Libra Weekly Horoscopes for August 27, 2012

© Diane Lang

Remember the saying “once in a blue moon”? Well, this week’s Full Moon in Pisces is a Blue Moon or the second Full Moon in a month. Pisces Full Moons tend to be a bit fuzzy around the edges and this one is no exception because shortly after the Full Moon Mercury enters Virgo and promptly opposes Neptune in Pisces. This could be hard on you Virgo folk who really, really prefer life to have crisp, clean edges!

One word of warning about Chiron conjoining the Full Moon . . . there may be some pain resulting from various revelations. Pain is usually what kicks us out of our complacency and prods us to make necessary changes. Since the Virgo Sun will oppose Chiron on Thursday before the Full Moon, that’s when the dance could start. Most of us will sail right through this with little impact, so please don’t worry! [F.Y.I. It will be those with planets/Angles at 7°- 8° in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) who will be most vulnerable.]

From Monday through Wednesday are the best days to take care of business. The hardworking Virgo Sun is trine Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Leo is sextile Saturn in Libra . . . splendid for getting things organized down to the last detail. Thursday ushers in the Sun-Chiron opposition and an irritating inconjunct between the Sun and Uranus in Aries. Slow down and pay attention when out and about to avoid accidents.

A good plan for this week is to stay focused on the real world and follow your normal daily routines. Mars in Scorpio plays very well with the Virgo Sun. Excitable fire and air no longer dominate the sky, folks. Earth and water are much more calming and stabilizing . . . nice change of pace. Take a deep breath and plant those feet firmly on the ground.

Settle down and get to work, Aries, that’s the best thing you can do to keep yourself out of mischief. Knowing you, you have plenty of irons in the fire and if you plan a course of action moving from one the next, you will be golden.

This change of pace suits you very, very well, Taurus, though you might continue to be distracted by thoughts of love and romance. Still taking care of business does come first and mid-week is good for focusing on that. Friday night looks good for date night.

Learning how to compensate for fuzzy thinking on your part, Gemini is part of this week’s challenges. You hate this! Keep in mind the first half of the week will be far better for you than the last and plan accordingly. The fog deepens towards the weekend.

Even though the calmer atmosphere favors you, Cancer, you are among those who need to acknowledge you may not be thinking as clearly as usual. The worst time to get into heated discussions will be the weekend as your arguments may be turned against you.

Get right on any important tasks on your ‘to do’ list, Leo, and shoot to get those crossed off by Wednesday. You have plenty of support then. After that you may have to handle some financial issues requiring your complete attention to sort out.

As long as you remember you need to verify all important data before acting on it, Virgo, you will be good to go. As the week goes on it will become more difficult to maintain your focus and make it easy for others to blindside you. Take care!

Staying centered will be easier the first half of your week, Libra, and if you have creative projects in need of attention that will be the time to do it. As the week progresses you might find yourself feeling far less social than is your norm.

Scorpio, you may be more interested in an active social life than is usual though there is a good possibility this will involve an agenda. That might be either romantic or humanitarian . . . depends on your age or whether you’re single.

I strongly suggest you take care of important matters the first half of the week, Sagittarius, because later on you might end up struggling to balance work and family. Be prepared to hear some very off the wall comments from all parties.

On the whole the atmosphere right now works for you, Capricorn. You feel more empowered than usual and the only thing you can’t ignore is your tendency to stray off topic. Spending time with family this weekend will have its ups and downs.

Wednesday is far and away your best day this week, Aquarius, and an excellent time to sit down and discuss your concerns with your partner. After that you might end up having to deal with some glitches in your finances. Nothing major just drifty and weird.

This may be one of those weeks when you end up feeling out of step with people, particularly your significant other, Pisces. Take it a day at a time and be as clear as you possibly can. This Full Moon could bring interesting revelations.

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