Full Moon in Scorpio, May 17, 2011

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What a difference a month makes! On the Full Moon last month, the sky was dominantly cardinal and Aries, and now this Full Moon at 26° 13′ Scorpio on 17 May 2011 at 4:09 AM PDT, the fixed signs and earth are on top.

Those who were able to make the most of the inspiration and enthusiasm of the Aries sky and who are ready to get down to work in a practical and focused manner will prosper now. For those who ignored Saturn in Libra’s suggestions for taking the moderate approach and insisted on their way? Well, those folks are in for a rude awakening. Jupiter is still in Aries but without any support for his more outrageous ideas. What is more the Full Moon in Scorpio makes an exact inconjunct to Jupiter and could show up in the form of a forensic accountant to go over the books with an eagle eye. The Sun in practical Taurus sits semi-sextile to Jupiter and he can’t expect any help from there either. Let’s hope those who strayed too far from good sense are prepared to make sincere, abject apologies for their mistakes!

Saturn in Libra is a free agent on this lunation and while available for thoughtful advice, he will not insist anyone take it. However it is still a very good idea to be kind, patient and willing to compromise, not to mention honest!!

Mercury, Venus and Mars are widely conjoined in early degrees of Taurus with wonderful supporting aspects from Neptune and Chiron in Pisces plus a big kiss from Pluto in Capricorn. Earth and water signs are happy, happy people for a change because they are receiving a large dose of nurturance from this configuration. This goes for those of us with earth and water signs rising too. Venus rules Taurus and Neptune Pisces, so the sextile between them creates a marvelous gentle loving energy that opens the heart and allows love to enter. This influence will inspire tangible gestures of affection and caring like taking a few minutes to massage a loved one’s shoulders or offer to clean the house. Fresh flowers are the preferred gift.

Mercury and Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn is perfectly splendid for coming up with solid, realistic tactics to improve one’s situation. If you launched new projects over the last month or so and want to take the next step, this is an excellent time to sit down and come up with an eminently workable plan. Taurus and Capricorn understand exactly how much time and energy it takes to produce real results. They also prefer to deal in facts, not flights of fancy or inspiring rhetoric . . . just concrete facts.

Uranus in Aries is the apex of one of those awkward mini-triangles with semi-sextiles to Neptune in Pisces and Venus-Mercury in Taurus. Usually Venus-Uranus aspects promote love at first sight and Venus-Neptune aspects put us in the mood for romance. However Venus in Taurus is in no hurry ever – even under Neptune’s influence she will still want to see her lover’s bona fides. A more likely scenario is Venus smiling sweetly, enjoying all Uranus’s urgent attentions and then putting him off with a kind word and gentle promise.

For those people with planets and Angles in the early degrees of earth and water signs, this Full Moon looks pleasant indeed, offering opportunities to regroup and recover from the intensity of the past month or so. Scorpio’s edge is softened by the strong Taurus presence, accentuating the possibility of regeneration and rebirth. All of us can join in celebrating the natural world and the pleasures of the senses. It is time to relearn how to pace ourselves!

On a personal note: This Full Moon lines up with my Ascendant-Descendant. The Moon in Scorpio conjoins my Ascendant and encourages a deeper look into how I really feel about what is going on in my life. Saturn in Libra sits in between my Moon and Neptune, continuing to remind me to stay grounded and live in real time . . . no overindulging or flights of fancy allowed. Mercury, Venus and Mars in Taurus are clustered around the cusp of my sixth house trine Pluto in Cappy in my second house. Planets in the earth houses, yay! Maybe I’ll come up with more ideas on improving my work situation and cash flow! That would be good . . . 😀

[chart date=”May 17, 2011 04:09 am PDT” size=”500″ name=”Full Moon in Scorpio”]


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  1. Dawned on me after this was posted Mercury & Venus will be crossing 29 degrees on Sunday PDT. We really are winding up a phase in our lives and by the Full Moon will be in the midst of preparing for something new. Only Jupiter to go . . . it leaves Aries for Taurus in about 3 wks on 4 June. More on this shift later . . . 😛

    xoxox diane~

  2. Thanks for the forecast! I always like the time of year of the Scorpio Full Moon. Early water planets here… I could really use a pleasant, relaxing break. 🙂

    • Hey Jessica!

