Attraction to Aries Sun Co-worker. Possibilities?!

In this situation after looking at the charts of these two Aries Sun people, I have decided to look a little deeper into the chart of the woman who requested feedback about the possibilities of a relationship with an Aries Sun man she works with. She is attracted to him but the relationship doesn’t seem to get off the ground and she’s wondering why.

With an Aries Sun, Sagittarius Moon and Leo Rising, this is a fiery woman! She is most likely comfortable with taking the chance of expressing her interest in someone. However, her Mercury is in Taurus, Mars is in Capricorn and her Venus is in sensitive, empathetic Pisces. Finding the balance between these very different sides of her nature can be challenging. Adding to the complexity are two Pluto aspects . . . Pluto squares her Moon and is inconjunct her Sun. Experience with Pluto leads me to call this the “obsession factor”.

She has another challenging natal aspect that I suspect comes into play here too: Neptune/Jupiter inconjunct her Mercury in Taurus. This particular aspect can present a challenge in discerning the truth. Neptune as we know is great at clouding any issue he touches and Jupiter can amplify a situation and have us thinking something is more critical than it actually is. Finding ways to quiet the mind and gain perspective is very important. With Taurus and Sagittarius the Signs involved, I would suggest long walks in the outdoors, going for bicycle rides, doing tai chi in a park or on the beach – anything that combines physical activity, movement and Nature. Learning to become calm within is also a key tool in dealing with Pluto aspects as Pluto just loves to obsess if given an opening.

As to the synastry with her co-worker? We don’t have an accurate birth time and in this instance, that can make the difference between having a Moon in Leo (birth time of 6AM or earlier) or a Moon in Virgo if born after around 6AM. If he has a Leo Moon then they have Sun/Moon trines, giving them a lovely fire sign kiss. If he has a Virgo Moon, then their Moons will be square and a source of irritation on the emotional level. With Mercury’s semi-sextile, communication is OK but not great. They have potentially good chemistry between their respective Venus and Mars.

His Saturn is trine her Moon providing a level of support to their friendship. Her Mars in Capricorn is square his Sun/Saturn/North Node in Aries. Aries Sun is more tolerant of the push from Mars than most but with Saturn in the picture, Mars could cause the Saturn person to turn up stubborn . . . 🙂

He may have some old wounding in the area of being able to accept love as his Venus/Mercury is conjunct Chiron. This may be a factor in why the relationship is slow to develop too. A plus here is her Jupiter/Neptune are trine his Venus/Mercury/Chiron, so he may eventually find her warmth and optimistic outlook helpful in finding his way to discussing old issues with her. His Jupiter is closely trine her Sun, another indicator of friendship and a spirit of generosity between these two.

Determining if this man has his Moon in Leo or Virgo is important to gaining an overall understanding of this relationship. From what I’m seeing it would appear they can maintain a friendship easily. My suggestion to her would be start learning about the Sun/Moon/Pluto aspects in her natal chart. Often when we start delving into the riddle of Pluto in our charts we come away with a much greater understanding as to what’s driving us and that ultimately will increase our ability to be better partners in our relationships.

I choose the Chariot Tarot card for this post because it is about bringing opposing sides of ourselves into harmony allowing us to make much greater forward progress.


10 responses to “Attraction to Aries Sun Co-worker. Possibilities?!

  1. Inconjunct or quincunx is the 150 degree aspect. Gemini is inconjunct Scorpio & Capricorn, for instance. These are Signs that have little in common and so there is little to no natural flow between them. Gemini is flighty Air and Scorpio intense Water and often find the other’s reasons for doing things pretty much incomprehensible. It takes time for Scorpio to gain appreciation for Gemini’s ability to gather data from seemingly unrelated sources; and Gemini to recognize the gems of information Scorpio can mine in the depths.So . . . is that helpful?! 😀

  2. ja, I find Gemini to be a totally alien sign — can never make the connection to them. not a happy pairing at all, gemini and scorpio.

  3. Good job on a difficult question, Neith. Obsessions are hard to counsel. BTW, was really surprised to see you use this deck. I love this guy’s work. How did you find it?

  4. BTW, was really surprised to see you use this deck. I love this guy’s work. How did you find it?googled Chariot tarot card in the image search function. Robert M. Place is the name of the illustrator and he has done the Major Arcana – all very amazing work. Here’s a link to his illustrations: the alchemical eggBecoming familiar with the wide variety of tarot decks out there has been a delightful side effect of starting the blog. As well as gradually reintroducing myself to the Tarot in general. Funny how that works . . . :-)Thanks for the feedback on this post. It is not easy to walk my choice of line sometimes but I am determined to stay as neutral as possible if for no other reason that i KNOW the question asked represents the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the whole picture.

  5. ja, I find Gemini to be a totally alien sign — can never make the connection to them. not a happy pairing at all, gemini and scorpio.The closest aspect by orb in my chart is an inconjunct from Uranus in Gemini to Mercury in Scorpio . . . so it’s no surprise that I’ve looked at this from as many sides as I could think of! 🙂

  6. Being new to this blog, I would like to say that I love the insights on outer planets, and how they affect individuals in a more personal level. My sun makes an aspect to all three of them, uranus, pluto and neptune so I guess I can be plutonian, uranian and neptunian.Regarding inconjuncts/quincuxes, I think some signs that are inconjuncts such as aries and scorpio have a lot more similarities than what the description about quincuxes say. Being an aries sun with a packed eighth house, I’m more at home with Scorpios than with let’s say a Gemini. My sun is also quincux my ASC and uranus so I guess I’m more used to the energy of that aspect and actually liking it.I recently met someone who makes LOADS of quincuxes and semisextiles to my planets in our synastry and I’m crazy for this guy.I guess it really depends upon one’s affinity to the signs and planets that make a quincux. But it’s never a boring aspect for sure.

  7. I find that the pairing of Virgo and Aries is much more compatible. However the thing that needs to be worked through is the Virgo desire to get all the details tied down. Something that Aries has a difficult expressing. Not that Aries doesn’t have everything tied down, however they don’t want let go of all the details. The Aries attitude seems to be just trust me, I don’t have time to explain everything.
    I say that because I (a Virgo), have been dating an Aries for the last 4 years. At the moment the Aries is tearing his life apart and, rebuilding from the ground up. And, I still haven’t a clue if we are still dating or not. I suspect we may still be because the Aries hasn’t said we aren’t, just that things are complicated at the moment.

    • Hello william,

      The Aries attitude seems to be just trust me, I don’t have time to explain everything.

      That sure rings true with my experience when it come to Aries. Especially if the Aries in question is as busy as yours is. They can be very short if they are under pressure. And they are not noted for beating around the bush either . . . 🙂


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