Full Moon in Virgo with a Punch . . .

This Full Moon in Virgo comes with a little extra zip provided by Sun conjunct Uranus plus it’s also an eclipse. For those of us who have either planets or angles (ASC, IC, MC, DES) at the mid-degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo & Sagittarius it’s time to pay attention to what’s happening in our lives . . . I know my antenna are extended as far as they can go as this Full Moon falls exactly on my IC/MC axis. The eclipse effect gives a greater reach to this Full Moon, so be prepared for events coming in either before or after the actual Full Moon.

To help prepare for this dynamic event, please read Lisa Dale Miller’s Moon Messages (I placed that link on my sidebar) for the Full Moon in Virgo. My favorite ladies on Moon Circles have some excellent insights. And don’t forget to click on Jeffrey Kishner’s Lunar Tunes Full Moon link. He does have a knack for the lighter touch!

We still have Winter here . . . it’s snowing . . . again. The weather guy keeps promising 50 degree days but last time I checked, the thermometer read 22 degrees. However, we can get sudden dramatic changes in weather patterns here, so you can believe I’m hoping this Full Moon will bring warmer weather is FAST!!

This photo was taken the other morning & i loved the way the sun was hitting the snow on the hills while overcast here. Still too much snow . . . 🙂