Observations: A Belated Welcome to Venus in Gemini

© Diane Lang

Venus shifted from Taurus to Gemini 9 June and all of us with lots in Libra love the lighter atmosphere. Taurus folk are waving a regretful goodbye because they LOVED having the comfort of Venus in the other of her home signs.

One of the reasons I’m just now getting around to welcoming Venus to her new digs is she promptly ran into Neptune in Pisces and got lost going around the block. Maybe some of the rest of you got caught in a romantic haze for a day or two. Neptune-Venus aspects are wonderful for day-dreaming or losing one’s self in the creative process. Not so good for remembering your mother-in-law’s birthday . . . 😀

Since Gemini rules the color yellow and birds, I thought this picture of one of my “girls” looking splendid in the deep grass was fitting. They are growing rapidly into pullets and are turning out to be very sweet natured chickens. We’ll start keeping an eye out for pullet eggs in about a month. Who knows whether or not they will choose to lay their eggs in the nest boxes? Probably not!

Take time to enjoy life and take in a romantic comedy or two just for the fun of it!

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8 responses to “Observations: A Belated Welcome to Venus in Gemini

  1. Cute birdie! My next-door neighbors are either Hmong or Lao, and they have had several chickens in their fenced-in back yard for many years (last year they had a noisy rooster who was constantly absconding from the premises). One year, I found an egg in the deep grass that I leave on my property so that bugs and critters have a place to hide. I probably could have made a Ukrainian egg out of it, but I figured the family would want their egg intact, so I gave it back. 🙂

    • My rooster is just beginning to crow and is not too good at it yet. He is definitely the most adventurous of the bunch and always the first out the door into the run. All the chickens loooove bugs!

      We will probably end up selling eggs with 11 hens . . . our neighbors can hardly wait! If they all lay an egg a day, there will be plenty for everyone. 😀

      xoxoxo diane~

      • lol Mark often said he wanted to send our neighbors’ rooster back to the farm so he could learn to crow properly. Sounded like someone was strangling the rooster. And I was always chasing him out of my garden. Finally the neighbors slaughtered him for some kind of celebration and that was then end of his noisy life.

        • LOL! Roosters can be pretty high profile all right! I doubt if our rooster will become lunch but if one of the hens gets ‘broody’ next spring and raises chicks those will likely end up in the freezer.

          xoxoxo diane~

  2. Thank you xo and seeing your gorgeous girl whilst reading about Venus in Gemini, did remind me of the movie Chicken Run 🙂

    • You are so welcome! 😀

      Need to add Chicken Run to our movie queue. Thanks for reminding me!

      xoxoxo diane~

  3. Where I used to live in the countryside, people kept chickens (and horses and goats and such). One of my housemates had a standing order for a dozen eggs I think every couple of weeks. A neighbor also must have had chickens somewhere because they used to put a cooler out at the end of their long driveway with eggs for whoever wanted them. Good luck with the egg business! Hopefully you can get some regular customers. People love fresh local eggs.

    • Hi Leslee!

      I imagine we will have no difficulty finding buyers for our eggs because our chickens are free range birds with plenty of good greens and bugs to eat. The large run also gives them space to exercise as well. I’m looking forward to cooking with our own eggs as well. 😀

      xoxo diane~

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