The Importance of Touch and Pluto in Earth

The comments on my previous post have kicked my Scorpio brain into high gear! Now I’m mulling over the connection between Pluto in Sagittarius square to Uranus in Pisces and the trend to isolate ourselves in our little techno worlds where we communicate largely through audio-visual means. Pluto in Sagittarius sextile to Uranus in Aquarius may have been the first stages of this trend with experimental Uranus leading and the Sagittarius need for freedom upping the ante. Now with the shift into Earth, is it possible we will begin to understand how vital touch is to our mental, emotional and physical health?

What really got me thinking was Joe’s response to my question about who is using porn – and he said “However, I know enough by now to see that, yes, men are the primary consumers of porn (online or otherwise), but women are fast gaining on them.” This suggests our young people are leaving out a deeply important component of the human sexual experience – being held by another living being, feeling them breathe, taking in their scent and sharing their joy and pleasure. To me, touch is related to Earth signs in particular. The best hugs I’ve ever shared have been with Earth signs – they know how to enfold you and make you feel safe and comforted. Most mammals (and humans are mammals) start life hearing their mother’s heartbeat and feeling the warmth of her body. Most mothers respond to their child’s distress by picking them up and cuddling them. This is a natural pattern and if we don’t want to be held in a loving way, then why?!

Pat Paquette, The Pisces Chronicles, made the point if Pluto is involved then facing our fears is involved. So if we see a pattern where people are choosing a solitary sexual experience over one with intimacy and physical closeness, I’m guessing fear is part of the picture in some way! Pluto in Capricorn forms a friendly sextile to Uranus in Pisces, giving me hope we may see some changes in this pattern. Possibly the development of an AIDS vaccine would help reduce some of the fear. We also need to find a way to reduce the techno interface between individuals again and learn to communicate in person – hugging a cell phone is no substitute for a living, breathing warm body. Capricorn is very much about family too. Will we be able to find our way to developing extended families based on love and friendship rather than blood? Uranus in Pisces combines the Aquarius element (Uranus) with the compassionate, loving nature of Pisces and now Pluto is in a friendly relationship with Uranus, it may be possible for the seeds to be planted for a new family model. It has been demonstrated over and over babies and children need to be cuddled and loved to grow into healthy human beings.

An interesting note is this year and next, the Saturn in Virgo people will be experiencing their Returns supported by Pluto in Capricorn, another Earth sign. Is this important cycle going to start grounding those people and possibly helping them move on from their isolating habits? Saturn is also conjuncting Pluto in Virgo for many and I know first hand how Saturn conjuncting Pluto by transit can kick start the maturation process!

This photo says it all when it comes to the natural inclination to cuddle – two stuffed animals and one live one! This is also a lovely, patient dog . . . 🙂 Little tiger girl has Pluto at 28 Sagittarius in her 6th house.