Observations: Celebrating the Equinox

Tomorrow is the autumnal equinox when the Sun enters Libra. It is appropriate to usher in the sign represented by the scales with night and day being equal in length. Libra does like to keep things in balance . . . hee.

However if we look at the chart for the equinox as a house party this is what we might see. An anxious Libra Sun playing hostess and attempting to keep everyone happy with varying degrees of success. The inconjunct to the Sun from Neptune in Pisces does not help because she is plagued by the sense she is forgetting something critical, not to mention increasing her sensitivity to slights and put downs.

Helping our hostess maintain her cool is a jovial Sagittarius Moon toned down by dependable Saturn in Libra. Injecting humor into the situation is far and away the best approach to maintaining civility. Saturn also suggests the importance of using our company manners with lots of “please” and “thank yous”.

The grouchy hard to please types are represented by the Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn . . . not helped by Mercury in Libra. Uranus is Aries does not handle feeling restricted which is what controlling Pluto in Capricorn keeps attempting to do. These two biggies have been fighting it out for some time and both are likely to resent any helpful comments from Mercury in Libra about fairness and equity. As for compromise . . . forget about it!!!

No house party is complete without a romantic interlude or two and Venus in Leo squaring Mars in Scorpio will be happy to help out there. Passion simmering just below the surface may break out at any moment. Be aware jealousy can be a real issue with Venus in Leo’s love of admiration. Jupiter in chatty Gemini will be only too happy to shower her with compliments. Given Mars in Scorpio’s possessive streak things may get interesting. Venus might need a ride home since this Mars is capable of walking away and not looking back!

The equinox chart sets the tone from now until the Winter Solstice in December and my take is we need to be aware of underlying tensions in our relationships. Ignoring those can lead to people taking extreme measures to make themselves heard. Take care to address issues of possessiveness and jealousy right off, especially in new and tender love affairs. Fulfilling our responsibilities and obligations with positive energy and dispatch will bring emotional satisfaction. Above all be kind, patient and practice tolerance each and every day.


6 responses to “Observations: Celebrating the Equinox

    • Hi HH72 😀

      What a great idea! 😀 Enjoy!

      We’re mired in smoke from local wildfires and it’s gawd awful. 😦 Feel like there is a weight on my chest . . . apropos for Saturn in Libra conj my Sun.

      xoxoxo diane~

    • Hey Pixie! 😀

      You must be so over Saturn by now Diane :/

      Oh yes, totally! Ready for a new set of challenges courtesy of Saturn in Scorpio. LOL

      The wind came up this evening & has done wonders with clearing the smoke out. Air sign Sun-Moon person that I am, clean air is a really big deal. 🙂

      xoxoxo diane~

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong Diane, but doesn’t Saturn give one swift kick in the pants before he leaves a sgn? This 11th house Libra Sun is taking her (i hope) final hits.

    • Hi Linda!

      Correct me if I’m wrong Diane, but doesn’t Saturn give one swift kick in the pants before he leaves a sign?

      Exact Saturn transits usually make me feel weighed down one way or another. 😛

      We’ll see if it helps that the last two planets aspecting Saturn on its way out of Libra are Venus and Mercury (Venus sextile & Mercury conj). Mercury transitions into Scorpio a few hours ahead of Saturn on 5 Oct.

      Heh, Saturn seldom does anything “swift”. 😀

      xoxo diane~

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