      I like this time of year too. Nice to be outside with all the trees leafing out & pumping tons of oxygen into the air. 😀

      xoxoxo diane~

      • Haha… and pumping tons of pollen into the air, too. 😉 But they sure are beautiful!

        • Sad but true! So not the best time for allergy sufferers . . . especially those allergic to tree pollens! 😀

  3. This full moon is within 3 minutes (and aspecting) my Natal Vertex. I am keeping my eyes peeled to see if something happens with that energy (perhaps the completion of a Scorpio theme?).

    I have no clue what that might look like so I will just wait and see! 🙂

    • Hey Jax!

      Since your Vertex squares your 8th house Venus, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, the Full Moon will trigger. I haven’t paid that much attention to Vertex transits. The most useful I’ve found it is in synastry by conjunction. We do take notice of those people whose personal planets/ASC/MC conjoin our Vertex. 😀

      xoxoxo diane~

      • Diane –

        AH HA! Thank you so much for the Venus in 8th (squaring my Vertex) reminder!!!! When transiting Mars crossed over my Natal Vertex in October I had a long talk with the guy I had been dating for many months and we decided it was time to end things.

        That was my first time when I had gone into a transit with awareness that something might happen and then watching the outcome manifest.

        I can see now it wasn’t just the (conjunct) Vertex aspect, but the natal Venus square as well.

        Ok, round two of the Vertex watching! I will keep you posted! 😉 😀

        • Good! A great example of why it’s necessary to note any aspects to the point/planet being conjoined by transit. The more planets in the pattern and the tighter the orbs, the greater the impact.

          I always pay attention to transits hitting 21 degrees because the closest aspect in my chart is an inconjunct between Mercury & Uranus at 21 degrees. Plus my Mercury conjoins my ASC. Mental stress translates to physical problems for me.

          Do keep me posted too! 😀

          xoxoxo diane~

  4. Just so karmic this Full Moon, it gives me shivers! Wonderful article and I hope, or don’t hope? lol that the princess meets a new man. Aqua boy turned out to be one mean so-and-so, the ex Leo is hovering about (again, wish he would just flip off) and since she deactivated facebook, the creep pool just became smaller. I am in a bit of anticipation as this Full Moon is all over her chart (day before her birthday) as to what is going to happen for her.

    • Hi Karen!
      Just so karmic this Full Moon, it gives me shivers!

      Befitting a Full Moon in Scorpio, the most powerful currents are hidden beneath the placid Taurus surface too. 😀

      The princess can’t seem to catch a break with these men, can she? 😦 Does she have Neptune aspects natally that set her up to be projected on? Glad she deactivated FB. It is a snare and a delusion for many young people.

      xoxoxoxo diane~

      Hey, everyone! Be sure to read what Karen has to say about this Full Moon in Scorpio The asteroids add so much more to the whole picture!

      • Yes, she is a lot like me with a strong Neptune (poor thing) which is conjunct her MC, so she is very prone to projection from the public! She is also midst Neptune square Moon 😛 but had Saturn on her 7th House Libra North Node this last while as she was meeting this stream of weirdos, and honestly, it was like she was this trigger point for these boys. They would be one way, then bam, meet Jess and go off on a completely different tangent = being smoking, drugs, drinking and one even ended up in the police station. It wasn’t her influence as we’re so strict, she rarely leaves the house and never at night (she is too young). Plus, she and I spend a lot of time together and I see a fair bit of her on-line shennannigans first hand and nope, nothing going on there that would explain the change in these fella’s either. It really highlighted the karmic points for me and would have been more fascinating to watch if it was happening to someone else’s daughter 😛

        Thanks for the plug xo

        • Yes, she is a lot like me with a strong Neptune (poor thing) which is conjunct her MC, so she is very prone to projection from the public!

          Best she steer clear of FB and other social networking sites then. Those create the perfect environment for imaginations to run wild and others to invent all KINDS of nonsense in their own heads. I truly feel for your princess because the best way for her to avoid get projected on is meeting people the first time face to face . . . the old fashioned way – school, work, friends of friends, etc. 😛

          She will have Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter all conjoining her Taurus planets the next while and maybe that will improve her dating situation. Nothing quite like Venus conjoining the Sun in Taurus to increase the appeal! Good time for mom to take photos too. 😀

          xoxoxo diane~

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