Observations: More Thoughts on Saturn in Scorpio

Now Saturn is about to enter Scorpio for two and half years and rather than feeling trepidation, it might be better to keep an open mind. Life has enough challenges without adding more needless worrying. I know what I’m talking about here because with a Moon-Neptune conjunction and a twelfth house Mercury, I can do needless worrying with the best of them!

Between Saturn’s reputation as a stern taskmaster and Scorpio’s for being ruthless, it does follow many of us will have to handle some tough issues. However, if we are honest with ourselves we may have to admit to screwing up in the first place. Saturn’s stay in Libra sure put relationship issues on the front burner plus many Libras (including me) got sharp reminders about how we’ve been our handling obligations and responsibilities.

Scorpio rules the eighth house and I highly recommend reading Dana Gerhardt’s excellent article on the eighth house to learn more about it. Death, taxes and sex are all topics many shy away from and we need to get over that because those are all part of the fabric of daily life. Most of us get an introduction to these realities when a loved dies and the estate must be dealt with, a very eighth house event. Something I do anticipate coming up more frequently with Saturn’s passage thru Scorpio is getting serious about outstanding debts . . . as in opening negotiations with your debtors and taking steps to begin paying those down. Talk about setting up family budgets and openly discussing money issues instead of pretending they don’t exist may also be occurring. Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to money problems.

Scorpio is also noted for loyalty and standing by their friends in times of trouble. Perhaps by the time Saturn leaves Scorpio we’ll all know who our true friends are because they’ll be the ones still there.

Maybe it would help to take inventory of the Scorps you know well, especially those over thirty (post first Saturn Return) and then see what you think. Of course, if you have lots of Leo or Aquarius (square to Scorpio) your experiences with this intense sign may be less than favorable. Scorpio does have a knack for making remarks designed to deflate large egos or point out overlooked details. Often your more altruistic Scorpio will avoid drawing attention to his/her good deeds, preferring to keep on doing the good work rather than stopping to step into the spotlight.

There are plenty of us around who have lived through at least three passages of Saturn in Scorpio and are still alive and well. Please ignore the hype and listen to your heart instead. I realize the general turbulence in the atmosphere caused by the upcoming Aries Full Moon isn’t helping either. I’ll be writing more about Saturn in Scorp in the days ahead and if you have questions about this, feel free to ask them. 😀

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  1. I’m concerned about this one. My 15 year old’s Sun/Merc conjunction is at 5 Scorpio in his 8th house. I’m hoping this matures him a bit, gives him the ability to start focusing more and becoming more responsible. He’s a great kid, not much trouble – but he’s been in the teenage funk for the past year. I’m starting to see glimmers of my little boy again, so I’m hoping this “transformation” period is a good thing for him. He has a difficult chart to begin with poor guy.

    • Hi QueenofCups!

      By the time Saturn reaches his Sun/Merc, Venus will have joined Saturn in Scorpio so he will have the benefit of Venus softening Saturn’s authoritarian impulses. A Pluto/Mars conj will be sextile during the same period (late November). 🙂

      Best thing about the teenage years is they don’t last forever even if they seem to. LOL

      warm thoughts to you & your son.

      xoxoxo diane~

  2. “Scorpio does have a knack for making remarks designed to deflate large egos or point out overlooked details. Often your more altruistic Scorpio will avoid drawing attention to his/her good deeds, preferring to keep on doing the good work rather than stopping to step into the spotlight.”

    I really appreciate you saying this… Yes, yes, yes all around. Thank you!


  3. I have a soft spot for Scorps, even though my ex is a very dark one. I just click with them instantly and share the same humor. I do enjoy their candor as it is not as nit-picky as other signs can be at times 😉

    • Hey Pixie!!

      I have a soft spot for Scorps, even though my ex is a very dark one. I just click with them instantly and share the same humor. I do enjoy their candor as it is not as nit-picky as other signs can be at times 😉

      Me too and for much the same reasons. 😀 The good ones are complete gems.

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  4. am really trying to stay in the light, be positive etc still murky in the area of love and money is very rollercoasterish, trying to get out of a hole 😦 but still i persevere! nov 1 64 3:40pm bklyn ny always very altruistic! i have had such great sorrow w the death of my parents almost 8 years ago, i figure, how bad could it be?!

