NEWSFLASH!! Learn More About Astrology & Relationships!

Elsa P of is offering an online class/discussion group on the astrology of relationships starting October 8 and continuing through October 31 called Using Astrology To Find Love And Improve Your Relationships. It will be set up on her Boards in the Colosseum and will be open all the time to those who sign up for the class.

I took part in the first of these sessions on natal charts over the summer, and everyone had a great time while learning a LOT about their charts. We all had an opportunity to read what Elsa had to say about each chart as well as many excellent observations from other participants. Elsa has a gift for cutting straight to the essentials in a clear, no nonsense way.

You better believe it took me about two seconds to decide to join in the fun! If the quality of comments offered is anything like those of the first session, it will be a fabulous opportunity because there are some sharp astrologers out there.

Saturn is about to enter Libra and what better way to prepare. Yay!!


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