Observations: Venus Under Pressure

Venus is a very important planet in my chart so I’ve been paying attention ever since Venus moved into Libra on August 6 and entered into the cardinal T-square fray. The lovely one promptly opposed Uranus and conjoined Saturn, then opposed Jupiter and squared Pluto.

The tension of the last few weeks living under the influence of intense cardinal energy broke for me when the Moon moved into Cancer creating a Grand Cross bringing the energy into balance. Venus conjoining Saturn slowed things down even further but the opposition to Jupiter and square to Pluto ratcheted my stress levels up again. ***sigh***

Not only does Venus rule my Sun and Moon but also my sixth and seventh houses, both with Taurus on the cusp (using Koch houses). Between Saturn in Libra pretty much demanding moderation and Taurus on the sixth giving me a need for stable, daily routines, so the influx of company over the past month and living with an edgy Aries partner has not been easy. The icing on the cake has been spending a great deal of time getting my computer stabilized and working properly over the course of the past week. Like many others, I will be delighted to see the cardinal T-square slip away and hopefully allow the tempo to slow some.

Transiting Pluto is sitting in my second house squaring Venus conjoining Saturn in my tenth and I am definitely feeling the need to clean up my act when it comes to my work environment. One of the things I’m considering to get my computer back up to snuff is backing up the contents of my main drive and then wiping it clean back to the factory defaults. Yeah . . . MAJOR house cleaning! Getting rid of corrupted files and doing clean installs of the programs I use is bound to improve performance as well as reduce the possibility of more problems. This also fits in with Mercury in Virgo passing back and forth over my Midheaven and tenth house for the next month as it goes retrograde. “Do overs” in great detail! 😀

Venus is just about to enter my eleventh house along with Mars in Libra (Saturn won’t make it until September). I usually enjoy Venus transits to my Libra planets, especially by conjunction. A few kisses from the Goddess would be most welcome . . . before Saturn comes along. Hah!

How are others navigating this intense time period?

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  1. Sheesh, sounds too stressful, especially when you need to be finding peace *hugs*

    I can’t complain but that could change in the blink of an eye with Merc retro, so *touching wood*

    • Believe me, I keep looking for peace and tranquility!! 😛

      Even though it is stressful, I’m not too bad when it comes to solving my tech problems, mostly due to being quite tenacious . . . that Mars-Mercury in Scorp quincunx Uranus is handy that way. Hey, I’ve got my system back to reliable enough to take the next step. 😀


  2. By going to bed earlier, waking up earlier, and taking long walks with my favorite pups!

    The earlier I get up, the better I manage my day. Sometimes it’s hard for Libras to manage/balance their schedules. I’ve been learning to do so, and I feel accomplished!

    Great article. Love your photo.


    • Hey Deb!

      The earlier I get up, the better I manage my day. Sometimes it’s hard for Libras to manage/balance their schedules. I’ve been learning to do so, and I feel accomplished!

      Good for you! My husband is the early to rise person in our household and he would agree with you 100%.

      I like my quiet time in the morning, drinking my coffee and checking what’s new on the Web. What is most important is the time to wake up and organize my thoughts for the day. If that is interrupted it is NOT pretty!! 😀

  3. I haven’t noticed that the cardinal T has been much of an issue at this point, but the New Moon on my Ascendant and Moon has made me terribly moody and emotionally touchy! Maybe it’s my Moon conjunct Uranus, or that it’s opposite Chiron, or just the nature of the Moon – magnified by the lunation. (or maybe it’s just perimenopause. sigh) Well, vacation is coming…

  4. Mars in Libra is finally “doing” something for me – at least I think that’s what it is. Natal Mars is getting some tweaks (squares from Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn, conjunction from Pluto). Transiting Mars is opposing my Sun and I think THAT’S what I’m really feeling.

    It’s occurred to me that if you consider traditional rulerships, both my Sun and my Scorpio Moon are ruled by Mars; I think there’s some value in that, even if I don’t take it in all the way. (To me, Pluto rules Scorpio, but I totally get the Mars influence too.)

    I’m intrigued as to what this Mercury retrograde will bring since it opposes my natal Mercury. I’ll be watching more closely than usual for sure.

  5. I just got an intuition to come over here and give you an internet ((((((hug)))))))). Good luck getting that computer straightened out before Merc Retch, and good vibes for your Cardinal husband, too.

    This has not been easy for me. Actually, I had been skating skating skating, and starting to think I was going to fly through this, when I hit a massive bump in the road last Monday. Recovery has been grim, but at the same time I can really see the positives. And I’ve been so blindered I thought I just had to get through this summer… then I looked at my transits and realized I’m in for the big sh!t all the way through 2013. You know, if the world doesn’t end.

  6. i’m okay. I’m off the b.c.p. thank CRIPES. I was only on it for a year but absolutely hated it. Hope that wasn’t too much information for you, lol

    Good luck with sorting your computer out!

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