Catching the New Moon Wave

These next few weeks are a transition time for me to a new phase in my life. During the process of checking some astro-data on my progressed chart for a comment I left on The Inner Wheel, I realized my progressed Moon is just about to move from Capricorn into Aquarius at the end of January. Very big deal!

2007 marked the leading edge of this transition when my progressed Moon was in the Balsamic phase to my progressed Sun, reflecting the natal relationship between my Sun and Moon in Libra. That was the year when I decided to retire from the day job I had and start working on developing my online presence as an astrologer. Over the next couple of years, I started a second short-lived blog on synastry, joined Pat Paquette and created Real Astrologers and wrote many posts on astrology as well as working with clients.

Now I am just about to launch my new home for both Neithnet and Neith on Synastry under one “roof”, Libra Seeking Balance on WordPress. At the same time, Real Astrologers will be getting a face lift due in large part to our current theme being out-of-date and no longer supported. It will be exciting to see what emerges because the key to making viable change is being open and flexible.

I do plan on waiting until the Sun moves into Aquarius along with Venus because it makes no sense to me to start something when both the Sun and Venus are squaring my Sun. Saturn in Libra will make its second square to Pluto in Capricorn on January 31 and that configuration will provide enough tension to power up start ups all on its own!

Anyone else getting ready to catch the wave of energy from this New Moon?

Image: One of the few days we weren’t socked in with fog last week, I ran out and snapped a few pics of the lovely dawn sky. Shortly thereafter the overcast returned for the day . . . 😦

4 responses to “Catching the New Moon Wave

  1. Thanks, Jude! I see I’m in good company, now I just need to figure out how to do this! 🙂

  2. I’m here now! I’ve added this blog to my feeds and am ready to follow you and your new phase from here.
    And, my God, do I miss the sun! This has been one of the greyest, rainiest Winters I can remember.

    • Thanks, DM! I can hardly wait to get moved in completely here with nothing but redirects for the Blogger sites.

      Today the sun is shining here and there is nothing like the real deal to brighten spirits. Using a SADD light truly helps keep me going through the gloomy days of winter.

      I am a big fan of four seasons though – that Libra balance thing! 🙂

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