    • Hi susan,

      I tend to believe you are one of those who will benefit from this week’s sea changes. Venus in Virgo plus Mercury/Saturn in Scorpio form much happier aspects to your MC-IC. You deserve a break!


      xoxoxo diane~

  5. I’m Scorpio and Saturn has been in my 8th this last transit. Equal parts Heaven and Hell to the extremes. I have lost everything – I’m ok with this (if you knew that to have everything you want you need to let go of everything you have, would you do it?). Learn when circumstances are beyond your control and surrender, let it go. I’ll give you an example of the dynamics that have played out, so you’ll know what not to do. You’ll see the 8th house (and Libra) connections. I called a friend a year ago asking her to take me in (I was ill at this time). She didn’t want to. She told me during the call that her dad was ill. I knew immediately that once my health returned, I would be helping her with this. We soon clashed regarding an issue over her claiming $200 on her taxes for my rent payment (she has a money addiction) and the conversation ended with her telling me she regretted helping me (it is quite apparent to all she perceives me as a loser). This resulted in me being cut off from government support (I haven’t told her this). Soon after, I was telling her I had just learned a friend had died – she cut me off mid sentence to wave her $2000 tax refund in my face. Karma was apparently activated – within a month, 2 deer collided with her car (Gemini’s like 2 of everything and the deer is a symbol for compassion). The damage the first time was $1000 and $2000 the second time. This happened just when she was trading up for a newer model. The second crash reduced the car’s value by $2000 (Karma 10X). This stuff is painful to watch, but what can ya do?
    Then the s**t hit the fan. The dog has cancer. Her mom was diagnosed with a tumor and died within a month. The night of the funeral her dad had a stroke and had major heart surgery followed by complications. “I regret helping you” changed to “I don’t know what I would do without you.” I’ll be honest, those first 6 months of her hating me for being here and wishing I would leave wasn’t easy on my health recovery. I help people because it’s the right thing to do. My friend navigates her life from a point of money (it controls her). I was helping people on the internet all summer and she was telling me I should be charging people for it. After all my help, she still seemed to be coming from a place that she was helping me more than I was helping her. I set the record straight – based on her theory that I should charge for my services (spot on Diane, we can take ego only for so long!). I worked with animals professionally for 25 years – part of it was pet sitting. I took over care of her dogs (among other things) while she looked after her parents. I let her know that at $50/hour, ONE hour per day, 5 days a week for 10 months she had received (minimum) $10,000 worth of my services. Some people just don’t recognize the true value of what they are receiving and need a price tag on things that are actually priceless. I’m not saying I’m a better person than her, believe me this has been a great experience regarding my own compassion and letting go of resentment or blame, respecting myself when others don’t. I now recognize my value and worth, even if other’s don’t (and I’m not talking money).
    In summary, what I’m trying to say:
    Scorpio is here for a reason. Accept it and deal with it. We aren’t going away. Recognize the Toothless Hag when she comes knocking at your door. Always be kind to strangers, they may be Angels in disguise. Start dealing with your fears NOW. If you haven’t overcome them, you’re about to meet them face to face, in your face (particularly basic survival, fear of lack issues). If you are judging and criticizing, know that there but for the grace of God go you – don’t set yourself up for a lesson in humility by creating a scenario where you will be left feeling humiliated and embarrassed by your own behaviour. Recognize the minefields of your own making. Know that the Universe will only send you worthy opponents/teachers and understand/appreciate why they have appeared in your life – the uglier and more terrifying, the better!!!! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, don’t take things at face value. Don’t let others fall to the wayside while you protect your own interests, bragging all the way. I think there will be a rise in mental health issues while everyone’s mind/perception/beliefs/brains are reconfigured so if you see someone struggling with this, know that you’re probably next in line for it and treat them the way that you will want to be treated when it comes to being your turn. Find a Shaman if you begin experiencing the paranormal – many counsellors and doctors will label you as schizophrenic because of this, or bi polar due to the emotional extremes – no, I’m not a doctor but in my opinion medication at this point will block the process. I think this is what people will find most difficult due to the stigma our society has around the occult. It is imperative that you learn to navigate that ‘plane/dimension’. Know that you aren’t going insane, it is just the unknown that everyone needs to come to know at this point in our evolution, our expansion. Be careful and discerning in choosing what and how you feed your imagination.
    I spent 10 years overcoming debt, got myself above water and now I’m in debt again. I have no phone service, no car insurance, no income (you get the picture), and I’ve never been more happy and at peace with myself. I couldn’t care less about the debt because we are all hooked into a money system that has been designed to fail. My money status does not define who I AM. Personally, my basic survival fears have been in motion since before I was born – dad hauled mum down the stairs by her hair which activated her labour with me (can you picture me inside her belly screaming “Get me the hell out of here!!). Face your fear of dying. Discover the subconscious fears that are driving and controlling your life. By the end of this you will all know what it’s like to live as a Scorpio and your fear of us will change to awe and appreciation. I’m sure I’m not the only Scorpion in the world who is looking forward to that paradigm shift. Sorry if this is a ramble, it just had to be said.

