Observations: It’s Pisces Season Again!

I happen to love to see the Sun roll into Pisces for many reasons – one is because it means winter is almost over and day length is increasing rapidly. My Scorpio side always enjoys this quiet, gentle energy too.

I love the Pisces folk in my life from the wonderful Pisces neighbor lady from my childhood who made excellent homemade bread and kept the painting she was currently working on in her kitchen to my adorable Pisces granddaughter who will be a big five years old this year. There are a remarkable number of Pisces Moon people coming and going around me too. My dear Libra mom had her Moon in Pisces as does my favorite Aries niece, both of whom were very, very easy for me to live with.

This is the first year of Neptune in Pisces’s fourteen year stay and the first time we will experience Neptune conjoining the Sun in Pisces. It will do so on 19 February shortly after the Sun enters Pisces late Saturday evening (Pacific Time). Sooner or later I’ll probably find something annoying about Neptune in Pisces but so far I’m liking it far better than in Aquarius. Neptune tends to bring out the fringe element and in Aquarius we got the likes of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, both uber Aquarius types with unbending political agendas. We also elected our first black President who has an Aquarius Rising and a Sun-Neptune square . . . perfect setup for one of Neptune’s “sinner-saint” paradoxes. Maybe now Neptune is in Pisces, he will get out of politics and back to doing what he does best – inspire our dreams and imaginations! 😀

Give yourself permission to stop and smell the flowers this weekend whilst we are under the spell of the Sun-Neptune conjunction. I’m hopeful forgiveness, compassion and the desire to include rather than exclude others will begin to pervade the collective now. Guess it is all about having faith, isn’t it?

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  1. My natal Moon is at 4 degrees Pisces, I’m loving the Neptune conjunction but Chiron…not so much :S

  2. What do you think of the impending collision of planets in Pisces around Feb 21/22/23? If you include Chiron, it’s 5 in all. I noticed it while advancing PlanetWatcher’s chart day by day, and I also just learned something: the Sun moves forward a degree a day! I had no idea it was that fast.

    • Hey Joe!

      I offered my thoughts in this week’s weekly post on the Pisces stellium. Thanks for you & Debbie for pointing that out to me! 😀

      I also just learned something: the Sun moves forward a degree a day! I had no idea it was that fast.

      Yup! that’s why progressed charts are based on a year a day. *grin*

      xoxoxo diane~

  3. I second Joe’s question. Love the image on this! I am not sure how I feel about Pisces in Neptune. I can’t tell if this will be a more feeling cycle.

  4. It’s Pisces season again? whimper, whimper…it seems it’s more the season ON Pisces at my house, neith. First of all…my DIL does NOT get my sense of humor. EVERYTHING has to be politically correct with her. I can NOT call the grandbabies “heathens”. That is LABELING them. I cannot call them “monsters”, “monkeys”, or “hooligans” either.

    It is CHAOS…I hate chaos. I’m having to work on my meta-kindness meditations again which I haven’t needed since 2007. I wish you peace. I wish you joy. I wish you harmony. I wish you calm.

    sniff…I haven’t been this close to tears in YEARS, neith. I thought this was supposed to be a good period for me.

    • {{{{{casey}}}}}

      Oh dear . . . I was hoping this would go better for you. I’m blaming Mars Rx in Virgo triggering your natal Moon-Mars sq Pluto as well as the unhappy Venus in Aries triggering your natal T-Square (Mercury-Uranus-Saturn).

      How long are they planning on staying with you? I’m guessing the DIL isn’t any happier with this than you are & will be looking for another solution ASAP. Fingers crossed you all will find a balance soonest. 😦

      xoxoxoxo neith~

    • That would be the illustrator, Howard Pyle. I LOVE the work he & N.C. Wyeth did and have enormous respect for all the hard working artists who illustrated books, magazines and posters. Alphonse Mucha is another. They were outstanding colorists.

        • Back in the ’70s when I was studying art in college, I fell in love with Art Nouveau and spent hours in the library searching for info on the artists & their works. Love the fluid line and wonderful use of color. 🙂

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