Libra Weekly Horoscopes for September 10, 2012

Her “Wanna have fun” is the song for Venus in Leo this week!

It’s Venus in Leo’s turn to feel harassed by the Uranus-Pluto square and all because she just wants to have some fun. Venus is the apex of a Yod with Pluto in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces as the base and this pattern will be within orb from Monday through Friday. Uranus in Aries adds its bit trine to Venus in Leo. What a fun mix!

Look at this way . . . Venus and Uranus in fire signs have no interest in getting caught up in deep emotional angst, digging around in the dark places within in an attempt to understand the “whys”. And that is what the Pluto-Chiron sextile is dedicated to. They are hard at work helping to resurrect and resolve old, buried issues preventing us from living full, empowered lives. Aries and Leo do introspective as rarely as possible and when Venus hooks up with Uranus, all she wants to do is run wild and free.

For those who have planets and Angles from 4° to 8° in the fire signs, the Venus-Uranus trine will be calling to you whilst it will be folks with planets and Angles at 6° in earth and water signs most affected by Pluto sextile Chiron. Since Uranus is now closely square Pluto at 6°, just about everyone with personal planets between 5° to 7° is already aware of it. *sigh*

Other events this week are a nice Sun-Mercury conjunction in Virgo on Monday, an excellent influence for getting organized to start the week. On Saturday, there is the New Moon in Virgo followed by Mercury leaving Virgo for Libra on Sunday. The upside of Mercury in Libra is its fair-mindedness though the need to examine all sides before making a decision increases. The downside is Mercury in Libra will run afoul Uranus square Pluto all too soon and the shouting will start.

Good week to exercise tolerance and let people do what they need to do . . . unless they see fit to attempt to mind your business. Minding our own business is often the best choice and taking care of business with Virgo’s influence to help us, is a great idea!

It’s up to you, Aries, whether or not you run off and play or decide to focus on your career challenges this week. If you do choose to enjoy yourself, please give yourself permission to have fun and not feel guilty about it.

You may surprise yourself this week by choosing to seriously contemplate why you have messed up a time or two, Taurus. Usually you prefer to stick with the practicalities of life and forge ahead. Schedule some play time on the weekend if you can.

Gemini, this is a good time for you to examine why you feel vulnerable when confronted at work. By the way, it is also a good time to recognize you often use humor to cover your pain. Be kind to yourself in this process.

Listen carefully, Cancer, to what a longtime friend or your significant other has to say about your vulnerabilities. They do have your best interests at heart and only wish to help. You start the week feeling especially clear headed, so make the most of it.

What can I say, Leo, you are the brightest star in the heavens right now and you know it! Don’t let small minded people slow you down with their snide, cutting remarks either. Watch out for opportunities on the weekend to improve your money management skills.

Something you may find very beneficial at this time, Virgo, is some quality time with a loved one. If you have a favorite place to get away from the crowds and relax, please do so. Enjoy the attention on the weekend. You deserve it!

This week you may end up having to decide whether to stay home and relax or head out to party with your sweetie and your peers, Libra. Do take some alone time on the weekend to regroup because the pace picks up next week.

I’m not even go ask your preference, Scorpio . . . any time you can dig around and figure out why someone does what they do, you are all over it. You may be invited to a get together with some of your colleagues on the weekend.

Do allow for the possibility of pleasant distractions this week, Sagittarius, though for the most part your career demands will take precedence. Take some time on Monday to examine your long term goals as it will easier than usual to figure those out.

You are another who may greatly benefit from some serious soul-searching this week, Capricorn. You tend to stay so focused on the practicalities you can lose sight of your larger purpose. Turn to someone who inspires you for guidance if need be.

Your significant other may tempt you to ignore your responsibilities this week, Aquarius, and spend time playing with them. My only suggestion would be to make sure you can afford to do this. Better review your finances on Monday before going ahead.

The people who will have the biggest impact on what you do this week, Pisces, are your partner and other long time friends. Please listen to what they have to say before making your next move. You are very aware of your vulnerabilities now.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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