Observations: Scorpio & Interconnectedness

© Susan Seddon-Boulet

Jeff Jawer wrote an outstanding piece on Scoping out Scorpio this week that set off light bulbs in my head. He talked about Scorpio as living in a world of inter-dependency which dovetails nicely with Scorpio’s concern with death, rebirth and regeneration of life. I have always felt the usual descriptions of this intense sign gets sidetracked onto sex and power  (true but only the surface).

Many years ago I was studying the endocrine system and was fascinated by the complexity and beauty of it. Minuscule amounts of hormones are produced to keep our bodies functioning, all coordinated by the pineal gland deep in the brain. Scorpio not only rules the reproductive organs and excretory system but the endocrine system as a whole . . . all interconnected and when a person is healthy, beautifully aligned.

Perhaps we can take this one step further and see Scorpio as ruling the ecosystems of our planet, the wonderful biosphere we live on and are a part of. Is it possible therefore we will begin to see some nasty results of the abuses heaped upon this delicate system by such practices as fracking over the next two and half years when Saturn visits Scorpio? Pulling water away from growing food and for drinking to extract oil in an era when potable water is a shrinking resource is very foolish in my opinion and I have plenty of Scorpio in my chart to prompt those feelings.

A less pleasant side of Scorpio’s ability to gauge inter-dependency in a given system is knowing exactly where the weak points are and how to exploit them. A pissed off Scorp can lay waste to a nicely functioning relationship in very short order . . . often by simply pulling their energy and support away at a critical point.

Conversely Scorpio can also support and uplift those around them because they are very good at sensing what to do or say at the right moment. This is why many excellent healers of all kinds often have a strong Scorpio element in their natal charts.

So listen to your Scorpio friends when they tell you something is really “off” with a person or situation . . . often as not, they will be right.

8 responses to “Observations: Scorpio & Interconnectedness

  1. Great stuff!

    I’ve a feeling we’re gonna heal a bit, or at the very least relax, as we see “imperfections” in everyone come to the surface more and more.

    Same goes for people’s genuine qualities, real desires, true motives, skills, “talents”… This will be ugly or or a beautiful development depending on what we’re dealing with…

    We’re real, folks. We’re human. And it’s OK. Halleluiah. Emerge…


    • P.S. I’ve been entertaining the thought of a change of major at school. Please hit me on the head! Hard.

      • Hey Deb!

        Same goes for people’s genuine qualities, real desires, true motives, skills, “talents”… This will be ugly or or a beautiful development depending on what we’re dealing with…

        Exactly! 🙂 Like you, I have always far preferred to deal with reality, especially with people. Part of the whole “bad” information thing ya know.

        xoxoxo diane~

        Change of major?! Are you sure you want to go there? Yikes! 😀

        • Maybe I’ll just try a class from the major I’m interested in… and see how it goes rather than give anyone (including me) a hernia.

          It would be a big career move if I made the change over to the other one. And… it happens to be entirely based on what you’ve written here and all my scorpio/Pluto stuff :).

          I’ll go with the class and see if I really like it and am willing to shift. Yes, that’s what I’ll do!


          • I’ll go with the class and see if I really like it and am willing to shift. Yes, that’s what I’ll do!

            Yeah, that sounds like a good way to go. Stick a toe in the water instead of jumping in the deep end! LOL

            xoxoxo diane~

  2. Hi Diane
    Amen to all the above. I read Jeff’s article as well. Great summation on Scorpio. Like most of us here I have so much scorp in my chart as well and really do prefer the truth and the bare bones of reality.Thats why I love your site being a Libra as you I so relate to you.Yes it should be really interesting as we all shift into Scorpio territory for the next two plus years.I am having my Mars in scorpio return as we speak and then Saturn hittin my Venus,jupiter,Mars stellium as well.May the saint’s preserve us all.Keep up the good work.


    • Hey Shirl,

      I usually really like what Jeff has to say. As I recall he’s around our age and is a Taurus. Sensible & down to earth as well as a darn good astrologer.

      A Venus, Jupiter, Mars stellium in Scorpio is pretty darn powerful. People I know with Mars conj Jupiter are total workhorses with tremendous energy reserves. My Mars/Mercury/ASC conj is a light weight compared to that! 😀

      xoxoxo diane~

  3. Hi Diane
    Yes Jeff is Taurus and I think a little older than us. I am 65 and some days I feel like the oldest creature on earth. I do have an awful time with my Venus,Mars and Jupiter stellium.It is also square my Saturn conjucnt Pluto in the first. Saturn is going to hit that Mars Saturn square soon. I have an awful time with my health all my life. Have had two strokes and Fibromyalgia and bad Sciatica for years .Had to go on disiblity in 97 and I hate not working. I wish I could do my astrology on line but can’t show any work or income due to disibilty I receive.It drives me crazy!!! I was a hairdresser for 30 years and did a lot of my customers charts but no more.I have to figure out another way to use this blocked energy or my heath will go again. Thanks for being here. It helps us all.


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