Another Example of Family Synastry – Father & Son

One of my cyber friends very graciously offered to let me do a post on him and his father to illustrate an example of a father/son dynamic. Here we see how there can be harmonious aspects between the luminaries and still have other aspects that show a great deal of tension in the relationship.

Looking at the luminaries, we see the father’s Sun in Capricorn conjunct his son’s Moon in Capricorn, and the son’s Scorpio Sun is trine his father’s Moon in Cancer. These are very good aspects to see in any chart comparison. Plus the father’s Venus in Capricorn is closely conjunct his son’s Moon – a wonderful aspect for creating an atmosphere of warmth and affection. Their Moons are opposite each other and in complementary signs/elements. This suggests they feel a certain level of emotional support and understanding.

Their Mercury’s are semi-sextile so this avenue of communication is only so so. My guess is this frustrates the son more than the father because he has Gemini Rising and a keen interest in good communication. Plus his Jupiter is widely conjunct his father’s Mercury and he would like to be able to share more with his dad.

The heart of the challenges to this relationship lie is a major T-Square formed between the charts. The father has an opposition between his Sun/Venus conjunction in Capricorn and his Moon/Mars/Saturn stellium in Cancer – and the son’s stellium of Venus/Uranus/Mars in Libra squares that. Magnifying this T-Square is the father’s Jupiter/Chiron in Libra conjuncting his son’s Libra stellium. In effect, the father’s natal T-square with Sun, Moon & Jupiter is exacerbated by the impact of the son’s planets.

When I saw the father’s T-Square it made me wonder if some authority figure in his life (Saturn conjunct Mars/Moon) shut down his attempts to enjoy himself (Jupiter/Chiron) – and this same dynamic is still in play in the next generation. It’s like there is much love and caring but it’s stifled by the need to maintain certain proprieties within the family circle. The Capricorn/Cancer axis is all about family and working hard to provide for the family.

Another thought that occurred to me is perhaps the father had artistic leanings (Jupiter in Libra) and was told there was no time or money for that kind of frivolity, so he set those dreams aside (Chiron). The son’s Libra stellium speaks to me of a deep appreciation of beauty, especially since it is in the 5th House of Creativity.

The son’s Moon in Capricorn conjunct his father’s Sun/Venus leads me to believe he desires his father’s approval very much and on one level he has it. But his need to express the Libra stellium that includes Uranus is somehow very much in conflict with his more conservative Capricorn Moon. In the end, Uranus will have his way. It’s amazing how strong the drive to express the power of an outer planet like Uranus is. He can trump the Luminaries and Saturn or Jupiter every time.

Family synastry is often a mixed bag of harmonious aspects and tension creating ones but each individual family unit is different. We all can benefit from learning to recognize both the good and difficult family patterns we carry with us, because most of us are striving to not pass on the difficult ones . . .

The is the King of Pentacles from the Celtic Tarot deck – a good card for a Capricorn Sun father.

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