Observations: Jupiter-Uranus in Aries Stomps Libra’s Scales

In the last four days Jupiter moved from Pisces to Aries, then joined forces with Uranus in Aries yesterday and jumped with both big feet on this Libra’s scales completely throwing them out of balance.

My Aries hubby is handling this inrush of energy much better than I but Aries normally likes to ride the adrenaline more than most Libras do. That being said, when I was younger I could do the adrenaline push for much longer before crashing and usually a good night’s sleep would see me right again. Now staying on an even keel is far more important than ever because the downside comes much faster and harder.

The combination of Jupiter, Uranus and the Moon in Aries on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, the Mars inconjunct Jupiter-Uranus and last but not least, Jupiter conjoining Uranus wound me up too tightly and yesterday, I crashed. Spent most of the day either reading or sleeping and still slept hard last night. Oddly, enough it was a positive event, my hubby finally landing a small job away from home that precipitated my shutdown. Knowing that I had a day to myself was all it took.

So I will leave all the rushing and jumping up and down to those under sixty! Right now it is very important for me to get my body back in balance and restored to health. Today Mercury is finishing up its extended journey through Taurus inconjunct my Sun before returning to its home sign of Gemini, and a perfect time to tidy up old business.

One thing I do know is this: I will be taking care to avoid stressful situations and get extra rest if possible whenever the Moon rolls into Aries and those times Mars aspects Jupiter and Uranus during their stay in Aries. Isn’t that what astrology is good for?! 😀

Image: The Iris and Lupines are blooming at last and I love these shades of purples and blues – refreshing to these Libra eyes.

9 responses to “Observations: Jupiter-Uranus in Aries Stomps Libra’s Scales

  1. Love the Irises and Lupins. I’ve just put up a couple of photos on my blog of an Iris given to me by a friend last year. Cheered me up as it looked so summery in the rain.

    Hope you recover from your “shutdown”. It must be catching as I seem to be sleeping for England at the moment.

    • Hi Rossa!

      June is a fabulous month for flowers here. The iris and lupines are blooming now and I am anticipating peonies, those luscious beauties! 🙂

      Much improved today but getting enough rest is going to be sooo important heading into the next few months. Once Saturn returns to Libra and starts functioning as balance wheel for Jupiter-Uranus, it will be interesting to see if that helps.


  2. I hope you rest up, good. And glad to hear the Aries scored another job, yay!
    I should monitor Aries activities, too…especially with all the ups and downs around my 4th House/home life.
    My roommate is depressed and I can’t help her. She needs a job…only she can go out and look for one:(

    • !!!Chrispito!!! 😀

      Thanks! Yeah, there is nothing quite like Uranus messing about in the fourth house to get one’s attention. 🙂

      My roommate is depressed and I can’t help her. She needs a job…only she can go out and look for one 😦

      ::sigh:: so tough to watch. You are right too, she is the person who has to get it together and head out. Maybe Jup-Uranus will give her a kick start.


  3. Dear Diane,

    Glad to hear that you are resting and taking good care.

    Warm wishes to you


    • Thank you, Deirdre! This one rather caught me off guard. Get to thinking I’m invincible and of course, I’m not. 🙂


  4. Hey Diane – Being a Libra myself, I know how important it is to occasionally rebalance my scales, or I’m good for nothin. And generally the Moon’s passage through Aries (and through my 8th) provides the perfect opportunity. This last Moon in Aries wasn’t so bad for me, maybe because I’m liking the added energy of Uranus/Jupiter. Good you’re taking care of yourself.

    • Hi LB!

      Always good to know another Libra is riding the changes well! Thanks!


  5. Diane, this is a test. Only a test :)!

    We’re gonna do swell. Glad to read that you’re taking care of yourself and that hubby is triumphing, too. Also love your flowers!

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