Observations: Libra Full Moon Musings

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In the days leading up to this Full Moon in Libra, I’ve had numerous reminders of classic Libra behaviors in regards to their partners. We tend to drop whatever we’re doing in response to our partner’s needs/requests/demands. Being married to a very Aries Aries (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Ascendant in Aries) this is the time of year he tends to take up more than his share of the oxygen in the room . . . especially now Uranus is in Aries and conjoining his Sun.

Aries is a natural prioritizer and my husband excels in this area, so if he says you need to transplant the cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower seedlings, I do. We also picked four more adorable baby chicks and getting them set up in their new home on our front porch took up more time.

The first part of the week was also taken up too many trips to town, hoping the mechanics had completed the work on my pickup. The morning after Mercury FINALLY turned direct, we made one last trip to collect both my pickup and my baby chicks. *whew*

Now I’m attempting to catch up with my own loose ends and restore my sense of balance. Whilst I’m doing that I would like to recommend reading:

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Christina of The Oxford Astrologer’s post on Brotherhood of Romantics: Neptune in Pisces Redux about my favorite Pre-Raphaelite artists.

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4 responses to “Observations: Libra Full Moon Musings

  1. OMG! It’s my Leo Sun Sister all over again. Thank you for confirming what I’ve been feeling/experiencing.

    • Welcome DruidClark!
      OMG! It’s my Leo Sun Sister all over again. Thank you for confirming what I’ve been feeling/experiencing.

      ROFL!! 😀 😀 Fire signs!! Ya gotta love ’em!

      xoxo diane~

    • It helps his Venus is in Pisces & he has a Saturn-Neptune conj in Libra in his 7th House. So he does have his softer side. However, it has always been a challenge for me to stay centered & avoid being subsumed by the intense Aries-ness! 😀 Good thing I have a preponderance in fixed signs & can be as stubborn as any Taurus.

      I’ll be very happy when Uranus in Aries moves on past his Sun . . . 😉

      xoxoxo diane~

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