The Composite Chart and Lifestyle

Madeline, Skylight Astrology, asked me about the lifestyle I have with my SO and started me thinking about the possibility our Composite chart reflecting it. We live in the farm house in a rural area in central Washington. In fact, it’s the much remodeled house I grew up in and left many, many years ago. When I was single, my pattern was to move every couple of years or so – and my relationships tended to be short lived too, so looking at the composite charts for those relationships wouldn’t be too informative.

Within a year after my Aries and I became a couple, we bought the property and house we still live in 17 years later. In fact, we got married and signed our mortgage a couple of weeks later! Our composite chart has Sun conjunct Venus in Capricorn and Jupiter in Capricorn all in the 12th House – we are a very private couple and both of us prefer it that way. Aquarius is Rising and Mercury is conjunct the ascendant in the 1st House. The Moon is in Cancer in the 6th House and sextile Saturn in Virgo in the 8th. The thing is neither of us have any planets in Earth in our natal charts yet it is strongly represented in our composite.

We live a frugal life (Capricorn Sun) and are happy homebodies (Cancer Moon). Taurus is the sign on the cusp of the 4th House and very descriptive of our rural home with a big yard and vegetable gardens and fruit trees. We have experimented with u-pick berries and still sell berries we pick in season. Having the Moon in the 6th also shows the connection between our vocation of gardening and an awareness of the seasonal changes. We often plant according to the phase of the Moon too. Ceres in the composite is in Pisces in the 2nd House and opposes Saturn in Virgo in the 8th . . . another tie to the Natural world and placing value on living close to it. We are very aware of the need to bring balance in the way we live close to Nature and have many discussions about the best way to do this. Heh, we’ve planted many, many trees and shrubs on our property (Saturn in Virgo)!

I see the Aquarius Rising in our determination to live our lives in the way we see fit and perhaps the close inconjunct from Uranus in Cancer on the cusp of the 6th House to the Ascendant reinforces that spirit of independence. Are we living an anachronistic life or are we ahead of the times? Whatever it is, it is our choice.


I’d love to get more feedback on the composite chart and people’s lifestyles as a couple. Of course, for a good composite chart, you need accurate birth times for both partners. will calculate the mid-point composite chart for you for free.

This is The World tarot card from the Goddess deck. Gaia is one of my most beloved goddesses . . .

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  1. How interesting – you came together to be Earth. We may say you ground each other, how’s that?If I had a partner, I’d be delighted to share it with you ;)You know, there is a town the other side of the river form mine that’s called Gaia. 🙂

  2. really good post, neith. Also the inconjunct one. still absorbing it.heh – that’s a great compliment because I love things that make me think too!

  3. How interesting – you came together to be Earth. We may say you ground each other, how’s that?That’s how it works, because we totally ground each other. The odd thing is we both have Sun/Moon in the same sign and yet the composite Sun & Moon are opposite. It’s because his Sun is at 6 Aries & my Sun is 29 Libra (midpoint comes out in Capricorn) and our Moon are both at 15 degrees in Aries & Libra (midpoint in Cancer). I learned how to calculate midpoints using a simple table assigning degree amounts to each sign, i.e. Aries=30, Taurus=60, Gemini=90 and so on. It’s tedious but a good learning tool. 😀

  4. Yes, that’s odd, I would think the composite sun and moon would be conjunct as well, but I suppose it has a logic this way, as most mathematical things do – this is my Mercury in Capricorn talking.

  5. Thanks for link, Jeff! I have to break down and buy John Townley’s book on the composite chart. I am an admitted astro-information junkie!! 🙂

  6. Yes, that’s odd, I would think the composite sun and moon would be conjunct as well, but I suppose it has a logic this way, as most mathematical things do – this is my Mercury in Capricorn talking.One of the beauties of astrology is the underlying mathematical consistencies. Funny, I don’t consider myself a math person at all but i love patterns and all.

  7. Communication and balance is what I can see in my relationship chart. We have a ton of Libra in the seventh and a nice trine to our Aquarius moon. We spend a lot of time analyzing our motives, feelings, why we do things etc. This is okay with me, I have a nice fire – water chart, I know how to feel and feel deeply… my S.O. not so much…we’re trying to get him to a place where he’s okay with feeling and then getting to the bottom of what that means. He’s pretty content on having two emotions, Happiness and Anger. That’s it. It baffles the hell out of me. Aries rising, we like doing things, making plans and executing it. Jupiter in the tenth, we have grand plans for ourselves… hopefully a nice brownstone in Brooklyn and a country/beach home some place international.Neptune & Uranus in the 9th… radical liberal thoughts and ideas… delusions about the world at large… BUT IT REALLY SHOULD WORK LIKE THIS!!Saturn & Mars Scorpio 8th house… health sex drive… but plenty of lessons about sex and the underbelly of each others minds and feelings. YOU CAN’T JUST USE MY BODY! YOU SHOULD CHECK IN WITH ME TOO!PLEASE LEARN HOW TO PLEASE ME!Chiron in Gemini 3rd house… now that I see this it all makes more sense. As communicative as we are, we are dealing with wounds when it comes to communicating. Unintentionally hurting each other in how we communicate or not communicate… trying to figure out how to divulge our needs & wants and getting it without over running the other. I think that’s the genera picture. 🙂

  8. HI NEITH–thanks for the link–tonight I am updating my site so I can link to all my astro-friends like you–I’m not great with the html stuff so it’s slow for me to make my site better–am working on it!MORE IMPORTANT: Your post is excellent! I have not looked at my and ken’s composite in a long time and the current posts all over the web about COMPOSITES has me thinking on it– good fun for the weekend! You and your SO definitely have figured a way to express your destiny as a couple, there in your rural home with trees, gardens, and quiet!BRAVO!Pluto in Capricorn will probably be an EXCELLENT TIME for you both! IN LINE with your way of thinking and your way of life–

  9. Neith, it’s interesting to read about your composite got its earth element when both of u have none in each natal chart. And I wonder if Aquarius rising composite makes your relationship to your S/O quite unconventional or different to other people as well? What if there is Uranus conjunct the Descendant and Moon conjunct Uranus in the composite chart? Do they have any similarities with a Aquarius rising relationship? Plus there’s NO water element in a composite chart. Do the couple lack of ’emotional bonding’ to each other?

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