  6. Sorry for the intensity of that comment folks! My apologies Diane, I didn’t intend to commandeer your blog, I feel like I just splatted a big Saturn/Scorpio pimple onto your blog and I need to clean it up! The pressure from Saturn right now is enormous for me – he’s been stationing rx and forward pinging my MC and AC and he’s waxing to a square with himself in my 1st. But you know what? It’s the pressure, in a Fixed sign (container), that creates the alchemical moment of changing the carbon into the diamond (the gooey blob in a cocoon into the butterfly – the chrysalis moment). This has created a quantum jump in my own evolution over the last many months!! He’s working hand in hand with Jupiter because my expansion has been extraordinary. I would like to suggest that when this happens for people, don’t feel you need to take external action on something, anything to release and relieve it. This is completely an internal process. When you are faced with a ‘negative’ person/experience, know that they/it are a reflection of you and your shadow and find it within yourself to heal and let go. When you come through the other side, you will understand and know your place and purpose in the cosmos and the Divine order of things. It is truly an amazing, beautiful gift.

    • No worries, Mandy! All in all, what you illustrate so well is Scorpio on the high side in action. I am always in awe of the sheer tenacity Scorpio brings to the table. This is what fixed signs do . . . see tough situations thru to the end. {{{{{Mandy}}}}}

      xoxoxo diane~

  7. First off I’ll have Saturn sextile natal Pluto 3 Virgo and Saturn at 3 Cap. Then conjunct natal Neptune 6 Sco with the square to my Aquarian Sun and Uranus in Leo a year away in Oct ’13. Finally, conjunct natal Jupiter opp natal Mars at the end of ’14 !!

    What might amuse you Diane is that Death is a subject that is becoming more prevalent in my life. Not only have 6 family members passed over in the last 3 years but my mother has been looking into having a ‘natural’ burial. That has resulted in us taking a look at investing some of her inheritance (from death) and buying some suitable land to set up a natural burial ground next year in our area. Having Saturn moving through Scorpio at this time is going to be interesting to say the least 🙂

    • Hey Rossa!

      Not only have 6 family members passed over in the last 3 years but my mother has been looking into having a ‘natural’ burial. That has resulted in us taking a look at investing some of her inheritance (from death) and buying some suitable land to set up a natural burial ground next year in our area.

      What a deal! Offhand I’d say this project will take some doing to pull together. Bet suitable land is not easy to come by. Good thing Saturn in Scorp will be sextile your 8th house Pluto (& trine your Venus), isn’t it? 🙂

      How is having Jupiter opp your Moon for a month going? Hope you get some fun out of this transit!!

      xoxoxo diane~

  8. Just looked at my Placidus chart on astro.com and of course my 8th house is in Libra so Saturn has passed through (squaring my natal Saturn) as these deaths have occured. And crossed my North Node too. At the same time I lost my business and debt has been a big issue in my life with a much reduced income. Also had a new relationship so sex got thrown into the mix too. I survived…..LOL!

  9. WOW!! What great comments! My Full Moon weekend ended up being a mini-version of the past summer . . . Aries hubby keep adding to my “to do” list, we had company of the fun but distracting sort and I ended up on the run the whole time. LOL I ended up writing my weeklies at odd moments & at night. Really feeling Saturn squishing my Sun . . . 😛

    xoxoxo diane~

  10. Hi ,

    I am pisces , faced really a tough time with my relationship and become restless and addicted from past 3 years , Just living in fear of lossing .
    just want to how the saturn transit in scorpio will impact me.

