What brings me Joy . . . Full Moon in Libra

Watching Spring unfold over the course of several weeks in this area is a source of deep joy for me. There are subtle beauties in this semi-arid landscape, the willow catkins, tiny wild flowers, trees and shrubs just beginning to leaf out – lovely. It seems appropriate that the Full Moon of Spring is in Libra, a sign that always has a deep appreciation of and need for beauty in their lives. In other areas Spring is much more dramatic with intense flowering shrubs like the azaleas and rhododendrons now in full bloom in Western Washington. Or the cherry trees in full bloom in the other Washington . . .

Spring for Casey in south Texas is a completely different animal . . . she said the daffodils bloomed during my Winter. And our dear friend, tseka, who lives in the high desert, has a very brief but beautiful Spring before what she accurately calls the “Long Hot” settles. When I lived in Southern California on the coast, Winter was the green season. My Libra self is much, much happier with four distinct seasons, each to be appreciated in turn and each giving us greater appreciation of the other. Each Full Moon brings us an opportunity to renew our awareness how each sign is balanced/complemented by another.

The daffodils in the photo are my favorite mini-daffodils, Jetfires. They bloom early, are very hardy and do this color change thing I really like! The trumpets start out light orange and deepen in color plus the other petals tip back towards the stem. The lazy no good hound is my dog . . . rolling in something nasty I’m sure. She is much loved even when she smells bad!

Please stop over to visit Neith’s Photos. I’ve added more the Spring album and a picture of the second baby blanket to Crafts . . . “-)