Observations: Saturn in Scorpio Advice

Judging from the comments people are leaving, I thought I’d offer more information for the different signs on life with Saturn in Scorpio. First of all if you generally live by Saturn’s rules anyway then Saturn transits often up end being no more than fine tuning. You know . . . behave responsibly, pay your bills on time, be a dependable friend and lover, be respectful and don’t make too many rude gestures when frustrated. 😀

We’re moving from Saturn in cardinal air (Libra) to fixed water (Scorpio). Therefore it will be those with personal planets and Rising signs in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) who will have Saturn conjoining, squaring or opposing those positions. It will be Leo and Aquarius placements most vulnerable to Saturn’s lessons because they are square to Scorpio. Fixed signs in general get in the most trouble when they take a stand without making sure it’s worth supporting to the bitter end . . . a case of tenacity turning into stubbornness. This may end up by cutting off the nose to spite the face.

Those with personal planets and Rising in Cancer and Pisces will benefit the most from Saturn’s stay in Scorpio because it will be gently trine those placements. I see Saturn trines as one of THE most helpful transits around. You get support and guidance without the heavy handed lessons of the square. Cancer in particular can really use some TLC after surviving the cardinal storm the past few years. Sure, they still have to deal with Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn if they placements from 9° to 15° in Cancer but going forward Saturn will have their backs instead of confronting them.

Of the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) only Taurus faces any challenges from this Saturn and those are tempered by the fact water and earth are compatible. The opposition can mean we deal with individuals with whom we have differences in opinion that are still resolvable with compromise. Saturn will be sextile to those with Virgo and Cappy placements and whilst not as sweet as the trine, the sextile is helpful in a friendly manner.

Libra and Gemini are semi-sextile and inconjunct Scorpio respectively. These aspects can be irritating but usually not overwhelmingly so day in and day out like the square or conjunction. Both air signs may need to clean up their acts when it comes to financial matters as in stay out of debt, honor financial obligations and practice frugality. The same can be said for Aries because Aries is inconjunct Scorpio. Sagittarius is semi-sextile to Scorpio and they need to be very careful to be honest with themselves and avoid being their own worst enemy.

For those who are facing Saturn in Scorpio for the second time as an adult, please keep in mind it is seldom nearly as bad as the first time because hopefully you have learned a few things over the years. Maturity really truly matters when undergoing Saturn transits. If you among those facing your first Saturn Return . . . good luck and reread the first paragraph. 🙂

If you want more information on Saturn in Scorpio, go here.


19 responses to “Observations: Saturn in Scorpio Advice

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post Diane, not full of negativity like most post I’ve read about Saturn entering Scorpio. You’re absolutely right, we have to take into account the aspects Saturn will make, and then judge by our reactions… And it can’t be that bad after the load of tough decision I had to make during my Saturn return in Libra!!!! X x

    • Thanks, Carolina!

      And it can’t be that bad after the load of tough decision I had to make during my Saturn return in Libra!!!!

      LOL! Those seem to be part of Saturn’s package and in hindsight those hard choices usually make sense.

      xoxo diane~

  2. This post is in response to a number of comments seeking feedback. With Saturn currently conj my Sun, keeping up with everything is a real challenge! Maybe I should offer an inexpensive report addressing specific Saturn in Scorp issues . . . 😀

    xoxoxo diane~

  3. Libra here with Natal Saturn in Virgo in the 10th and Jupiter in Capricorn in the second. I could sure use a positive vibe from that Saturn Sextile. Married to a Gemini so I guess I need to watch the budget.

  4. D… This is a good post. I have saturn at 9degrees in scorp first house and pluto in libra at 29 on first house. I am planning to go to university…… But from yesterday I feel so feather light. Something changing and I am so talkative …… I am a cancer sun in ;9th house and moon in 5th house natally. I am 3rd decante cancer … Will this support me moving adroad??

  5. Glory Halleluia! It’s Scorpio’s turn! Sun; 28 degrees Libra, Rising Sign; 13 degrees Libra!

    One question. My moon is 1 degree Taurus. You mentioned Taurus up above. Can you explain a little more about that as I didn’t quite get it. If my sun is not Taurus do I need to take note? I have 4 planets in Virgo and you say this will be helpful in a friendly manner?

