Synastry Basics: Natal Mars in Synastry

I decided to continue writing posts on the basics on synastry as refresher course for myself and for my readers who seem to enjoy what I have to say on the subject. Please let me know if there is any particular aspect of synastry you would be interested in getting feedback on. Thanks!

One of the weaknesses of a typical cookbook style synastry report, is those are not set up to take into account the natal aspects to the various planets and those natal aspects can often profoundly affect the way those planets actually work. I am going to start with a look at natal Mars.

When it comes to describing chemistry with another, most astrologers agree a conjunction between one person’s Mars and the other person’s Venus is considered an excellent indicator of heat and passion. However, if said Mars is under heavy pressure from hard aspects to Saturn for instance, the Mars person’s doubts and fears may prevent them from making any kind of move at all. You know . . . you have a big crush on a hot classmate or co-worker but never quite get around to asking them out?

Even Mars in his happy places – Aries and Scorpio – can run into serious difficulties if aspected by Neptune in any way. Neptune has a way of undermining the king of action to his detriment. The worst part is most of the time those with Mars-Neptune aspects often don’t realize what’s going on until someone else points it out to them! The Mars-Neptune person can build the most fantastic fantasies about their love interest and when those fail to manifest, serious disappointment can result. But hey, there’s always next time, right?! 😀

Combining Mars and Uranus can generate unbelievable excitement and makes for instant attraction . . . repeatedly. Mars-Uranus aspects natally are often the hallmark of a big time flirt. They just love meeting someone new and exciting but once the relationship starts to verge on routine, it is much harder for them to stick around. To get around Uranus can be done but both the Mars-Uranus individual and their love interest need to recognize holding on too tightly will not work.

And Pluto-Mars aspects natally? Whew! Here is where being brutally honest with one’s self is absolutely critical to avoiding repeated episodes of dashed expectations and the resulting cynicism. The likelihood of anyone being able to fulfill Pluto’s list of expectations of certain behaviors is slim to none. It is far better to start identifying those and weeding them out before the cycle of obsession begins.

If you meet someone and manage to get their birth data, setting up a consult with your favorite astrologer might be the way to go. Of course, I also recognize even the best of us can only offer our opinions based on the astrology . . . free will and all that. How can anyone ever know exactly what another adult needs to experience in this life?
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4 responses to “Synastry Basics: Natal Mars in Synastry

  1. I am enjoying these posts 🙂 I appreciate that this Venus/Mars connection will obviously denote some level of attraction, it would have to, but long-lasting happiness? As you say, it all runs much deeper than that. My husband and my Venus’s like each other SO much, they don’t connect anywhere lol they don’t have to, the attraction is just too mind-blowing! Well, it does have a nice little sextile to Chiron 😉

    • Thanks! The underlying message here, of course, is “it’s me, not you”. The best synastry in the world won’t survive if the natal chart challenges get in the way.

      another thing is the best chemistry in the world does not mean much if those are the only synastry aspects either. 🙂


  2. I love when I come here and think a post is all about me… Mars in Leo here! :*

    Mars square Uranus natally here, and square my partner’s Mars, which of course puts his Mars in Scorpio conjunct my Uranus. The drama can sometimes explode at a moment’s notice.

    Our Venus (Venii? ) each fall in the other’s 7th though, so that takes the edge off things. Thank goodness.

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