Libra Weekly Horoscopes for May 28, 2012

It’s all about Mercury right now with both the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Gemini. If Mercury’s mental gears are running smoothly all will be A-OK but if not, then we’ll all hear about it. And Mercury starts off the week under the thumb of Pluto in Capricorn and square sensitive Chiron in Pisces. This scenario has the potential for plenty of hard feelings, producing plenty of harsh words which can lead to more pain and anguish. Since the Gemini Sun will be repeating the same inconjunct to Pluto and square to Chiron, this situation may only improve with a conscious effort to speak with kindness.

Midweek Mercury in Gemini bumps up against Mars in Virgo and that isn’t going to do ANYTHING to improve matters! If we’re not careful communications may deteriorate into shouting matches in the blink of an eye.

We’ll see gradual improvement on Thursday as the Moon in Libra softens the mood of the planets in Gemini. On Friday, Mercury will conjoin Venus in Gemini allowing us to look at the upside once more and usher in a quiet, pleasant weekend. The last aspect Mercury will make on Sunday will be a fine trine to Saturn in Libra, offering the possibility apologies will be offered and accepted for sharp words spoken in haste earlier in the week.

The restless, changeable atmosphere is due in part to the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) dominating the sky. This is taking some getting used, especially for fixed sign types who loved it when Taurus was in charge! Reserve judgment, dreg up all the patience you can muster and ask yourself if you really want to go there . . . or else resign yourself to making plenty of apologies next weekend!

Bickering about scheduling changes with coworkers or the boss may land you in trouble this week, Aries. Take a page from your partner’s book and place more emphasis on other people’s opinions. In any case, you will likely survive long enough to enjoy the upcoming weekend!

Unexpected expenditures may catch you completely unprepared, Taurus . . . something you absolutely hate! Usually you plan ahead and have a little something set aside to handle that sort of thing. This will work out OK and you can relax in your favorite place on the weekend.

You are right in the middle of all the excitement and are probably instigating some of it, Gemini. Whilst you enjoy teasing others just to get a reaction, you may not be prepared for the one you could get now. Make peace with everyone this weekend.

Are you feeling out of sorts, Cancer, and not sure quite what went wrong? Part of the problem might be there is a great deal of information you don’t have yet. When you do, then you can decide what your next step is.

Social activities with friends might not work out the way you had anticipated, Leo, due to scheduling conflicts or perhaps having to jump when the boss calls. Promise yourself you will make up for this by having people over on the weekend.

Communication snafus at work could start off your week, Virgo, and those might be compounded by your sweetheart. Yes, you will be sorely tempted midweek to let everyone know exactly how you feel. Please count to ten before doing so . . .

You are going to be in demand this week, Libra, to do what you do best . . . make tactful suggestions to smooth ruffled feathers and promote peace. Your knack for seeing the big picture will improve as the week goes on too.

You know you don’t like to deal with bankers and lawyers but you are darn good at it, Scorpio. Often this is because you also know where all the bodies are buried and aren’t afraid to wield that info like a knife . . . yeah.

This week it is all about your partner, either personal or professional, Sagittarius. Even though being tactful is not your best thing, you might give it a whirl . . . either that or spend more time soothing hurt feelings. You can do it!

Even though you really want to schedule in more “me” time, Capricorn, it is not going to be easy to do what with people texting and calling you every few minutes. If you are the person in charge, this will be much simpler to handle.

Hanging out and playing with your sweetheart or your children may have been the plan, Aquarius, but early in week there may be complications. If you do have to scrap those plans, then keep in mind this coming weekend looks good. Don’t give up!

You might be on the receiving end of some unhappy looks from your partner and your family, Pisces. Chances are this is not entirely your fault but it may take some time to get this cleared up. Be patient and it will work out.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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