    I enjoy reading your emails. Thanks so much!

    • LOL!! 😀

      My moon is 1 degree Taurus

      With the wonderful Saturn-Neptune-Ceres Grand Trine harmonizing w/your Moon, you will probably not notice much. Taurus Moons are notoriously well grounded. 🙂

      xoxo diane~

  6. I am rather disheartened at the end of the Saturn in Libra transit. For the past 3 years, I really have followed Saturn’s rules and I am finding myself hammered and exhausted as if I did nothing according to Saturn’s rules.

    • Jeannie, this has been my experience too w/Saturn-Sun transits until they are completely over. I feel totally weighed down w/an ending stream of obligations and responsibilities w/no time to rest. Get extra rest if you can.

      For Libras, Saturn transiting Venus can produce similar results though less harsh & if you have Venus in Scorpio, remind yourself this too shall pass! Positive Jupiter transits & natal aspects are helpful.

      Take care . . . {{{{{Jeannie}}}}}

      xoxoxo diane~

    • Welcome Phil!

      Depends on aspects to your natal Sun. Besides, even if Saturn does weigh on your Sun, I doubt if anyone but you will notice. 🙂 I tend to believe Scorpio’s natural pragmatism will stand them in good stead.

      xo diane~

      • Thanks for the vote of confidence Diane. My intuition says this is going to be a harmonious and empowering time for me.

        This evening will be the end of my first Saturn Return. It was intense. I have Pluto conjunct Jupiter conjunct Ceres in Libra in the 8th house, conjunct Saturn in Libra in the 7th.

        My Scorpio Sun is square my Leo Moon and also square my Ascendant Pisces. But I ain’t scared a no squares.

  7. Hopefully my internet connection will continue to function & I’ll have time to respond to everyone’s comments! Thanks!

    xoxo diane~

  8. Hi Diane:
    I’m very nervous about Saturn’s return to Scorpio. I’ve had a rough couple of years. My sun is Scorpio 9deg 4th house. Leo rising 26deg, 1st house. Mars 6deg Mercury 16deg Uranus7 deg all in Scorpio 4th house too. Moon Pisces 17deg 8th house. Venus in Sag 15deg 5th house, Pluto in Libra 12deg 3rd house, Jupiter in Taurus 28 deg 10th house. Any info will be helpful!

  9. I have to say that this Saturn in Libra journey is remarkably similar to the last one. My parents were struggling in both their career/finances and marital relationship as it was a really rough time on the global markets. The bottom blew out of some primary resource market or something, I was a youngen so yawning at the news back then, and employment was near impossible to find. It was also the second time in my life that my mother upped and left me with my auntie to find money. But this time I was 17, so the money chase had nothing to do with me, not like it supposedly did when I was 9. The economic climate did improve rather quickly and solidly in certain areas though after that, if memory serves me correctly, so fingers crossed it does the same this time around 🙂 Karmic twist for me is being in the position with my own family now, and not repeating a maternal pattern at all, good grief! Lesson of what not to do well witnessed there Saturn ol’ boy!

  10. The last time saturn was in scorpio I left what could be described as my last childhood town and went to the south of england to live in a hostel (scorpio in the twelve house straddling the asc). That summer I got a job as a lowly kp in a hotel in swanage. It was a good job as I did not get hassled by fellow workers. You could call that job my only real job that I have ever had – and that was a seasonal job. I moved back to the hostel after living in a b&b over the xmas period.

    Saturn will pass trines with mars/sun and then chiron in pisces in the fourth and coincidentally sextile uranus, and the moon/pluto/mc conjunction quickly moving on to a conjunction with neptune before eventually squaring itself and mercury in aquarius.

    Looking at the emphemiris saturn in june of 1983 had retrograded back into libra trining itself.

    It will start of well and end badly if I dont watch it.

  11. I’m just pleased that Saturn will finally be moving out of my 6th house in December (some people hate Saturn in 7th but I’ve had a terrible time with work for so long that problems with relationships won’t matter to me), and Saturn conjunct my natal Pluto is done! Wooo! Maybe Saturn opposition my Ascendant will suck, but I doubt as much as that aspect to the planet of power and control.

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