Observations ATTN! Venus Alert

When I was reading Ray Merriman’s weekly article on financial astrology for March 1, it dawned on me Venus moving into Aries in little over a week has some pretty serious repercussions because it will promptly oppose Saturn in Libra and square Pluto in Capricorn.

Actually both those with a strong Libra and/or Taurus component in their charts need to take heed because Venus rules both those signs. Venus going from laid back Pisces into fiery Aries is always quite noticeable – the difference between someone murmuring in the background to yelling “look at me” at the top of their lungs. This time around we will get an extra punch after this transition.

Venus in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra is bound to bring to the fore issues about feeling bossed around by our lover or partners. And in all likelihood it may be time to talk about these matters because one person or the other may have been overly cautious and coming across as bossy out of fear and insecurity (Saturn’s territory). Aries can be very straightforward about asking for some room to move and breathe – no bad thing in my opinion. Over the past few months Pluto squaring Saturn in Libra has some of us feeling weighed down with responsibilities when it comes to our significant others.

Pluto in Capricorn squaring Venus in Aries can mean good old fashioned power struggles. Don’t count Venus out here either. She can be remarkably resourceful at working around Pluto in staid Capricorn. The tighter he attempts to hold on, the quicker she will be out the door and down the road. It’s time to review expectations and obsessive feelings and pitch them out once and for all! Pluto is very helpful for ruthlessly clearing away old habits and ideas if given an opening. By the way, it’s better to do this voluntarily too – I can guarantee you will not enjoy it if Pluto does it.

Venus will be in Aries March 7 until April 1 and for those with planets and Angles from 0 to 5 degrees in the cardinal signs, this period is going to provide some valuable clues as to what to expect in June 2010 when Jupiter meets Uranus in Aries. This is a preview of the Cardinal Climax show. Yikes!


4 responses to “Observations ATTN! Venus Alert

  1. “what to expect in June 2010 when Jupiter meets Uranus in Aries.” My God, is it me or did Jupiter start moving faster? It doesn’t feel like it’s been in Pisces for very long, or maybe I haven’t been paying attention – this is all very Piscean. 😉
    And I also can’t believe Uranus is finally changing signs. :-O It’s one of those things that take so long, it feels unreal when they eventually happen.

  2. Hey DM,

    The first time I looked at the ephemeris for 2010 and checked Jupiter, I went “WHOA! It zips through Pisces, bounces off the first three degrees of Aries before returning to Pisces until January 18, 2011. It does go back to it’s usual pattern of spending roughly a year in one sign when it gets to Taurus in June 2011 to June 2012. Figures . . . 🙂

    Donna C has a new post up by a guest blogger on Uranus in Aries. Bet we start seeing many, many posts in the astro-blogosphere on that subject from here on out.

    I admit to a degree of apprehension about Uranus in Aries because it opposes my Libra planets. And THEN when it moves into Taurus it opposes all my Scorp stuff. yay


  3. Oh…tell me about it, I ‘accidentally’ checked future transits, with Uranus in Aries, Saturn Libra/Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn…can’t say I’m too excited to get to them. haha Best not look too ahead.

    Ooh crazy Jupiter. I have a feeling Jupiter can’t make up its mind about wanting to be near Uranus or not. 😉

  4. Ooh crazy Jupiter. I have a feeling Jupiter can’t make up its mind about wanting to be near Uranus or not. 😉

    Don’t blame him. I’m never quite sure if I want to snuggle up with Uranus either. 😀


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