the value on ourselves. How can the Law of Abundance work if we throw up roadblocks by undervaluing ourselves as Artists?! We who are the Heart & Soul of any society we bless with our presence.

Saturn is the “bean counter” & Neptune is the “Spirit of Inspiration”. Finding the all important balance place between the two is where we need to live as artistic, creative people. Blessings of Abundance on all of us . . . .

After re-reading this I see the influence of Mars being activated by this transit! Much more direct tone than usual for this Libra. The photo’s caption is “Yay, Blue Sky!!!” . . . . 🙂