A Libra’s Weekly Horoscopes for May 30, 2011

© Diane Lang

This week starts with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini and concludes with Jupiter leaving Aries for Taurus. The dominate theme has far more to do with cultivating an awareness of endings rather than beginnings even though we typically associate New Moons with beginnings.

Even though Mercury happily enters Gemini mid-week, the first major aspect it makes is a square to Neptune in Pisces which is stationing retrograde, creating a major snag in our ability to think clearly. Mixed messages, misinformation and confusion will abound. If there is any way to hold off on making important decisions, please do so. Thankfully Mercury moves quickly and will shake off the Neptune fog in no time.

Look around you this week for indicators something is your life is drawing to a close and acknowledge this is happening rather than fighting it. For those who thoroughly enjoyed the fast pace and excitement of Jupiter in Aries, this will be more of a challenge, so be kind to yourself and others as the process unfolds.

One thing about having an anaretic degree Sun (mine is 29° Libra) is it encourages an awareness of the importance of bringing matters to a clean end before launching a new cycle. I also have plenty of Scorpio natally and have learned lessons over and over about the necessity of releasing the old to make way for the new . . . a paradox for the Pluto ruled who love to cling to their favorite obsessions.

Between the Sun and Mercury in Gemini, mental activity and communications will be the focus. Other than Monday, when the Moon in Taurus conjoins both Venus and Mars in Taurus, there seems to be little action in the romance department for now.

You have serious housecleaning to do this week, Aries, because you need to finish up old business while you have the opportunity. Pay attention to communicating clearly and don’t leave anything to chance. What you overlook may come back to bite you..

If you are offered a chance to acquire something of value, Taurus, please take time to make sure what you are being offered is the real deal. Keep in mind the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

No matter how tempting it might be to make yourself look better by playing fast and loose with the truth this week, Gemini, please don’t. This is especially true if this is regards to your career. Your honesty will be rewarded shortly.

No one except maybe Scorpio can keep a secret better than you, Cancer, but if someone tells you something in confidence it would be a very good idea to make sure they are telling you the truth. There is plenty of confusion out there this week.

If you have been considering taking the next step to advance your career, Leo, this week is best spent making sure you have done all the necessary homework. Also best clear up any issues concerning mislaid paperwork pertaining to your financial situation.

You do NOT like feeling confused and off balance, Virgo, and you may end up feeling both mid-week. Misinformation could cause problems at work and you need to hang in there. Your impeccable reputation as a hard worker will see you through this situation.

This week winds up what have been a hectic few months for you and your significant other, Libra. You have been so busy meeting other people’s needs and expectations, you have almost forgotten what it’s like to do something just for you. Almost there!

Tune up your internal lie detector this week, Scorpio, when you are out playing. You may run into someone who is very convincing because they believe their own lies. If they hint about wanting money, don’t just walk away . . . RUN!

Don’t believe everything you hear concerning a family member, Sagittarius, even if you really, really want to. Let it go and move on. Your party time is about over and showing up on time, ready to work will take priority.

If you have been focusing most of your attention on home and family lately, Capricorn, you may get some reminders this week there is a larger world out there. Resolving scheduling concerns will be tricky due to lost messages and confusing conversations with coworkers.

Your interest in taking time to have fun is reviving, Aquarius, and something you enjoy is a good intellectual debate. Just make sure the facts you are basing your argument on are accurate and not exaggerations. Mid-week is both confusing and exciting for you.

Lively family discussions are the rule around your home, Pisces, but too much company could turn out to be exhausting. It is very important for you to not overdue it, so speak up rather than run the risk of getting over-tired.

4 responses to “A Libra’s Weekly Horoscopes for May 30, 2011

  1. Hmm.. now you’ve got me checking my chart for planets at anaretic degrees, whereupon I find Pluto at 29 Leo, in the 1st House. I always discover these little enigmas but don’t know what to make of them. I researched some people with Pluto 29 Leo and found Michelle Pfeiffer and Osama bin Laden. Oh that helps a lot.

    But at least Jupiter is arriving in my sign. Somehow I feel more fortunate than my Gemini friend who has an eclipse on her birthday.

    • Hi Charles!

      But at least Jupiter is arriving in my sign. Somehow I feel more fortunate than my Gemini friend who has an eclipse on her birthday.

      The only possible downside for Taurus with Jupiter in there is possible weight gain. 😀 Otherwise it will be a wonderful opportunity to consolidate gains and look into acquiring slooowing some lovely valuables.

      xoxo diane~


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