Reflections on the Full Moon in Scorpio (cross posted Real Astrologers)

After thinking about the Scorpio Full Moon, I found I had more to say about it . . . 😀

In many ways the Full Moon on April 20 at 0° Scorpio 43′ feels to me like an extension of the New Moon in Aries. The zero-degree point is obviously associated with beginnings and, of course, Aries is the starting place in the zodiac. We are being offered an opportunity to build on what was started on the New Moon in Aries.

Each Full Moon in fire and air is always followed by a Full Moon in earth and water, with the exception of the upcoming lunar cycle. We are going to be spending extra time with earth and water over the next lunar month.

Fire and air need earth and water to take something from a spark of an idea to actual manifestation. Watching spring growth unfold with great speed over the past few days was an excellent example of this principle in action. We had plenty of moisture (water) available in the soil (earth) for seeds (air) to germinate but had been lacking warmth (fire). Three days of temperatures around 70 degrees F was enough to kick-start all kinds of growth – truly amazing to watch.

The zero-degree Full Moon in Scorpio (water and earth) has the potential to take the seeds planted on the Libra Full Moon (air) and really make them grow. The New Moon in Aries (fire) provided the necessary heat. I know firsthand how this works because the partnership between Pat and I gelled around the Libra Full Moon, we went public on the New Moon in Aries, and now we are in the manifestation stage approaching the Full Moon in Scorpio. However we are both aware we need to continue to nurture the growth of our website with care over the next month or so in particular. I anticipate the second Full Moon at 29° Scorpio 27′ will find us well launched and hard at work responding to our clients.

A couple of patterns in the sky at the Full Moon supporting the growth of new ventures are the grand trine in earth (Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Virgo, Sun in Taurus) and Mars in Cancer still opposing Jupiter in Capricorn, but this time it’s Venus in Aries as part of the cardinal T-square. We also still have the delightful sextile between Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter keeping us flexible and open to revision. So we are well grounded in realistic expectations with our energy source in place, but this climate is better suited to promoting existing ideas due to the shortage of planets in air signs. The next time to come up with new ideas is on the New Moon in Gemini on June 3 . . . but that’s for another day!

If you look closely the new leaves are shimmering in the sunlight . . . also note there is still snow on the hills in the background. If you click on the image, the larger version comes up. Spring is coming in very, very slowly this year.

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  1. Feels like summer to me. We’ll be hitting the 80s this week. I’m not feeling any of these delightful aspects at all. Just more and more despair and anger. Eve is all “just suck it up and put on a smiley face.” I’m finding it really hard to come up with a real reason to keep on going. Feels like my life is over. just over and it’s all the big bad downhill slide from here. hmmm. you can delete this after you read it. sorry to be such a whiney baby.

  2. {{{{{Casey}}}}}Saturn in Virgo is not being the life of the party, oh no he’s not! He’s opposing your Venus and squaring mine and just generally sucking all the fun out of life at the moment. Saturn is also slowing down to station direct on May 3rd. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus currently in your 12th, this is not your most energetic phase either. The new moon in Taurus on May 5 will help lighten the atmosphere too. We both will feel more the thing when Saturn gets done smushing our Venuses too! :-)****************One thing I’m realizing with the website as the “polished” blog, I can post more personal stuff here and generally visit with cyber friends without worrying about being “off topic”. 😀

  3. I just received John & Susan Townley’s latest article link on how transits work and it’s a GREAT description complete with illustrations!The Dynamics of Aspect FormationAlso a good reminder of why some transits seem to knock us to the ground and others we sail right through.

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  5. That was a good article, neith. It reminded me of a song that means a lot to me:There is a way subtle changes come to stayBarely noticed and hardly knownOne day you’ll say “My situation’s locked away”But by tomorrow, you’re all aloneIt seems so sudden, but it’s not, it’s only grownFrom a seed that long ago was left forgotten in the snowAnd has a way with slow surprises on its own.It’s hard to show, but like a boulder rolling slowOr a rumble deep in the groundThings whisper low, and by the time I really knowWhat’s been moving, they’ve settled downToo late to see they’re shifting ’roundToo late to say “There’s bound to be another way”It’s all been said and done without a sound.This comes to me, now that I begin to seeIt’s not dramatic, it’s nothing grandI used to be half the whole of you and meNow I’m the limit of half a manSeems so simple, nothing much to understandYou walked out and closed the door, said “I don’t live here anymore”Now nothing’s hanging heavy in my hands. Been thinking of this song a lot lately. How movement is underground and then how everything changes and it’s all long gone.

  6. Been thinking of this song a lot lately. How movement is underground and then how everything changes and it’s all long gone.This seems like the way Fixed signs make changes all right. Because on the surface what happens may seem abrupt but there is lots going on behind the scenes for quite awhile. Very Plutonian too. Ah well, Taurus is coming on the scene and the place will become more deliberate for the next month or so.

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