More on Civility and the Saturn-Pluto Square

When I sat down to write the post for the Cancer Full Moon on December 31, 2009, for Real Astrologers, the message for me was about civility since both Libra and Capricorn favor behaving appropriately in our social interactions. The raucous behaviors of the Pluto in Sagittarius years are becoming less and less acceptable though many of us sure had some good times.

Saturn in Libra is now slowing down and will go retrograde on January 13, 2010. This means the square to Pluto in Capricorn is going to start tightening again and all the issues surrounding this aspect will move right back into the forefront for the rest of January and the first part of February 2010. I am happy to leave the big picture to mundane astrologers who specialize in it and focus my attention on the personal sphere. To me, this means learning about the gift of civility and why it is so important.

A couple of things got me thinking about this, one was the editorial in our local newspaper I mentioned in my Real Astrologers and the other was the concept of being PC or politically correct. After mulling it over for a day – I process data slooooowwwwllly – it seemed to me there are some differences in being politically correct and behaving with civility. Being PC evolved during the Pluto in Sagittarius years and was based on avoiding using terms that would offend. Civility, on the other hand, is based on treating others with respect and paying close attention. The root of “attention” is “to attend to.” Practicing our listening skills is part and parcel of this.

If we keep in mind Saturn rules Capricorn, is exalted in Libra and both signs like the idea of a set of rules for social conduct, i.e., manners; it is possible to understand why we’re having more and more discussions along these lines. The ongoing series of eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn draws attention to family and what better place to learn manners than in a family setting. When I was growing up in the fifties, we ALWAYS sat down for meals as a family, something few make time for in this fast paced world. This is sad because it is the perfect setting to teach basic manners as our granddaughter is learning because her parents make the effort to share at least one meal a day as a family.

What I am advocating has little to do with mushy, “feel good” Neptune stuff either. I’m talking about the Libra concept of behaving appropriately which has little to do with embracing all in “Love and Light” (all the gratuitous hugging of the New Age days annoyed the hell out of me). This is cold, clear air sign rules of conduct – always remember to say please and thank you, avoid using obscenities if possible when in public, treat others with the respect you would like receive in return and generally keep your cool. We don’t have to like someone in order to be polite to them – simple as that.

Try these ideas out and see what you think. Since this is my normal mode of behaving in public, and I have rarely, if ever, had anyone yell at me for behaving like an ass, I know they work.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Image: Much to my surprise the poinsettia I bought in December 2008 decided to bloom for me this winter. Not quite sure how I got it to do this because poinsettias bloom according to day length and are native to Mexico. It is pretty though.