Observations: Learning to appreciate Saturn’s Limitations

From now until Saturn leaves Libra for Scorpio on October 5, I will be living with him right in my face via a conjunction with first my Chiron and then my Sun. Recently Saturn began reintroducing me to my limitations, ever so much fun.

I have a natal Jupiter-Saturn square with my poor Sun right in the middle of it. This creates an ongoing tension between Saturn’s rather dour outlook and Jupiter’s buoyant optimism. Saturn transits such as the current conjunction to my Sun bring up the need to recognize I do have limitations and to please respect those. It has been brought home to me recently there is only one of me and despite my twelfth house Jupiter’s need to be there for others, lines must be drawn.

By the way, it is that Jupiter-Saturn square being impacted the most by Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus is trine my Saturn and Pluto sextile my Jupiter. Even though Jupiter is not a personal planet nor is Saturn, I still am feeling this transit via their aspects to my Sun . . . unsettling to say the least. It is the messiness of having the planet of restriction (Saturn) being uplifted by the planet of pure chaos (Uranus) whilst expansive Jupiter is supported by controlling Pluto that makes me feel frustrated at times and a little crazy. This week’s Mercury and Mars aspects agitated the whole thing once more as well as Venus in Cancer squaring my Sun before entering Leo tomorrow.

Through all of this, it is Saturn’s voice telling me to take it one tiny step at a time making the most sense. Don’t go for the big project or make a bold statement (Jupiter), go for the simple, direct solution. As I look ahead I see the need to seriously reevaluate my time management and quit flying by the seat of my pants so much . . . Jooopiter!!! After all, I do know the value of establishing good habits . . . I added two sessions a week working out with light weights to improve my bone density over the past year. Perfectly timed with my Saturn transit and the small but steady improvements are typical. Saturn’s help at its best. 😀


4 responses to “Observations: Learning to appreciate Saturn’s Limitations

  1. Hi Diane
    You and I being so close in age are being hit with all the same madness.Uranus and Pluto are both hitting my Libra sun at9 Libra and Moon at 7 Cap.Talk about crazy. Everyday its a contest to see who is going to take me away first.I also have Jupiter mars and venus square Saturn and Pluto in the first. So beleive me I know what your talking bout. We know that our culture doesn’t respect or have much use for women when we get to this age.Like you I thank the stars everyday for being there.When people have the uranus pluto square hitting them on personl planets they will then know what we are talking about.I would like to start a blog on where women of our age are supposed to go not be invisible at this stage of life.It use to be the only place we had to go was the church but thank god our baby boom Pluto in Leo generation is not going to go quietly into the night!!! Thanks for being here.


    • Hi Shirl,
      Uranus and Pluto are both hitting my Libra sun at9 Libra and Moon at 7 Cap.Talk about crazy.

      Best thing I can say is once you get through the next few weeks including the Full Moon in Aries on Sept 29, you will be done with these two trouble makers. So there is light at the end of the tunnel. 😀

      Do you use homeopathic remedies? As an adult I’ve had more luck with those plus doing yoga & tai chi to heal physical ailments. It takes longer to see results though. This past year w/Saturn in Libra hitting first my Moon, then my Sun I’ve learned to appreciate why one keeps doing the exercises, etc because sooner or later that does the trick! It just takes so DARN long!! What I go to the doctors for is to check cholesterol, bone density, BP, etc . . . the baseline stuff.

      xoxo diane~

  2. This post could not have come at a better time for me. I’m a single mom with a demanding job. I’m blessed to have supportive colleagues and a great group of friends to give me emotional support. But I don’t have family or partner to give me that day to day practical support. I never wanted to be super woman and I never promised to be super woman. Yet the expectation is there in some quarters and its killing me. Today I was hit with expectations of others for me and I was feeling horribly guilty that I may not meet them. Your post has reminded me that its ok to be a mere mortal woman :-).

    • Hey Jeannie!
      Today I was hit with expectations of others for me and I was feeling horribly guilty that I may not meet them. Your post has reminded me that its ok to be a mere mortal woman 🙂 .

      We ALL need to remind ourselves about this fact regularly! 😀 Our expectations for ourselves can exceed our ability to fulfill them . . . not to mention those directed at us by others.

      xoxoxo diane~

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