Libra Weekly Horoscopes – October 10, 2011

© Ron Cameron

There is a subtle transitioning into Scorpio beginning this week. Venus shifted from Libra to Scorpio over the weekend and Mercury will leave the sign of equity and fairness for implacable Scorpio the second half of this week. Mercury in Scorpio processes information with very different priorities than it did in Libra. Not that Scorpio can’t be even-handed and interested in justice . . . they can. They just operate from the gut rather than the intellect.

Before Mercury leaves Libra it trines Neptune in Aquarius infusing the atmosphere with a tinge of compassion for others – a very pleasant albeit short term influence. Once it enters Scorpio Mercury will trine Chiron in Pisces, make a sharp, harsh inconjunct to Uranus in Aries and at the end of the week it will sextile Pluto in Capricorn. Ought to be a roller coaster ride from “warm fuzzies” to awareness of other’s pain to unfortunate snap judgments and finally to being able to make an in-depth analysis of all of the above.

Don’t want to forget about this week’s Full Moon in Aries or Saturn in Libra conjoining the Sun either. Commitments made to another this week will have a lasting impact on the lives of those who make them. Whether this turns out for the best is entirely up the individuals involved.

Venus starts out with inconjunct to Uranus on 10 October and ends with an opposition to Jupiter in Taurus on 14 October. I do not recommend attempting to make Venus in Scorpio jealous because she can make you pay and pay and pay. Better use Jupiter’s tactics and shower her with sweets, flowers and take her out for a really good meal if you want to win her over.

This week’s cardinal crunch comes with the Moon in Aries the first half of the week. We can all be thankful Uranus is finally out of orb of the square to Pluto. That means we deal with first one, then the other, not both at the same time. That’s more doable.

Lots going on so buckle your seat belts and hang on tight!

You start off the week all fired up and ready to rock and roll, Aries. Do something physical and demanding if you can to burn off the excess energy because you could run into a road-block mid-week in the form of a very stubborn individual.

Whilst you can ignore the fire sign shenanigans, it will almost impossible for you to ignore your significant other now, Taurus. They are looking very enticing, magnetic even. Single Taurus folk need to keep an eye out when meeting new people!  Lovely possibilities abound.

The first part of the week will be more to your taste than the latter half, Gemini, because your preference is to talk things out at length. Brace yourself because we’re entering a period when other’s silences will speak volumes and sweet reason will get you nowhere.

You will welcome the shift in atmosphere now, Cancer, because you can relate to less debate and being guided by feelings rather than intellect. Please note the first half of the week might be contentious, especially on the job. Keep your head down and do your best.

All the action and razzle dazzle of the beginning of the week suits you fine, Leo. It will mid-week where you might get bogged down in putting out fires at work and at home. This coming weekend looks like a very good time to get together and play with friends.

Do your best not to let others rush you into making important decisions now, Virgo. If you need more time, please ask. It will be in your best interests to look all issues confronting you carefully to make sure all the details are accurate.

Take a deep breath before heading out the door Monday, Libra, and steady your nerves because it will be a demanding world out there. Calm will come the latter part of the week. No shirking your responsibilities either as that will definitely backfire on you.

If you want all eyes on you now, Scorpio, you have the extra magnetism to draw them to you. Please don’t settle for less than the very best though. Don’t worry as your natural x-ray vision will be operating at peak efficiency this weekend!

The first of the week and the weekend look far more favorable for you, Sagittarius, than mid-week. Do your best to deal with coworkers and schedule changes with as little fanfare as possible. They’ll thank you for it later. Play nice.

It’s back to the same old song and dance juggling family and career the first few days of the week, Capricorn. Your boss is being fair but unyielding right now. Friday night looks good for some much needed rest and relaxation. Go for it!

You may start seeing your efforts regarding your career begin to pay off now, Aquarius. Keeping your own counsel will serve you better than over-sharing too. Be very careful who you talk to about your career goals, especially over the weekend.

Stressing about your finances early in the week may be hard on your nerves, Pisces. It will be easier to unwind and regain your balance as the week progresses and you will start feeling like people are speaking your language once more.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


6 responses to “Libra Weekly Horoscopes – October 10, 2011

  1. Diane, my apologies for going off topic, but I’ve been out of the loop due to moving……..what on Earth has happened to Karen (Ravenesque)? Will she be returning? Many thanks for any info.

    • Hi Mandy,

      Karen is devoting her time to her family right now and I really have no idea whether she will restart her website or not. With three teens at home plus Ramzilla, she stays busy! 🙂

      xo diane~

  2. she had some haters on her site and decided to take it down 😦 so sad about that as we all miss her! hopefully she will be back at some point…

  3. i am sorry as well to use this space for something not intended but mandy’s comment is the only one i have seen concerning ravenesque going off line and i am terribly sad about it. she was amazingly accurate for me, personally, and is now very much missed. one thing i have considered, though, is how its good to realise that the people like diane, elsa and all the others we each visit are individuals too and struggling with their own issues (one tends to think they have life all mapped and sorted!)

    i very much hope that a few negative people won’t sway any other gifted astrology & tarot guides from continuing their gift. (Ah, another positive note: as a virgo/libra, one of my gifts is polite but firm perseverence in a negative atmosphere and thats definitely something to celebrate as i continue through this scarey cycle i am wading through. i am at the point where i think i must celebrate any quality i can find in myself.)

    Diane, i must be one of literally hundreds of people who love to spend time here! BIG HUG and HUGE thanks for all your offerings.

    • Welcome mary beth!

      Thank you for your kind, thoughtful feedback. It is much appreciated. 😀

      Dealing with the trolls and negativity is part of having a blog or website these days. I’ve been darn lucky in that regard . . . probably because I don’t post nearly as much as Karen did & Elsa P does. Both of them love to write & it shows.

      Ah, another positive note: as a virgo/libra, one of my gifts is polite but firm perseverance in a negative atmosphere and thats definitely something to celebrate as i continue through this scarey cycle i am wading through. i am at the point where i think i must celebrate any quality i can find in myself.

      Good for you! I’m a Scorpio/Libra and have been know to bite on occasion. **grin**

      xo diane~

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