Libra Weekly Horoscopes for September 3, 2012

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Lions and Tigers and bears, oh my! What a busy sky we have this week with plenty of Mercury and Mars action. The dominate influence will be an inflammatory Yod featuring fiery Uranus in Aries at the apex with Mercury in Virgo sextile Mars in Scorpio as the base whilst lovely Venus leaves nurturing, emotional Cancer for flamboyant Leo on Thursday . . . a marked change of pace for Venus ruled Libra and Taurus folk.

About that Yod . . . Yods are notoriously hard to work with as they are comprised of two inconjuncts and a sextile. In this case, hardworking Mercury in Virgo teams up with detective Mars in Scorpio and both are among the best at ferreting out quality information and more than a few secrets. However, no matter how good the information is they produce, it will fall on deaf ears this week because Uranus in Aries is in no mood to listen to anyone. If you have to deal with someone like that, bide your time until around September 19-20 . . . that’s when Pluto will be exactly square Uranus and Mercury in Libra will be completing a T-Square with those two. Then the gloves come off and the veils ripped away so EVERYONE will know the truth. The results bode to be unpleasant.

Providing some support to Mercury early in the week is a trine to Pluto in Capricorn whilst Mars forms a trine to Chiron in Pisces. Mercury also will oppose Chiron and this all happens around the Yod. What this suggests to me is the facts unearthed now hold great potential for being ultimately healing but dang, it’s going to be painful getting there.

On its way to Leo, Venus in Cancer starts out the week square to Saturn in Libra. Venus-Saturn squares have a way of bringing all our insecurities about our desirability to the surface. In a way this is good because it allows us an opportunity to work on those but so not a good time for romance. We might as well wait until Venus enters Leo on Thursday and meets up with Neptune in Pisces for the weekend. I would recommend staying sober though because this aspect can generate the illusion of glamor and beauty like nobody’s business . . . the morning after could be VERY interesting!

The weekend also features a square between a Virgo Sun-Mercury conjunction and Jupiter in Gemini . . . perfect for blowing the facts all out proportion in order to make a point. LOL

What’s this week best for? Working hard on special research projects and investigating just about anything. Not so good for budding romances though long time couples will probably do fine. It’s far better for minding one’s own business too. Partying on the weekend can be fun if you don’t go overboard.

F.Y.I. Check your chart for personal planets and Angles at 6-7 degrees as those degrees are the ones most vulnerable.

You may get away with sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the facts this week, Aries, but sooner or later you will be hauled into reality. Your need to feel independent and free to do whatever whenever may land you in the soup.

You ought to fare surprisingly well this week, Taurus, especially if you go about your business in your usual calm, matter of fact way. There are deals to be made and creative ventures to be researched though you may wish to wait to launch them.

The first part of your week, Gemini, could be spent dealing with eccentric behaviors from your peers and friends. Attempting to reason with them may not work out for now. Family matters take center stage on the weekend for better or worse.

You may have the joy of dealing with an egocentric boss during the first part of the week, Cancer, who has no interest in looking over some excellent suggestions of yours. Resist the temptation to “improve” a story you’re telling later on in the week.

If you give into the temptation to push aside doing some much needed repairs around the house to play, Leo, it could come back later and bite you in the budget. Same with spending too much celebrating with friends. Think before you pay, OK?

This is an excellent time for you to dive into a serious research project, Virgo. Don’t let others distract you either. After the fogginess of recent weeks, being able to think clearly is a real blessing. Look over any high-profile career offers coming your way with care.

If you end up distracted this week, Libra, the source might be your partner. Don’t waste time and energy arguing with them either because they are not ready to listen. Social activities this weekend look promising but take all compliments with a grain of salt.

A source of frustration for you early in the week, Scorpio, may be unanticipated interruptions in your daily routines. Remind yourself to stay calm and not let it get to you. Your ability to attract favorable career opportunities increases later in the week.

It is your business partnerships that may get a big boost now, Sagittarius, furthering your career goals. You could receive support from those who work behind the scenes too. Tell your friends you can’t come out and play this week. Work time!

As long you stay focused on being productive at work, you will do well this week, Capricorn. There may be something unexpected come up with family and it will be up to you to decide how to handle it. Don’t reinforce self-centered behaviors if you can avoid it.

Dealing with powerful people can be a bit tricky for you this week, Aquarius. You need to exercise tact and not say the first thing that pops into your head. The coming weekend looks very good for relaxing with your sweetheart. Have fun!

Even though your significant other may come up with ideas for some sound investments, Pisces, you may want to delay implementing those this week. Do work in time for some family fun on the weekend. Allow for extra people showing up though.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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  1. I noticed there was just a big opposition, Mercury opposed Neptune. I noticed it because I have Mercury opposition Neptune in my natal chart, and this one is an exact trine from my natal opposition. Now it’s moving into a pair, Mercury/Moon opposition Neptune/Chiron. I am not sure what to make of all this.

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