Gemini New Moon, June 12, 2010

The New Moon in affable Gemini is most often pleasant but this particular New Moon at 21° 24′ Gemini on June 12, 2010, 4:15 AM PDT is more intense with much going on behind its friendly, curious face.

The Sabian symbol for 22 Gemini, “Dancing couples in a harvest festival” certainly fits with both the duality of Gemini and the sheer enjoyment those with strong Gemini signatures in their natal charts find in the give and take of any social activity. For the rest of us, this is a good reminder of the benefits of staying active both physically and mentally. Since this New Moon exactly conjoins my natal Uranus in my eighth house, it comes as no surprise to me I find myself rejuvenated via a combination of mental and physical activity.

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, moved into Gemini mid-week and gave a huge sigh of relief due to leaving the density of earthy Taurus. Do I hear cheering in the background from all of you with your Mercury’s in fire and air? Don’t get your hopes up too high because Mercury promptly squares Mars in Virgo, forms an inconjunct to Pluto in Capricorn and thankfully is sextile to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 0° Aries!

Mercury in Gemini squaring Mars in Virgo makes it quite clear words will be the weapon of choice since both of these signs are Mercury ruled. Not too surprisingly, my Libra self recommends counting to ten more than once before letting those verbal knives fly. However, if you do need to speak up in order to clear the air then this aspect will help with that. Please do choose your words carefully though.

Inspiring a flood of words from astrologers around the globe are Jupiter and Uranus at 0° Aries. This is the first lunation featuring this aspect and it is only appropriate to see Mercury sextile these two on the Gemini New Moon. New ideas could be coming in at light speed and if we don’t make special note of the most interesting ones, those ideas will be gone just as fast. Good luck!

I expect the waxing inconjunct from Mercury to Pluto in Capricorn may prove helpful by providing moments of grounding. The trick will be to recognize those since facile Gemini has little respect for Capricorn’s need to funnel the information to right person in the bureaucratic hierarchy. Most of us may end up feeling extremely frustrated when we run into the “but”. Do your best to relax and wait for another day or so because this is a fast moving aspect and we’ll move past it in short order.

The most awkward pattern in this chart is a Yod with Neptune in Aquarius at the apex and Venus in Cancer sextile Saturn in Virgo as the base. On one hand, Venus in Cancer and Saturn in Virgo are happy working in the background in very personal ways, providing nurturance and support to friends and family. Neptune in Aquarius, on the other hand, has these amazing schemes designed to benefit the collective, often without one shred of practicality but plenty of compassion. As I see it, Neptune needs to humble himself, go hat in hand to the other two and ask them very politely for their help. Between Cancer’s initiative and familial contacts supported by Virgo’s exceptional organizational skills, they could start a grass roots movement to help achieve those Aquarius dreams.

Take advantage of this lunation to visit AstroDispatch and catch up with the latest posts on the exciting, disturbing aspects in the sky at this time.Karen has her New Moon with asteroid icing post in place and it’s a great read! If you feel as overwhelmed as I am, then you can join me in reading something less demanding for distraction.

My recommendations for navigating this period is stay as focused as possible in the now, allow your friends and family plenty of latitude, do your best to not blurt out sharp edged words and practice kindness and patience. Mutable Gemini reminds us all is change so today’s turmoil shall too pass.

Please share your favorite distractions/survival techniques!

3 responses to “Gemini New Moon, June 12, 2010

  1. Great read yourself there Diane xo I was just lying there this morning, mentally paying myself some fictitious profit to get up into the cold and get to work – and realised this is quincunx my natal Neptune, which was also a large part of the Taurus New Moon too. Very good, very good 🙂

    • Thanks, Karen!!

      Those dang quincunx . . . tricky sons of guns! 🙂

      Just realized when Mars hits Virgo it will promptly be quincunx to A) Jupiter and B) Uranus in Aries. All within roughly the first 15 hrs after the shift. Add to the general sense of frustration but thankfully over quickly.


  2. I’ll remember to bite my tongue until it hurts before I say anything nasty. 😛 I’m so prone to it as it is!

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