Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 24, 2011

© Diane Lang

The first full week of Scorpio Season offers days with excellent aspects that always have a simultaneous Scorpio “sting”. For the most part it is Mars in Leo’s large ego being held in check by Venus and Mercury in Scorpio – probably pointing out he needs to show some genuine humility before they will let him stick around.

The week starts out with a lovely trine between the Sun in Scorpio and Chiron in gentle Pisces. I see this as providing us opportunities to identify our inner wounds and enabling us to start working on the healing process. If there is one thing I’ve learned recently in my own life is it IS possible to improve one’s state of health and well being . . . it just takes time and consistent effort. The ‘sting’ is the Sun in Scorpio irritated by a jittery, impatient Uranus in Aries. We might as well stand down and relax because no one will be going anywhere in a hurry.

A truly beneficial trine between Mars in Leo and Saturn in Libra arrives with the New Moon in Scorpio on 26 October. I love harmonious aspects between Mars and Saturn because they are great for making a sustained effort without overtaxing ourselves. Here the ‘sting’ is Venus in Scorpio squaring Mars in Leo. Lots of sexual tension generated by this one but unless Leo loses his arrogance, he will be sleeping alone. Scorpio will NOT put up with it!

Friday, 28 October, is a very dynamic day and looks very favorable for ending the work week on a high note. Jupiter in Taurus is trine Pluto in Capricorn and the Scorpio Sun plays nice with both of those biggies. The fixed sign catch? Mercury in Scorpio takes its turn squaring Mars in Leo and pushing our personal agendas with no consideration for the other side will get us exactly nowhere.

Best use of time and energy this week is to focus how to use the tremendous potential of the Scorpio New Moon. It is an excellent opportunity to clean up our own acts and a really lousy time to interfere in other people’s lives. No amount of arguing and grandstanding will work right now because folks are not in the mood to listen. Practice patience, tolerance, kindness and respect.

Aries, you will need to gather up every shred of patience you have in order to deal with people moving at what you consider a snail’s pace. Turning up the volume will get you more dirty looks than results. Slow down and practice patience!

You love the pace this week, Taurus, and welcome the opportunity to explore all your options in depth. The only fly in the ointment might be some fireworks at home. Better warn your nearest and dearest nothing will change your mind!

It wouldn’t hurt you, Gemini, to tone down the rhetoric and refrain from coming across as arrogant when conversing with coworkers because all that will do is get their back up. You can sweet talk with best of them now if necessary.

Other than the first couple of days this week, you will find it much easier to stay in your comfort zone, Cancer. Things are looking up in the romance department too. Single Cancers may meet someone interesting at a gathering of peers and like-minded individuals.

You are walking tall and feeling feisty, Leo. Take care not to let this go to your head though or you could start taking shots from all sides. Keep your eye peeled for new and exciting career opportunities and burnish that resumé.

Your ability to absorb and assimilate new information is excellent now, Virgo, especially if you let yourself go with your initial impressions. Ordinarily you aren’t prone to exaggeration but you may be tempted to do so this week. Best stick with the facts.

The first couple of days of this week will probably be the most hectic for you, Libra, between meeting personal obligations and dealing with your partner’s demands. After that, you may want to contemplate what’s REALLY important to you and discard the rest.

Ordinarily you can do ‘invisible’ with the best of them, Scorpio, but why waste a great time to draw everyone’s attention to you! This is particularly true regarding your career. Let yourself shine at work and set the stage for a big advance.

It’s what is going on behind the scenes in your life that holds the potential for improving your life, Sagittarius. Sit on things for now and continue to put your best foot forward at work. Friday and Saturday are your best play days.

Networking with peers and like-minded individuals are your best bets for making positive change happen in your life, Capricorn. Take care to put out fires in your professional life the first part of the week, so you can take some time off on the weekend..

Please do your best to keep your partner in the loop right now, Aquarius. You know how important it is to make the most of exciting possibilities regarding your long term goals but you’ll hear about it if you ignore your partner’s needs.

This is a lovely time for you to contemplate the mysteries of Life, Pisces. You may also enjoy sitting down with friends from distant lands, spiritual teachers and others who inspire you to see beyond your immediate environment. Travel if you can.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


2 responses to “Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 24, 2011

  1. I have to say, Ralfee Finn’s weekly frequency for this week, for my Gem Asc., was chillingly on-target. I am experiencing a mini-crisis in regard to every last one of those things she describes. It can’t be a coincidence. And this New Moon’s intensity seems to have been building since this past Sunday.

    • Hey Joe,

      This is an intense New Moon, isnt’ it? Lots of action in your sixth house and THAT sure ties in with Ralfee’s thought for Gem ASC.

      I’m on the side of the astrologers who see this New Moon as a transition point to a more positive space. But then I’m also an incurable optimist! **grin**

      xoxoxoxo diane~

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