Libra Weekly Horoscopes for June 18, 2012

© Diane Lang

We’re entering a very intense time zone over the next couple of weeks and taking it step by step is probably the best approach. I outlined all the different aspects and events in my post, “Is the Sky falling yet?” This week brings the second New Moon in Gemini and the Summer Solstice (in the northern hemisphere) and it ends with the first exact square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. As usual, there are favorable aspects mixed in to leaven the tough ones.

The Solstice is when the Sun leaves mutable Gemini for cardinal Cancer and marks a definite shift in tone. Cardinal signs are the instigators of the zodiac and the ones who understand the need to take that first step. We’ve been living under a mutable sky for the past several weeks where talking things over, and over, and over was the trend. Now we will be fired up to do something . . . the only problem is Jupiter in Gemini is making a waxing square to Neptune this week, and much of what is being passed off as fact is not. I continue to recommend holding off on making critical decisions based on information coming in under this influence.

On the plus side this week are three helpful aspects: Venus in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries on Wednesday, Mercury in Cancer sextile Mars in Virgo on Thursday and a gentle, peaceful Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces on Saturday. We can still enjoy life’s simple pleasures and I highly recommend doing something lighthearted to ease any angst felt because of the looming Uranus-Pluto square. By the way, the Jupiter-Neptune square is very good for blithely ignoring the grim side of things! *grin*

By now most Aries and Cappies with planets/Angles in the early degrees have adjusted to Uranus and Pluto in their sign. They both like a challenge and usually come out fighting; and Libras, whether they believe it or not, have benefited greatly from Saturn in Libra helping them stay grounded and in balance. It is Cancer folk who keep getting pinched when Uranus yanks them out of their shells or Pluto’s need for control causes them grief.

If it seems like not much is happening despite all the tension in the air, that is likely due to Saturn in Libra and Venus in Gemini slowed to a crawl preparing to station direct next week. No wonder our love lives are on hold right now!

Make an extra effort to be kind, tolerant and patient in all your interactions with others. Think of how you would like to be treated before doing something you may regret later. Play nice!

Give serious thought as to what you could lose if you choose to jump on the “my way or the highway” bandwagon this week, Aries. The temptation to rebel against controlling people is very strong now, especially if those folks happen to family members.

Even though you may be wondering what the fuss is all about these days, Taurus, please respect other people’s need to vent. Don’t worry, you may find you have your own complaints midweek about feeling over-scheduled or feeling frustrated by a coworker’s stubbornness.

On the whole you feel pretty good about yourself and what’s going on in your life, Gemini, and are happy to share this with everyone and anyone. However you may find others are not in the mood to listen to your cheerful self. Don’t push it.

Feeling like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place has been an all too common theme in your life, Cancer, and this could put you on the defensive. Remind yourself this too shall pass and indulge in some mild escapism on Saturday.

Even Leo likes to step back from center stage once in awhile and regroup, so give serious thought to making room for this in your schedule, Leo. The thought of doing some traveling appeals but getting coworkers to fill in at the last moment is slim.

Be very, very careful to sort out genuine offers to further your career from grandiose schemes, Virgo, before choosing to make a significant upgrade in that area. Ask for more time before committing to double check background information. If it’s too good to be true, etc.

I know it’s tough to always have to be the responsible one, Libra, and yes, you do deserve a break from demands coming in from all sides. Take it one day and one step at a time and keep your focus short in order to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

Strangling the person who messed up your schedule because they couldn’t be bothered to notify you before leaving town, Scorpio, is tempting but not an option. Better go ahead and let yourself be distracted by more pleasant things . . . like spending time with your lover.

Ordinarily you are the person who needs to keep a tight rein on your mouth, Sagittarius. Right now it is your significant other who is busy sharing waaaay too much information and leaving themselves open to trouble. Worst of it is they don’t have all the facts.

Micromanaging everyone in your life has become a very bad habit of yours, Capricorn, and you may get a sharp reminder this week of why that is a bad idea. Likely source of rebellion is a family member who will be very direct and forthright.

Letting the “what if’s” dominate your thoughts and causing you to stay awake nights is not good for you, Aquarius. Learning to detach from needing a specific outcome to your dilemmas will help ease the situation. Unexpected kindness midweek may brighten your day.

Please do your best to avoid the temptation of telling your family members what they want to hear, Pisces. I know you dislike causing others pain but in this instant, being straightforward and honest is the better option. Saturday is especially sweet for you.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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2 responses to “Libra Weekly Horoscopes for June 18, 2012

  1. Indeed. I’ve a feeling many Libras have been feeling ‘left out’ or not in the same ‘zone’ as others, too. I’ve literally been left out of public interactions among other things…

    I don’t miss them though.

    Some may not get it, but it’s OK. The crap we’ve been putting up with will be worth it.


    • Hey Debs! 😀

      I’ve a feeling many Libras have been feeling ‘left out’ or not in the same ‘zone’ as others, too. I’ve literally been left out of public interactions among other things…

      Been feeling that way myself. 🙂

      I did get a call last night from a female friend I hadn’t heard from in over 20 yrs! Now that the Venus Rx is almost over & Saturn is about to go direct in my 11th house. She’s going to stop by for a visit in a few weeks (when both are direct!) 😀

      xoxoxo diane~

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