Lasting Potential or Just a Learning Experience – Choices

Here we have one of the frequently asked questions when it comes to relationships, and there is a very good reason for it. When we fall in love with someone, we invest ourselves in the relationship for better or worse. If problems arise, we start questioning if we wish to continue to invest more or let it go. Here is where astrology can be very helpful by providing information to help us make our choice based on good information. As a Libra Sun/Moon person, I am very particular about good information needed to make informed decisions . . . a Libra specialty.

The young woman is an Aquarius Sun and Taurus Moon and the man in her life is a Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon. Aquarius and Taurus are both Fixed signs and square each other. Fixed Air and Fixed Earth can develop real problems finding talking points due to a disinclination to move from their chosen position. Her Sun is square his Moon and his Cancer Sun is sextile her Taurus Moon. The latter is a helpful aspect and does offer possibilities for harmony.

The shared Moon in Taurus is a very strong bond because they do understand and appreciate each other on an intuitive emotional level. Even more important is the shared sense of what makes them comfortable and at ease, especially in the home. This is a great aspect for sharing a living space. One caveat here is her Moon is conjunct Chiron in Taurus and square her Sun/Mercury in Aquarius. So their relationship may be more painful in subtle ways than most where the Moons are conjunct because being together will trigger her areas of wounding.

Mercury is her chart is in Aquarius and his is in Leo so there is potential for drama and heated discussions that may or may not be resolved. Since we have Fire and Air facing off I predict a certain amount of hot air . . .

The chemistry is not bad with his Mars in Scorpio trine her Venus in Pisces and her Mars in Virgo semi-sextile his Venus in Leo. If the rest of their relationship can be worked through then this area will enhance it overall.

Saturn does play a role between these two with an important Sun/Saturn intra-aspect. His Saturn is square her Sun and her Saturn is sextile his Sun. This type of exchange actually seems to work better if the two make it legal by signing legal documents stating they are a couple in the eyes of the Law and Society. Saturn is very fond of that sort of thing . . . This intra-aspect can work like this: as the Saturn person in the Sun/Saturn square, he can come across as controlling and cold to mask feelings of insecurity; and her Saturn sextile his Sun will feel more supportive to him.

As these two are both in their twenties and have not yet gone through their first Saturn Return, they have time to consider their options and put some time into figuring out where they are as individuals before investing more in this relationship. He has a Sun/Pluto square natally and that adds to his control issues . . .

The Seven of Cups is about making wise choices. This is from the Terra Tarot deck:


6 responses to “Lasting Potential or Just a Learning Experience – Choices

  1. When a person has this kind of built-in conflict in their natal chart — i.e, her Sun-Moon square — and the partner has an aspect to one of the planets, it’s inevitable that the partner is going to be involved in the person’s inner conflict in some way.I have a Moon-Saturn square. Someone I’ve been fairly close to over the past year has the Moon opposite mine, which is the perfect complement and would be very nice if this were a romantic liaison. However, that means his Moon also is square my Saturn. I’ve noticed that whenever transiting planets have triggered my Moon-Saturn square, he was invariably the one who delivered the pain, so to speak. Likewise, he has a Sun-Saturn square in his natal chart, and my Mercury is exactly conjunct his Sun, which is a pretty nice connection. However, that means my Mercury is square his Saturn, and so not only do I tend to rub his nose in this particular wound, but when he has a transit to this square, I tend to be involved, and not in a pleasant way.This is a really tough position, but unfortunately, it’s going to happen no matter who you’re with. So you might as well find a partner who’s willing to help you carry the baggage. This couple sounds like a pretty good match. However, I agree with you that everything could change after their Saturn returns. I tell all my young clients this. And then listen for the loud whistling as the info blows in one ear and out the other. 🙂

  2. Very valuable info, Pat, on the effects of a Sun/Moon square natally when it comes to synastry. Sometimes there are so many levels and aspects to consider, I could write a book for each set of charts!So all you readers take note of your natal chart and the sensitive points in it! If another person comes along who triggers those points, you are going to know it. 🙂

  3. Oooh, I’m loving this post.I am wondering: how should someone pick partners if they have built-in conflicts? Should they be trying to pick someone who does not set these issues off in them doubly (for example, someone who’s born around when you are and you set off their squares and they set off yours)? Should they try to find someone whose Saturn doesn’t connect at all? Should they try picking someone who sets off different issues entirely (say, if neither of you have Saturn-Mercury in your natals, but have it in synastry)? Or should you find someone who DOES set off your issues, because you can’t avoid it anyway?Okay, yes, it’s silly, but it comes into my head every time I eye someone of a different Saturn period from me these days…

  4. Okay, yes, it’s silly, but it comes into my head every time I eye someone of a different Saturn period from me these days…Jennifer, I just burst out laughing when I read your comment!! 😀 Tell you what, if you don’t mind sending me your birth data, I will see if I can’t address your questions in a post . . . because I know your concerns are genuine and represent those of others out there who are students of astrology. OK?!

  5. April 24, 1978, 6:42 p.m., Walnut Creek, CA.Yeah, yeah, everyone laughs at me when I say stuff like this…

  6. So was this answered? I am wondering about the same thing….I have Saturn opposing Venus natally and i met this girl who i am head over heals about, but she puts saturn in between my opposition. So her saturn squares my venus and saturn by about 4 degrees. Can this happen?

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