    Below is my natal chart

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
    Sun Pisces 5.11 Ascendant Cancer 11.43
    Moon Cancer 23.12 II Leo 6.54
    Mercury Aquarius 13.20 III Virgo 4.39
    Venus Aries 1.49 IV Libra 6.02
    Mars Pisces 29.31 R V Scorpio 9.23
    Jupiter Sagittarius 9.25 VI Sagittarius 11.38
    Saturn Scorpio 4.19 R VII Capricorn 11.43
    Uranus Sagittarius 8.58 VIII Aquarius 6.54
    Neptune Sagittarius 28.54 IX Pisces 4.39
    Pluto Libra 29.22 R Midheaven Aries 6.02
    Lilith Capricorn 27.39 XI Taurus 9.23
    Asc node Cancer 2.13 XII Gemini 11.38

    Thanks in Advance

  11. I am a pisces feb 21st, but I have alot of scorpio influence in my chart, moon, mars , saturn and pluto…I am curious what this means to me in this transit, will I be feeling more from this saturn in scorpio? Any info would be appreciated. I have a twin and would love to warn her! lol


  12. A very interesting site, and good to read others thoughts and experiences.
    I am afraid that I have little experience of astrology – I read that Saturn was returning to Scorpio and my heart sank. I have endured some difficult times over previous 7 years, feeling so alone, and now this…approaching 50 in November I just wonder.
    It was pleasing to read some praise for Scorpions, I have been told that because I have a certain configuration, that I can’t be a “good person”. I would like to say that I don’t really feel that a chart can really define a person. I would describe myself as being a Scorpio without a sting in her tail, and one who just wants to help others. I have been described as being a decent person, but yet my chart says otherwise. I could not hurt a fly and yet….

    I am feeling fairly emotional as I type this, it’s been a strange week, I am approaching 50, and panicking..so please excuse me. Please can someone tell me if this Saturn Scorpio configuration will be the final straw for me. I was born 16/11/1962 at around 09:35 in the morning. I just had to ask, and hope someone can help. Thank you!

  13. I had a very emotional new moon, too. In the second house, square natal Mercury at 7degr Cap, so with transit Pluto right on it (for the last time, thankfully, and I still haven’t started writing 😉 With emotional, I mean I was hurt, I felt so hurt, like a heartbreak. Lots of tears in the night. I found out about my dark side, found out I am extremely jealous of friends who are doing things and going to places I always dreamed of, and I hate them a little bit because of that, because I cannot find a way to do those things, too. Feels like they have been stealing my dreams and ran away with it, they also don;t want to share it with me. It hurts to find out that I am such a smallminded, bad humored person and that my life was just not as easy as their lives. Not completely my fault, but still blaming myself enormously for not having the capacity to make money with my creative talents (which I have, but can’t let them out) like they are doing. And it also hurts that I come from a broken home, and they all still have their parents (alive, and not divorced). Love and fortune have been taken away from me, and now I hate myself for not being able to make it right or ‘get it back’. Feel small and meaningless. But from rock bottom, you can only go up. It just won’t be as fantastic as I have been thinking/dreaming all my life…

  14. Brex, I feel for you having a similar background – just as you say. I think like me you are very hard on yourself, and it’s easy to say not to be, I was interested to read you post. Try to stop beating yourself up, again I know easy to say as the same could be applied to myself. Spare a little love for yourself, please, not your fault you have come from a broken home, it can hurt alot.. I know. Please look after yourself and try and learn to love yourself…from someone who is trying to do the same…

  15. Thank you for your sweet reply Highlands-almost-50 😉 I wanted to look at your birth chart, but then I also need to know your birthplace! About the anger at myself: I seem to have the tendency to think too much of myself, thinking I am special, while I am probably just very normal 😉 Wanting this extra attention or love is probably compensation for not having had enough. There is a kind of pattern in which I realise every few years that my hopes and dreams are up too high. While I am dreaming, other people are making it real. On the other side: sometimes when your dreams come true, they are not so good anymore. SO my first mission is to find out what would really make me happy and try to do some investigations, before making it real. One of this dreams is traveling with a lover, but I don’t even haven the lover yet… And I completely understand your words: as long as I don’t really love myself, how can somebody else? So lots of thinking, self nurturing and healing to do here… although it feels a bit dark that I have to do this all by myself, not having much friends or a lover to make it more easy. It must be for a good reason?! Good luck on your upcoming birthday, don’t be afraid, congratulate yourself with reaching the beautiful number of 50!

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