Observations: Venus Moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius

At long last after an extended stay in Scorpio, Venus will be entering Sagittarius on January 7 at 4:30 AM PST, and fire and air signs everywhere will have reason to celebrate! Venus in Sagittarius is all about keeping things light, laughing a lot and generally setting a more easygoing tone than she did in Scorpio.

There is plenty to love about Venus in Scorpio. She seduces us with promises of incredible passion, lasting love and best of all, hints of erotic mysteries to entice us into her candle lit bower. The earth and water sign folks have been in seventh heaven since Venus started dancing her way through Scorpio in early September 2010 but those with lots of fire and air are longing for less intensity and more good old fashioned FUN!

Of course, I have to admit to being a little prejudiced when it comes to Venus in Sagittarius because that’s where my Venus is. I am far more easily seduced with laughter than avowals of undying love. Those tend to make me want to pick up my toys and head out the door. Sagittarius always feels safest when they can see an open exit whether they use it or not. More than any other placement of Venus, this one needs to feel they are in a relationship because it is their choice – the original free bird. Try to bind them about with legalities or bribe them with “pretties” and you could end up watching their very nice backsides as they walk away for good. Honor and trust can mean more to this Venus than comfort and stability.

There will be a couple of weeks after January 22 when Sagittarius’s ruler, Jupiter, enters Aries and Venus will still be in Sagittarius. Don’t be surprised if your mood lifts and you feel like being more spontaneous than usual. It’s also the time those of us who live in the northern latitudes celebrate Imbolc or Candlemass on February 2 when the days are visibly longer.

For those of you like myself who have Venus in fun-loving Sagittarius, I would like to wish you a delightful Venus Return in the weeks ahead. Celebrate by going out to your favorite exotic foods restaurant, take in a foreign film or, if you have Venus in the first like I do, make an appointment to have your “mane” styled! In other words . . . have FUN!! 😀

3 responses to “Observations: Venus Moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius

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  2. “I am far more easily seduced with laughter than avowals of undying love. Those tend to make me want to pick up my toys and head out the door.”

    Ha ha!

    I didn’t particularly enjoy the retrograde period. However, my Venus return was kinda nice. I reestablished a friendship, and I feel sexier and powerful/empowered :).

    Can’t wait for the mood to lighten up though, I admit. The holidays had their ups and downs, and the fact that they’re over… makes me want to celebrate! Bring it, Sag-Venus…


    • Hey Deb,

      I was thinking of you when I wrote this post. Almost the entire time Venus was going back & forth in Scorpio, she was in my 12th house making it challenging to stay visible. 😛

      I have a love-hate relationships with the holiday season. On one hand, I love the lights, decorations & some of the music but hate the sense of family obligations even when I deliberately ignore them. We had a good Xmas this year because my brother & his family didn’t make it over. Family can be a pain in the A**!!!!!!!

      Bring it, Sag-Venus… YEAH!!! 😀

      xoxo diane~

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