Libra Weekly Horoscopes for February 6, 2012

© Michael Parkes

The relationship police will be out in full force this week what with Saturn at a virtual standstill as it stations retrograde on 7 February – the same day as the Full Moon in Leo. Saturn in Libra comes down firmly on the side of behaving sensibly and with decorum. Respect your commitments and stifle any impulses to stray or there will be serious consequences.

Venus leaves kindly, romantic Pisces for Aries on the Full Moon and opens the door to self-absorbed behaviors. The first aspect Venus makes in Aries is a conjunction with Uranus on 9 February and this will only compound the desire to do whatever, whenever. Even though we may think we’re indulging in a little harmless flirting if the person we’re flirting with is otherwise committed, what seems innocent enough could backfire on all parties badly. Human nature being what it is I’m sure there will plenty of slapped hands and faces anyway. *grin*

Both Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius run afoul of retrograde Mars in Virgo this week. Keep an open mind and do your best to avoid getting too caught up with the details. Many of us are in the midst of “do overs” of one kind or another. If you are beginning to compile materials and information for this year’s tax returns, be especially careful to make sure everything is accurate.

Now that Neptune is in Pisces it is more important than ever to practice compassion. As always, be sure to remember to treat others with tolerance and respect.

You need to stay on top of your impulses this week, Aries, when it comes to your love life. Be careful not to accept invitations for you and your significant other without consulting them first. Stop and think about how you feel about that sort of thing.

Since what goes on behind your closed doors is nobody’s business but yours, Taurus, your main concern at this time is career related. You could run into resistance when offering what you feel are excellent creative ideas. File them away for now.

A last minute invitation to join a group of your peers is worth accepting, Gemini. You will probably have a great time. Any annoyances this week are most likely due to disagreements with others on the home front. It’s up to you whether to push back or not.

Your boss may have some nice things to say to you this week, Cancer, and this could give you a much needed boost. Family matters continue to weigh on you and then there is that nagging little problem with some shared resources keeping you awake at night.

Life is generally treating you well right now, Leo, with only the occasional blip on your horizon. Keep your heart and mind open this week to inspiration from unusual sources. Don’t let those closest to you stifle your creativity either. Be bold!

Living within your means has become a lifestyle for you, Virgo, and you may find yourself reviewing all the changes you’ve made in that regard this week. If you happen to be working on your taxes, your attention to detail could pay off and give you a nice bonus.

Bet you can’t decide just what you want to do right now, Libra. On one hand, you know you need to play by the rules, and on the other, the desire to do something wild and impulsive beckons. Weigh the odds carefully!

A last minute change in your work schedule could work out in your favor, Scorpio, especially if you had decided to blow off a get together with your peers in favor of staying at home. Whatever you decide, be tactful . . . OK?

Your love life could get very interesting this week, Sagittarius, and if you do head out in hot pursuit make sure you have taken care of other obligations first. Check your messages from work frequently because one may be from your boss.

You are a hard working sort, Capricorn, and hopefully you are beginning to see some positive results from all it. Don’t be too surprised to feel the urge to celebrate by getting yourself something very nice for your home. Relax and enjoy life for a change.

Your mind may be working at high speed this week, Aquarius, so be prepared to make notes of these bursts of inspiration. Later in the week you may find yourself distracted by having to take time to handle some financial matters. Pay attention to the details.

You may feel like there is more going on within you right now, Pisces, than without making it easy to ignore the antics of your partner and positive fluctuations in your income. It’s a great time to reacquaint yourself with your inner voice.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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