Kate & Wills – a Saturn in Libra Royal Couple

Even though I know hundreds of other astrologers are writing about Kate Middleton and Prince William, I just can’t resist throwing out my thoughts on the synastry of this oh so beautiful young couple. On the surface this appears to be an exceedingly romantic match up of the gorgeous commoner and the handsome prince, the kind of thing romance novelists have been making tons of money off of for years.

With Sagittarius rising and Neptune in Sagittarius conjoining his Ascendant, Prince William easily projects a dashing, devil-may-care image, however he does have his Sun and Moon conjoined in Cancer and deeply cares about home and family as well as the traditions associated with being a member of the royal family. The lovely Kate has her Sun in Capricorn squared by Saturn-Pluto in Libra and I’m sure she is very well aware of what it will mean to be a future queen. Power and social position is something she understands quite well.

At this time, there is no birth time available for Kate and that means no chart wheel or an exact degree for her Moon. Based on the available data, it is possible to say she has her Moon in Cancer in the middle degrees (from about 6-7° to 22-21°). Her Cappy Sun is the only planet in earth and she has a preponderance of planets in air and fire. This means she has a far more assertive nature than receptive and goes after what she wants – a very determined young woman. The ability to charm is shown by her Mercury-Venus conjunction in mental Aquarius. I’m sure she will polish her ability to speak with the press in short order . . .

There is little doubt Prince William is all too aware of his position and responsibilities with Saturn in Libra squaring his North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn. His Sun, Moon and North Node all fall in his seventh house accentuating the influence of Saturn in Libra. For him, it is always about working with others for the greater good and I would guess he has a keen understanding of the fine art of compromise.

It is also worth noting his Venus-Chiron conjunction in Taurus is the apex of a Yod (Finger of God) with Pluto in Libra sextile Neptune in Sagittarius as the base. Venus in aspect to Chiron tends to have doubts about being lovable and in William’s case, he may wonder if he is loved for himself (Venus in Taurus) or for his position (Pluto sextile Neptune – society at large). I suspect this Yod may have something to do with his decision to spend nine years getting to know Kate before popping the question.


Using my quick and dirty method of comparing charts, Kate and Wills have a lot going for them. His Sun conjoins her Moon in Cancer and her Sun in Capricorn complements his Moon in Cancer – all good and made better by both of them having Cancer Moons. Cancer is an emotionally sensitive sign and sharing similar ideas of what makes a comfortable home life is important to them.

Wills has Mercury in quick witted Gemini and Kate’s Mercury is in open minded Aquarius in an exact trine in air indicating an easy meeting of the minds.

Both of them have Mars in Libra within a degree even though Kate was born 9 January 1982 and Wills on 21 June 1982 because Mars was retrograde in the intervening months. The benefit of having Mars conjoined is sharing a sense of what it takes to get something done. Both of them have Mars-Mercury trines and I bet this is great for setting the mood as well as enjoying sharp debates on differences in opinion. Her Venus in Aquarius loves all the Mars in Libra action but his Venus in Taurus may prefer less talk and more sensual expressions of affection.

Another element in comparisons I like to look at is the intra-aspects. For those unfamiliar with this term it means the same two planets from both charts in aspect to each other. Kate and Wills have three sets with Mercury: Mercury-Mars, Mercury-Jupiter and Mercury-Uranus. This speaks to me of how important their ability to communicate is to the relationship. Their mental connection is quite strong and they both benefit a great deal from it. Mars keeps things lively, Jupiter offers a shared sense of humor and Uranus encourage both of them to think outside the box, coming up with innovative solutions to long standing problems.

They also have a Sun-Saturn intra-aspect with William’s Saturn squaring Kate’s Sun and her Saturn forming an out-of-sign trine to his Sun. The big deal here is this aspect reinforces Kate’s natal Sun square Saturn-Pluto suggesting she is reminded frequently of the responsibilities and obligations of being involved with a member of England’s royal family. Keep in mind these two have been an item for the better part of nine years . . . a long testing period as it were.

Both of them have Jupiter in Scorpio and both conjoin William’s Midheaven and are trine his Sun and Moon in Cancer. Talk about a high profile couple exemplifying what it means to be rich and famous, not to mention all the royal stuff.

I have to mention they both have Neptune in Sagittarius at 25 degrees conjoining William’s Ascendant and introducing the glamour element. Looking at photos of them as a couple and watching them being interviewed, I was struck by their personal beauty and how lovely a couple they make. It is very likely they will have a lasting romantic aura about them and there won’t be a dry eye in the house at their wedding.

It is within the realm of possibility Kate’s Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon align with both ends of William’s nodal axis. We will know for sure when her birth time emerges, something bound to happen now the couple is officially engaged. Wouldn’t that be something?!


The feeling I got when studying their charts and the synastry was in Kate William was going with a known quantity, a cautious choice. Their planets from Mars on out are anywhere from exactly conjunct to within seven degrees (both Jupiter and Saturn). Taking into consideration they both have Cancer Moons, they have many parallels between their charts. After enduring the very public breakup of his parent’s marriage and then Diana’s death, I don’t blame Wills for his caution when looking for a partner.

It is also difficult to underestimate the importance of them both having Saturn in Libra encouraging them to take the idea of marriage very seriously. The fact they are getting married the year of their Saturn Return’s hasn’t escaped this astrologer either.

Along with many other astrologers, I will be waiting for the wedding date and hoping Kate’s birth time will show up SOON.

Image: A photo of the royal couple from the San Francisco Sentinel. link


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    • Thanks, Autumn! 🙂

      After I posted this, I got to thinking more about the Saturn in Libra effect on these two. They’ve been a couple a LONG time and that sure sounds like Saturn testing and re-testing their feelings, etc. Dharmaruci of Astrotabletalk has a great post on the couple. He’s a bit more cynical than I about Kate’s pursuit of becoming royalty. 😛

      Me, I can’t imagine why anyone would willing submit to living in public eye and being constantly hounded by the paparazzi. ***shudder***

      xo diane~

  1. Just for fun… here’s a YouTube spoof of the news of the engagement, using a Facebook-like theme. It’s called, “Royal Engagement Facebook Fail.” It’s pretty non-controversial, I think. 🙂

    • LOL Very cute! You are right about it being non-controversial.

      I have mixed feelings about FB but have an acct. Mostly because many of my family do and it’s a good way to keep in touch. I have my privacy settings at the maximum. 😛

      xo diane~

  2. I’m not on FB at, all although there are or were 2 people with my real name on FB. One lives in Toronto. That might be one way to keep the relatives from visiting… 😉

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