At Last! Mars in Virgo!

Just a quick “head’s up” about Mars entering Virgo and the resulting inconjuncts to both Jupiter and Uranus in Aries because this could make the transition much more interesting.

Since both Jupiter and Uranus are in Aries (which Mars rules) Mars gains more punch whenever he forms an aspect to those two planets. The formal astrological term is ‘dipositor’ for those who like such things. Me, I’m just going to pay particular attention to the red planet as long as Uranus is in Aries!

This morning Mars will first inconjunct Jupiter at 7:26AM PDT and then inconjunct Uranus at 12:03 PM PDT. What an entry for Mars into Virgo, a sign not noted for seeking attention.

After due consideration, I decided this may be a good thing because Virgo will help Aries to remember all those details Aries tends to overlook in his hurry to get to the next big event. You know, like car keys, wallet, those critical documents you need for your meeting with the big boss? We may all be very thankful Mars will be traveling through Virgo for the rest of June and most of July, keeping us on track in a quiet, firm manner.

Keep in mind the next transition for Mars will be into Libra, hand in hand with Saturn. You think Aries was snippy about Mars in Virgo, just wait till Saturn joins the party and really slams the brakes on. Yowser!

How is everyone doing with the new Aries energy?
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5 responses to “At Last! Mars in Virgo!

  1. Hi Diane,

    I had actually forgotten about Mars entering Virgo – it sure explains why I feel so cross, hemmed in and frustrated these past few days. I woke up this morning thinking (actually saying aloud) “something has to change” but easier said than done and I don’t know where to start anymore. It may also explain why I am in the middle of thoroughly cleaning my house from top to bottom which is a good thing. With Virgo on my Ascendant, I am hoping that I might get better at confronting others rather than holding it all in and stewing quietly but Uranus/Jupiter into Aries frightens me, I’m not sure why. Too many war images come to mind.

    Thanks for your views

  2. “….How is everyone doing with the new Aries energy?”

    Not sure at the moment as I’ve had everything on hold for a week while 3 people I have been doing business with have been on holiday. Should start up again from tomorrow just when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus. And as Uranus is ruler of Aquarius it’ll be interesting to see how the energy pans out.

    Mars in Virgo is conjunct my natal Pluto and Pluto is conjunct my natal Saturn so that could be fun!!

    Been feeling a bit dizzy the last week. Nothing serious just not quite all there, almost spaced out. It’s been a buzzy type feeling like my vibrations are increasing. I get this “buzz” sometimes at night at the back of my neck when I semi wake from a dream. Only way to describe it is like I’m “downloading” something into my brain. Often get images of words and symbols, even maps. It’s not frightening though if it starts happening when I’m fully awake I may be more concerned.

    So maybe the energy of Uranus in Aries will have more of an effect than I expect…definitely a cup of tea time again, the famous British cure all!

  3. “How is everyone doing with the new Aries energy?”
    I am physically tired but feel all jacked-up like I have had five cups of coffee. I’m also waking up with love songs playing in my head every morning….Venus in Aries. 😉 This morning it was Barbra Streisand singing “Evergreen”…not my usual tunes. LOL

  4. With this Uranus/Jupiter sitting exactly on my 00 Aries Sun/North Node — and in opposition to my 1 Libra Jupiter and 2 Libra Uranus –, I must admit that, except for feeling a tad bit impatient and being a little more willing to make my opinions known — politely (Moon in Taurus and Mercury in Pisces putting a big check on my Aries bluntness) –, I’m not really feeling anything yet!

    Somehow I anticipated energy coursing through my body (Sun ruling my Leo Ascendant) or, I don’t know, a thunderclap and then sudden CHANGE. But it’s been relatively uneventful.

    And $2 says those will be my Famous Last Words. hahahahahahaha

  5. FANtastically :). I purchased a couple of new candles today for our home. They’re pretty and smell nice.

    Hope you are doing great!

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