Observations: Pluto + Neptune – Double Trouble or Creative Genius?

As usual, I’m just now waking up to a transit to my natal Neptune . . . after Pluto spent February, March, April and most of May exactly square to it. It’s like I when I look at my chart and check the transits, my eyes skip over Neptune! Natally Neptune influences my chart through a rather wide conjunction to the sensitive Moon in addition to a Saturn-Pluto conjunction sextile my Moon.

When I checked this transit on Astrodienst (who use Robert Hand’s interpretations), it was sort of helpful. I did agree with this statement:

During this time you will have to cope with powerful outside forces that seem to take no regard of your individual ego. Your individuality will not be challenged so much as ignored, unless you stand in the way of these forces, in which case you may have some extremely discouraging experiences.”

And this:

Another side of this influence is that hidden aspects of your unconscious mind may flare up and begin to influence your life now. Elements of your personality that you prefer to keep hidden from others may become so evident that you can no longer avoid them.

The only solution, therefore, is to deal with them. They are probably not as bad as you think anyway. It is not their intrinsic nature but repression that makes them seem bad. Now you must throw away the past conditioning that makes you reject these perfectly valid aspects of yourself.”

The first part about the individual ego being ignored is certainly part of any Pluto transit and the more we pit our puny human selves against Pluto’s forces, the deeper the hole we must eventually dig out of. I know I’ve said this before and will probably do so again but acceptance of who we are, warts and all, is the key to survival. If we were perfect we wouldn’t be here . . . right?

It’s the vagueness of Neptune I have the greatest difficulty with and because of the connection to the Moon, it’s often emotional junk surfacing. You know the kind of junk that wakes one in the night and involves running worst case scenarios through your head? Hate that stuff! However, Pluto is pretty insistent this kind of thing get processed.

In the process of mulling over Pluto’s effect on Neptune, I also realized how Pluto can take one of Neptune’s day dreams and make them seem real. If you are an artist, obsessing about your next work, the ability to imagine your completed project in great detail is a real bonus. However if one is obsessing about a romantic relationship to the point it feels like the real deal (and you barely know the person) then it’s not so good. Best take a step back, take a reality check and do what you can to divert your attention as I discussed in an earlier post – Living with Pluto & Obsessions.

If you have natal aspects involving Pluto and/or Neptune to your personal planets of any kind, you may wish to monitor your current crop of obsessions for appropriateness. I use this energy both for creative projects and when I’m working with a client’s chart. During the time I’m writing their report, it can feel like I’m having a real conversation with them even though it’s all in my head.

Do you have Neptune and Pluto aspects to personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) and how do you feel they affect your life? If you have either Neptune or Pluto aspecting your personal planets AND have one or the other of these outer planets hitting your chart by transit, it will create a similar situation.

By the way, Pluto is back conjoining my progressed Mars ONE MORE TIME! Can’t seem to escape him these days . . . 😀


8 responses to “Observations: Pluto + Neptune – Double Trouble or Creative Genius?

  1. I read Robert’s description of Neptune conjunct my moon – didn’t really resonate. HOwever, I do think I have been getting closer to my feelings than I have in the best. I am great at talking about feelings and my experiences…from a distance, but the last year or so I have been really dropping down into my feelings. No big break down, but I feel I am from a more authentic place than I have been in the past. Also, learning to trust my intuition more – even if it is crazy to others. Now I just don’t share it with others, but still know I am right.
    This was from Robert’s write-up
    “””””Sometimes you will be very reluctant to deal with the real world under this influence, because its illusions are rather alluring. The challenge is to relate illusion and reality and not try to separate the two. If you can learn the language of the unconscious mind and discover what it is saying, you will gain great insight and wisdom through this influence.””””
    Yes, definitely some emotional junk, but junk that just needs to be given away! The other night I dreamed of going to the moon. Interesting as I reflected on the dream as I was terrified of going alone and dying on the way. Dying to get to my feelings? Getting to my feelings is equal to death!?

    My obsession is how much I hate my job.

    • Hey Debbie!

      Also, learning to trust my intuition more – even if it is crazy to others. Now I just don’t share it with others, but still know I am right.

      Not a bad idea. Sometimes the worst thing we can do is share our intuitions, especially under a Neptune influence because others may cause us to doubt our selves. There have not been too many times in my life when my first impression/intuition about a person has been off but I have ignored those feeling because my Libra side wanted feedback from others.

      My obsession is how much I hate my job.

      Hopefully once Saturn turns direct & starts marching out of your 10th house, you will be able to make some changes in that regard. In late July when Mars in Libra hits your MC, you may feel fired up enough to take some serious action! BTW, you have plenty of the type of natal Neptune/Pluto aspects to personal planets I had in mind with this post . . . 😀

      xoxoxo diane~

  2. Hi Diane:)
    I have scorpio pluto 1H exactly square leo sun 10H.
    In 2010 t. pluto was conjunct my cap neptune 3H and quincunx my sun! That was a tough time. I was dealing with LOTS of suppressed emotions, anger, jealousy etc. That, I feel like was the first time I met my dark side, which in the past I projected upon others. Now I own it better, and it brings me strength. Also I had jupiter return in pisces, and I was having some crazy spiritual experiences! Interesting time, very transformative.

    • Hey Autumn!

      That, I feel like was the first time I met my dark side, which in the past I projected upon others. Now I own it better, and it brings me strength.

      Excellent! It is not easy owning our dark side but IMO it’s the only path to becoming comfortable with our selves. 😛 It is an ongoing process so don’t get discouraged if you run up against another layer later on! *grin*

      xoxoxo diane~

  3. I had another rather uncomfortable thought about these natal Neptune/Pluto aspects. Can the ability to create the illusion of a relationship (Neptune) and become obsessed with the illusion (Pluto) be the signature of a stalker?


  4. I just noticed on The BIG DAY! June 26th:) Uranus is conjunct my natal Saturn and assume square Pluto near my ASC. Should be an interesting day/time.

    • Hi Debbie!

      I just noticed on The BIG DAY! June 26th:) Uranus is conjunct my natal Saturn and assume square Pluto near my ASC.

      Yes to Uranus conjoining your Saturn but too far out of orb to affect ASC . . . that won’t happen 2014~. However, anytime Uranus conjoins Saturn, it does encourage us to break out of old habits/ruts! This also triggers your natal Venus-Saturn inconjunct and help you see the big picture rather than bogging down over the details.

      take care!

      xoxoxo diane~

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