Neith on Synastry Posts Available Here

I am pleased to announce all the posts from my blog, Neith on Synastry, have been successfully imported and set up on their own page here on Libra Seeking Balance.

From the beginning it was my intention to combine my Blogger blogs, Neithnet and Neith on Synastry, in one place and with Dixie Vogel’s help (Good Karma Host) that is now a reality.

Dixie tracked down a plugin, Blog in Blog, which made it a snap to set up a separate page for those posts. All I needed to do was go to my old blog and label all the posts the same, then use WordPress’s import function to transfer them. Once those posts were here and the plugin in place, I added one very simple line of code to the new page and presto!

Of course, it didn’t go quite that easy . . . Mars is still Rx after all. It didn’t work right away because the plugin needed more tweaks to make it compatible with the version of WordPress I’m using but once the plugin was updated it all came together beautifully.

Check it out: Neith on Synastry Posts

Update: Just want to let everyone know I cheerfully deleted all the older posts on both of my previous blogs, Neithnet and Neith on Synastry. Don’t worry, all of those posts can be found here now. Just a little housecleaning going on . . .