Observations: Those Outer Planet Stations wear us down

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Yesterday Pluto in Capricorn stationed retrograde and had already spent roughly a month and a half at 9°. When the Outer Planets – Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – slow to station either retrograde or direct, they end up sitting in one place for anywhere from six weeks to three months. This can feel like someone’s drilling a hole in your psyche . . . sloooowly and painfully.

Now the inner planets spend far less time on one degree ranging from a week for Mercury to two weeks for Venus and Mars. Jupiter, Mr. In Between, hovers on the same degree for about a month. However when we hit Saturn the length of time begins to stretch out as I know from earlier this year when Saturn spent seven weeks at 29° Libra. Both Uranus and Neptune take about a two month pause and the king of the slow pokes, Pluto, can spend up to three months idling in neutral.

As a general rule, we notice planetary stations the most when they exactly conjoin one of our personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) or the Angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and Imum Coli). Squares to those same degree points also get our attention. Sextiles and trines usually drift on by because those make our lives run more smoothly. The impact of inconjuncts and semi-sextiles varies and depends on the aspects to the natal planet. Obviously if the planet is already under stress from hard aspects, you’ll feel the transit more keenly.

If you have an aptitude for the scholarly side of studying astrological transits in great detail as well as the interest (which I don’t . . .), then I highly recommend Bernadette Brady’s book – Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark She goes into great detail about how to determine the effect transits will have. All those little graphs and picky details drive me crazy . . . all I want is an outline to work within. *grin* Besides, doing that kind of in depth work for clients as an astrologer is not cost effective unless one can demand outrageous amounts of money.

All transits are learning experiences and transits from a stationing planet can be considered focused, intensive learning experiences. They give us plenty of time to decide how we want to deal with a certain facet of our lives or our selves. Saturn and Pluto transits can be very sobering, Uranus transits almost always force us out of our comfort zone and Neptune does what he does best . . . leave us wondering what the heck is going on.

Mars is stationing direct at 3° Virgo on 13 April
Pluto stationed Rx at 9° Capricorn 10 April
Venus will station Rx at 23° Gemini on 15 May & direct at 7° Gemini on 27 June
Neptune will station Rx at 3° Pisces on 4 June
Saturn will station direct at 22° Libra on 25 June
Uranus will station Rx at 8° Aries on 13 July with Mercury stationing Rx at 12° Leo on
14 July . . . fun!!

8 responses to “Observations: Those Outer Planet Stations wear us down

  1. I have Saturn at 6º, and last year was, to say the least, sobering. Nothing terribly bad happened, it was just a re-run of the myth of Sisyphus. And now Pluto’s making a return journey onto my Saturn, to shatter and blast away the last shreds of… of what? An astrologer friend told me recently that this particular Pluto-Sat aspect would have the effect of a psychological detox – Pluto would dig into my Saturn and all the structures I have established there since I was a child, and hack away the structures I don’t need any more. He could be right – I now feel calmer and more resilient than I have done for years, and my dreams (which for years have been frustrating and dreary) have lightened up and become much more cheerful. On this aspect, my astrologer said “I have the image in my mind of a toilet being flushed. You’re getting rid of all the s**t”.” I do think he might be right.

    • Welcome Michael!

      Pluto would dig into my Saturn and all the structures I have established there since I was a child, and hack away the structures I don’t need any more.

      Welcome to my world! 🙂 I have Saturn conj Pluto natally and this is a very good explanation of how this works. It doesn’t seem to matter if Pluto is the transiting planet or Saturn is either . . . the end result is the same.

      Pluto is just about the only planet whose impact is only mildly softened by sextiles & trines, either transiting or natally. Sooner or later it makes us face our dark side . . . 😛

      xo diane~

  2. Have Saturn at 15 Cap 2 h, opposing Cancer sun at 15. What might I expect of Pluto’s current transit and how long must I endure (Whatever I am to endure) till Pluto passes my natal Saturn?

    • Hi Rag,

      At the very least you have some breathing time before Pluto hits 15º because it will be March 2015 before it does. If you have other planets in the cardinal signs in earlier degrees (0º to 14º) you may feel Pluto start to tear down existing structures sooner. Look to the house your natal Saturn is in to determine what will be affected.

      xo diane~

  3. I’ve been wanting to stay in bed most of last week…! Hopefully with Mars going direct, energy levels will pick up.

    • Hi HH72!! 😀

      I’ve been wanting to stay in bed most of last week…! Hopefully with Mars going direct, energy levels will pick up.

      Indeed! Do you think your lethargy has anything to do with Neptune in Pisces beginning to square your natal Neptune & triggering its opposition to some of your Gemini planets? Neptune is currently exactly sq my 1st House Venus, making me prone to the “yawns” now & again. 😛

      xoxoxo diane~

      • Does Neptune cause sleepiness? Hmm…! I didn’t think about that. With Neptune in the 12th, I’m never very clear about its energy, and Neptune is hazy to begin with… Going to read your post on Mars in Virgo now…

        • Since Neptune is currently opposing Mars in Virgo (& squaring planets in early degrees of Gemini-Sagittarius) those of us with said planets get more of the energy drain. Neptune’s diffuse nature makes it very difficult for Mars to focus in on a specific task or direction . . . thus making it much harder to get moving at all and easier to do nothing. 🙂

          Neptune is hazy to begin with Indeed!!

          xoxo diane~

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