Libra Weekly Horoscopes for March 26, 2012

© Diane Lang

The sense of extreme urgency we felt last week under an Aries dominated sky begins to moderate some and we have a chance to catch our breath. Mercury’s return to Pisces on last Friday marked the beginning of this shift and the gradual separation of the Sun-Uranus conjunction on Saturday will help even more.

Part of the decision making process is reviewing the information we’ve collected and with Mercury still retrograde (it will station direct next week), now is an excellent time to do this. Mercury in Pisces will be sextile Venus in Taurus on Thursday promoting tact and kind words . . . a nice change from the inflated rhetoric of the Mercury-Uranus conjunction.

Thursday also brings a Sun in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn – a brief punch of freedom vs control issues. On an individual level there might be outbreaks of rebellion against the perceived oppressor . . . like teenagers rebelling against the parental unit. I highly recommend reading Dharmruci of Astrotabletalk’s latest post on the Uranus-Pluto squares in a series of eight. He clarifies the difference between how this powerful influence affects us as individuals compared to the effect on nations. Very interesting stuff.

The weekend does not look too promising in the love and romance department with Mars in Virgo inconjunct Uranus in Aries and Venus in Taurus inconjunct Saturn in Libra. Nothing like one partner all edgy and impatient and the other going all stubborn to ruin the mood. A better idea might be to use the time to get personal stuff done alone rather than attempt to do things as a couple. Next week Venus slips into outgoing, chatty Gemini and make it much easier to take a light approach.

We’re in the last week of this Mercury Retrograde period (it ends on April 4) and we’ll need every bit of patience we can muster. Take your time and listen actively to avoid misunderstandings. Won’t hurt to practice kindness and tolerance either . . .

How well you handled all the fired up energy last week, Aries, will determine whether you spend this week making apologies for tromping all over people’s feelings or moving forward with grace. You could run into resistance to your ideas on the weekend.

Depending on what’s on your agenda this week, Taurus, you might get better results the first part of the week. If you have plans to relax and enjoy yourself on the weekend, make sure they are flexible because more pressing obligations may interfere.

There may be opportunities for creative thinking this week, Gemini, if you can adjust to feeling slightly spacey. Mid-week looks to be the best period for staying on task and being productive but double check all work-related communications to prevent possible screw-ups.

Hopefully career demands will back off some this week for you, Cancer. Do watch out for challenges mid-week though these may originate from your partner, triggering an emotional couple of days for you. Do something nice just for you on Sunday.

On the whole this is not too bad a week for you, Leo. Your boss continues to see you in a favorable light and you’re feeling inspired. However, if you let power plays in the workplace affect you, you may end up being blamed unfairly. It will come out OK.

If you need to smooth things over between you and your significant other, Virgo, make plans to do so mid-week if you can. By the weekend, your frustration level with other people’s sloppy work will have you on edge once more. *sigh*

Thankfully the demands from others in your life will slow down some this week, Libra. After last week’s hectic pace, this will feel good. Overall though you are still feeling weighed down by your responsibilities and reluctant to take too much time off.

A large part of you, Scorpio, would like nothing better than to spend time with your significant other enjoying a romantic interlude this week. If you can let go of the need to micro-manage every aspect of your work-related communications, you’ll do fine.

Your challenge this week, Sagittarius, is to avoid coming across as too controlling when discussing money issues with family members. Be as tactful as you can something Archers are not noted for. Career demands may interfere with fun on the weekend. Boo.

Before you come down on someone else for being too managing, Capricorn, look in the mirror. If you do your best to let go of expectations for yourself and loved ones, it will be much easier to enjoy life for a change.

Please keep in mind not everyone is able to appreciate your breadth of vision, Aquarius, especially those who prefer to operate behind the scenes. You may be further ahead to save your best jabs for another time and focus on home improvement projects.

The role of peacemaker may fall on you now, Pisces, and you are more than up to the task. Coming up with the right words to smooth things over among members of your social circle with be simple for you this week.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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4 responses to “Libra Weekly Horoscopes for March 26, 2012

  1. Just got laid off. I couldn’t manage to get out on my own yet, so the Universe booted me! Not sad at all, but of course worried a bit about money (still waiting to hear on my 2 interviews, plus will contact all my former freelance clients, so hopefully will stay solvent). I charted the layoff (for the time HR emailed me). Cancer rising ruled by Taurus Moon closely conjunct Venus and more widely (8 degrees) conjunct Jupiter in the chart’s 11th house. The chart’s 10th house has Pallas conjunct (2 degrees from the MC) and Sun conjunct Uranus (ha!). Part of Fortune at 20 Leo conjoined the 3rd house cusp of writing, and appears first in the chart. Well. So begins the next phase…

  2. {{{{Les}}}}}

    Just got laid off. I couldn’t manage to get out on my own yet, so the Universe booted me!

    Yikes! Looks like all the good stuff in Taurus in your tenth better get to work attracting a better situation for you. I see Saturn in Libra is currently exactly inconjunct your tenth house Mars too. By the end of April w/both Mars & Mercury direct, hopefully you will have a clear new direction. Knowing when to make a move is tougher for folks like yourself with nothing in cardinal signs.

    Lots of fast, jerky changes in direction under this Mercury Rx what with Uranus in the mix. Thankfully there are fewer planets in Aries this week than last. 😛 My Aries may push the panic button less . . . with Uranus only a degree or so away from his Sun, he tends to move too quickly.

    xoxoxoxo diane~

    • I signed my official termination papers today, with Neptune now at 2 Pisces directly opposite my Venus/Pluto. So it occurred to me that Neptune probably dissolved the bargain I made to stay in a job, which I came to be so unhappy in, just for the financial reward. It was physically unhealthy for me (Venus/Pluto in 1st house, and Mars Rx transiting my 1st house) and so time to go. Jupiter now seems like it may be kicking in, because I’ve had a lot of interest in hiring me for freelance work, which is what I did before I took this job (incidentally, started when Saturn was transiting my 12th house at 7 Leo, squaring my MC). We’ll see if these things pan out, but I’ve had people come out of the woodwork suddenly wanting freelance work.

  3. Just in time for me to experience a fresh slice of hell with this ebay selling job I got. The guy I work for curses at me and is a demanding inconsiderate pushy jerk and I can’t quit until all the listings are finished or I’ll screw up my seller account. So of course I have no leverage to defend myself because he retaliates by not mailing out orders and jeopardizing my pristine account. The rage has built up to a point where every time he text messages me I have to smoke a cigarette. And did I mention the text messages and phone calls are non stop, sometimes till 1AM. AND I’ve made a total of $85 in two weeks? It’s utterly intolerable. And then there’s the Aries boy who played the “murk game” with my emotions for 8 months…turns out he’s been sleeping with his ex at least half of this time, the one he’s so obsessed with. That’s after he told me long ago that she “doesn’t believe in using condoms” and after I asked him if he’d had unprotected sex with anyone and he said no. I’ve always known him to be brutally honest if not confusing in the process…so this is surprising information to hear through the grapevine (now…could it be a merc retro misunderstanding? hmm) The point is…he put his fear of confrontation above my personal safety. This is insane! I’m being s**t on but in better news my intolerance for bulls**t is at an all time high. You’re with me or your against me. Good lord. By the way the pluto uranus square hits my natal capricorn mars -upiter conjunction in the 2nd. All hell breaks loose and people are trying to control me while I struggle to control myself!

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